dimecres, 22 de desembre de 2010

3rd F 12th Jan./ 3rd G 13th Jan 2011

We'll start with some grammar about past tenses.

  • First, we'll check past simple vs past continuous. Try to do this exercise. Click here. Read the explanation, take notes in your notebook and do the exercise with the 25 sentences. Write five sentences in your notebook to have them as an example.
  • Next, do these exercises on-line. Write the result of the exercises in your notebook and a comment on your mistakes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • To continue, some activities on directions:
  • 1 ( copy the prepositions of location in your notebook. Translate them into Spanish or Catalan. Do the first and second practice exercisesNext go to the section of `giving directions´and do the activities there ( the mistakes activity is optional).
  • 2 (watch the video and answer these questions. Where does the man want to go? What is funny about the video?
  • 3 ( click on asking and giving directions full screen and do the activities there).
And now, some short movies for you to have a look and take ideas. Click here
and here ( make a comment about this story and write your opinion too). In the next web you can have a look to summaries of the stories by Pixar studios. You will have to do something similar in your short movie, so take a look. Click here
That's all for today. See you next week.

dijous, 16 de desembre de 2010

Monday 10th January 2011.2nd Bachiller C

To start with, we'll practise with some passive exercises:

Phonetics. You can follow with exercises of the webs I gave to you the last sessions as you have a lot of material. Click here or here.

To finish, this is a helpful dictionary of phrasal verbs on-line. Take it into accont. It can be useful for you. Click here.

dimarts, 14 de desembre de 2010

3rdF Thursday 16th December/3rdG Wedn 22nd Dec.2010

This is your last lesson on the computer room this year.
Remember to finish the activities you couldn't finish last week first.
Next, I want you to do these activities to practise past continuous:Past continuous exercises: 1
( do all the exercises in the page).
  • As this is your last lesson on the computers here you have some Christmas activities on-line:

  • 1 ( a five-questions Christmas quiz to start)
  • 2 ( a puzzle)
  • 3 ( memory game)
  • 4 ( easy games for you to choose 1 or 2)
  • 5 ( try a trivia on Christmas. Choose one depending on the level you have)
  • 6 (Do you like this song? Make a comment on it if you listen to it and watch the video.)
  • 7 (more games for you to choose)
And now a Christmas carol.

That's all. See you next year in the computers' room. Merry Christmas to everybody.

divendres, 10 de desembre de 2010

1stD eso Friday 17th Dec./1st B eso 20th Dec. 2010

Today you must finish the activities of the last session.Acabau les activitats abans que res. Useu el quadernet per escriure el que vos digui la professora. Click here.

Una vegada acabat això, aquí teniu unes activitats de Christmas.

  • 1 (varied christmas activities ). Activitats , vocabulari, videos...
  • 2 ( write a christmas card). Optional
  • 3 (spot the differences ). Optional
  • 4 (Christmas games) . Click here and choose one. (tria tu el joc que vulguis).
A aquest link també hi ha activitats i vocabulari de Nadal si vols. Click here.
I ara, un video nadalenc.

dijous, 9 de desembre de 2010

1sD Fri. 10th December/1stB Monday 13th Dec. 2010

Today we are going to practise with contents of unit 3.
Go to this link and do the exercises there. Click here.

Recorda anotar al quadernet tot el que se't demana.

That's all for today. See you next week, the last session of the year.

dimecres, 1 de desembre de 2010

3rd G, Wednesday 1st Dec./3rd F Thursday 9th Dec. 2010

We start a new evaluation. I want you do these activities.
And now, in pairs, you are going to search in internet information about Harrods in London. In paper you'll complete the information and give it to the teacher.

Kind of building:
Situation in London:
Description: Names of the different sections there and at least two products you can buy in each section: Price of at least 4 products:
A curious fact that you find about Harrods:

Complete the chart and then write a text with the information you have collected. Give it to the teacher to mark it.This is the official website. Click here.

If you want to have a look at a video about Harrods click here. Click also here

See you next week.

dissabte, 20 de novembre de 2010

Wednesday 27th nov 3rG/ Thursday 28th Nov 3rF

Today you must pay attention to the oral exam if you have to do it.You have also to use your notebook for some of today's activities. Concentrate on the activities and don't disturb your classmates, please:

Instructions for today: First, I advise you to check the previous weeks' on-line lessons to complete your notebook with the activities of the blog you are supposed to have done in your notebook. Today is the last day to give the notebook to the teacher.
These are the links to the previous lessons in the blog. Click them and check if you need to complete something in your notebook: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

And now these are the activities for today.
Grammar: 1 ( do one of the test at the end of the page. Number 3 is the most difficult, that's good for Solange and Delia), 2,
3 (exercise to practise object pronouns), 4 ( write the text correctly in your notebook)

Grammar exercises for Solange and Delia: 1 (quiz on irregular verbs. It's quite complete), 2 ( super quiz), 3 (a challenge for you! an original crossword. Try to do it!)

Reading comprehension: 1 ( answer the questions in your notebook. Write the date),
2 (complete the text with the words given. You can listen to the text with your headphones)

Videos activities: 1 ( song by Celine Dion. Copy in your notebook four lines of the song that you like and translate them. Copy also six past forms of irregular verbs and write the three forms of the verbs and the meaning into Spanish or Catalan)

2. Look at one of these Mr Bean's stories. Choose the one you prefer. Write two lines in your notebook explaining what happened in the story and if you liked it or not. Click here

1 ( you must play this game with a partner), 2 ( an easy crossword for you to do),

3 ( a silly but motivating game for you: Take that teacher. Try it.)

That's the last blog session of this evaluation. Good luck with your exams.
See you next week.

Friday 26th November 2010 1stD eso

Hi, everybody. First of all this is the link for the ones who have to finish the project of the FAVOURITE STARS. Click here. You have to finish it today.

The ones who have finished must do these activities. Click here. Des de la meva web t'envii a una altra de na Gloria. Ves fent les activitats de repàs dels temes 0,1 i 2 segons el que et faci més falta a tu.Apunta al quadernet les puntuacions.

Quan acabis, els darrers 10 minuts pots triar algun d'aquests jocs si funcionen als ordinadors de l'institut. Ves provant, a veure si algun va bé.
Games: Choose some games for you to play:

1 (sports),
2 (play freaky football)
3 (spin off game for beginners
4 ( Are you a good goalkeeper? Try it.

I aquí acaba la primera avaluació. Fins la setmana que ve.

divendres, 19 de novembre de 2010

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 22nd November 2010

First of all, I ask you to finish with the activities you didn't do last week because you had many options and different activities to do. So, click here.
To remember the pronuntiation of the sounds in English click here (these are the examples of the copy I gave to you.
A quiz online now ( odd one out). Try it.

Next, I'm going to give you different activities and some tips and strategies for your writing.

  • Grammar: ( too and enough). Do this exercise on-line: 1 Now try to do this rewriting exercise as the example given: eg. He isn't old enough to go to the disco= he is too young to go to the disco. Do the same with these sentences. Rewrite them with ' enough´ or 'too'. Write them in your notebook:
a) The weather is too bad to go out. b) The test was too difficult for the students to do .
c) He wasn't tall enough to reach the top shelf. d) The coffee was too hot to drink.

Some more varied grammar exercises: Try a test now. Click here.
And yet another test to do on conditionals. Click here
An exercise with ' I WISH ' sentences now. Click here. Another one for you to practise. Click here.

Vocabulary : 1 ( Do or Make?), 2 (relationships verbs and expressions),
3 ( words often confused),
4 ( crime and punishment vocabulary)
5 (personality adjectives crossword)

  • Writing: tips for doing a good composition. Please, read them carefully and take notes in your workbook if you consider it. Click here
  • Now this is a text with exercises you can do on line. Try it. For you to practise now or at home before next Monday. Click here.

That's all for today. I think this is a very complete lesson .

dijous, 11 de novembre de 2010

3rd G Wednesday 17th Nov./ 3rd F Thursday 18th Nov,

This week we'll start with the oral exam in pairs. Pay attention to the teacher if she calls for you to do it. Do the exercises and follow the instructions. Don't disturb your classmates, please.
  • First, you must do the activities you didn't finish in the last sessions. Remember to write in your notebook what I ask you to do there. I'll mark your notebook next week. Click here to go to the last session.
Next, you can do these activities:
  • 1 ( exercise on question words). copy two questions in your notebook and invent an answer for them.
  • 2 ( short answers).

What do you think of comics? Would you like to create your own comic? Try it!

It's a different activity for you to do. Click here and impress me. Keep it in-alumnat-llengües estrangeres-anglès-3r eso- 3rF o 3rG - ( write your name, surname and comic when you save it) in the computer. It will have an extra mark for the evaluation.

2nd Bachiller C. 15th November 2010

First of all, I want you to follow with last week's activities. Click here.

You can also practise other contents.

  • Grammar: 1, 2 and 3 (quiz on future forms), 4 ( enough and too), 5 ( common mistakes), 6 ( a five questions test. You have different ones to do. Do at least three).

  • Vocabulary: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

  • Phonetics: continue with the webs you have from the last session. Here's is another one for you to choose. Do this exercise about silent consonants.Another web to practise phonetics. Click here.

  • Writing: 1 (tips to write a composition), 2 (expressions in English. Try it), 3. Take notes in your notebook, it will be useful for you.
That's all for today. I think you have enough to do. Ask your doubts to the teacher.

1stD Friday 12th November 2010

First of all, you must do and finish your mini-project today. Click here to see the models.

Next, have a look at this video. You have to write in the little notebook eight of the verbs that appear in the video and three sentences translated( escriu en el quadernet 8 verbs que surten al video i tres frases traduides al castellà o català)

Another video for you to watch if you prefer this one.

Time to practise on-line exercises: In the exercises, mark your score (puntuació) in the little notebook)
  • Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives: 1, 2, 3 ( this,that...)
  • Present simple affirmative form: 1, 2
  • Personal information: 1 ( Listening. Complete the dialogue)
  • Games activities: 1 (months crossword. Before=abans/after= després), 2 ( days of the week hangman), 3 ( Take that , teacher).
That's all for today. See you next week.

dimarts, 9 de novembre de 2010

3rd F/3rdG wednesday and Thursday 10th/11th nov.

  • First of all, finish the activities you didn't do last week. You must do the treasure hunt activities in a paper and give it to the teacher at the end of the class. It will have a mark, so try to do it well.Click here to go to the last session.
  • When you finish click here and practise exercises of the contents in unit 2 on-line. Select the level of 3rd of eso and Extension/extra help. If you want to do a game, click on the unit number. Write down in your notebook the score of the different exercises you do and any comment you want to do.
  • In Unit 2 you have an interesting reading about Bethany Hamilton. Answer these questions about her in the paper .
  • Questions: 1. When and where was she born?
  • 2. What did her parents do?
  • 3. When did she win her first surfing contest?
  • 4. What happened in October 2003?
  • 5. Who will be the characters in the film based on her life this year?
  • You can search information in two websites: click here
  • Find the information here .
  • You can have a look at videos about her clicking here.
  • This video is also impressive:

That's all for today. See you next week.

dimarts, 2 de novembre de 2010

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 8th November 2010

Welcome to a new session today. First of all,a piece of advice, try to take advantage of these on-line sessions, ask the teacher all your doubts and don't waste the time, please. If not, we're going to do the lessons in class.

Now, it's time for you to check grammar:
  • a useful link for you. Click here
  • Verbal tenses revision exercises: 1, 2, 3.
  • Vocabulary: 1, 2,

  • Conditionals
    . 1, 2, 3, 4 (theory and examples on conditionals. Other conjuctions and inversions used.), 5.

  • Phonetics: Let's practise with phonetics.

    www.englishbiz.co.uk/grammar/images/phonetic_alphabet.gif"> Try to do these exercises: 1 (remember the phonetic sounds and symbols), 2 (watch the video-tips) and then start with the unit `the sounds of english´. You can do the five units on vowels.), 3 (exercises for you to do. You can choose from the list given. Good luck!).

1st D Friday 5th Nov./ 1st B Monday 8th Nov. 2010

Els qui heu suspés l'examen, a casa podeu reforçar continguts anant a aquesta web. Cliqueu aquí. Seleccioneu el curs de 1r d'eso i la unitat 1. Vos recoman que practiqueu perqué al segon examen entrarà tot.

It's a new week. Today you are going to do a mini project on -line.
Start an Open office document. Segueix les instruccions. En cas de que estigueu perdent el temps, vos faré copiar gramàtica del llibre.

Follow this model and do the same with at least three stars.( segueix el model i fes el mateix sobre tres persones famoses)

eg. Ricky Martin's birthday is on 24th December. His horoscope sign is Capricorn. His real name is Enrique martín Morales. He's from Puerto Rico. He is 38 years old now. He's got short, brown hair and brown eyes. He is a great singer. His most famous song is `Living la vida loca´.His website is rickymartinmusic.com. He's single. He's got two twin babies.

Chenoa's birthday is on 25th June. She is 35 years old now. Her real name is Maria Laura Corradini Falomir. She is from Argentina, but she lives in Spain. She's a singer from the television programme Operación Triunfo. She's got brown eyes and dark hair. `Todo irá bién´ is a famous song she sings.Her horoscope sign is Cancer.

De cada artista heu de posar el nom, l'edat, la professió, la procedència, algun exemple de cancó, pel.lícula, sèrie on participi, una frase de descripció física, si està casat (married), solter (single), separat (separated), divorciat(divorced), si té fills. Cal afegir una foto també. Opcional: horoscope sign: pisces, aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius
. Recordeu : His ( el seu per masculí) / her ( el seu-la seva per femení).

  • Si no voleu fer el treball sobre famosos, el podeu fer sobre vosaltres i alguns membres de la vostra família o amics (en total de vosaltres i dues persones més)

Quan acabeu el document, l'heu de guardar al vostre espai a la web: anomena i desa. Poseu el vostre nom i el títol del treball (vos explicaré cóm) i després copiar el document a : Mi pc---alumnat---departaments---llengües estrangeres---anglès---1st eso---1st D ó 1st B.

  • Aquest treball tendrà nota, així que intenteu fer-ho bé i demaneu tots els dubtes a la professora.

dilluns, 1 de novembre de 2010

3rG/3rF Wednesday 3rd/Thursday 4th November 2010

Welcome to a new session. Today we are going to do different exercises and activities.

Grammar: 1 ( negative form past simple), 2 (affirmative form), 3 (choose 5 or 6 of these exercises on regular and irregular verbs. Write your results in your notebook),

Treasure hunt: click here and select one of these treasure hunts:
- The Beatles
- The Simpsons
-Eminem's biography
Write the answers in a piece of paper and give it to the teacher at the end of the session to be marked.

  • Click here , here or here to create a wacky web tale. Copy it in an open office document adding two pictures and a personal comment. Give it to the teacher next week.
  • crossword ( irregular past verbs)
  • games: 1 (memory), 2 (speedword), 3 ( what about geography?. Try this game), 4 ( concentration game), 5 ( quiz on aliens. At least you should guess 3).
That's all for today. See you next week.

dissabte, 23 d’octubre de 2010

1st eso D. Friday 29th October 2010

First of all, finish the activities you didn't do last week. Click here. Copy in the paper the answers to the exercises. The teacher will give the paper to you and when you finish all the exercises he will give you a mark.

Now, some Halloween activities for you.

  • Halloween activities: 1 (game. Can you guess where the brain is?), 2 (another funny game), 3 ( Halloween matching game).
  • Halloween activities we did last year on line. Click here
That's all for today. See you next week.

3rd G 27th /3rd F 28th October 2010

In this session we are going to do different activities. Some of you, first, have to finish the mini project on animals. Today it is your last day.
The others, can start with these activities that introduce unit 2 contents, as it is a revision of contents seen in 2nd of eso.

Past simple exercises
Web link for pen pals: If you want to send your mail to contact a penpal, click here.

Halloween activities now:

  • 1 (Halloween recipes for you to have a look)
  • 2 (pay attention to these words. You'll need them in exercise 3)
  • 3 (crossword)
  • 4 (Halloween goes commercial. Write a comment about the video in your notebook)
  • 5 (Halloween). Look at the video and answer these questions: 1. When was Halloween first celebrated and who celebrated it? 2. What does All Hollows Eve mean? 3. When do dances and tricks start to appear and where? 4. Why did the Celts decorate their houses with horrifying things and objects? .
  • 6 Now, you have the story in English.
  • 7. Time for a funny video(part of a well-known film). Have a look at this one.
  • 8. And of course, you can't miss this song and video. It has received many prizes and considered one of the best songs in the history of music. Did you like it?
That's all for this week. See you next week. I suppose you have enjoyed the session.

divendres, 22 d’octubre de 2010

2nd Batxiller C. Monday 25th October 2010

To start with, here you've got some exercises to check contents for your exam:

Verbal tenses: 1 ( write in a paper the right verbal tenses for each gap and then look at the key. How many mistakes did you have? Do you understand why you made the mistakes? Comment it to your teacher if you have doubts.), 2 (any verbal tense), 3 ( past simple, past continuous or present perfect), 4 ( future tenses), 5 (verb tenses quiz).

: 1, 2

Order of words: 1, 2 (word order/exercise 3 in your notebook), 3 ( indirect questions)

Vocabulary: 1 ( pay attention to this explanation and exercise. Copy in your notebook the order of the different kinds of adjectives before a noun and do the practice), 2 ( adjectives used to describe places), 3 (personality adjectives quiz)

Listening a conversation : 1 (comprehension questions)

Linking words: 1, 2

Any time left, the teacher will give you the user's password to go to the webpage of the textbook if you want to practise with more exercises or you can follow with phonetics clicking here.
See you next day in class.

dissabte, 16 d’octubre de 2010

Wednesday 20th Oct 3rdG/Thursday 21st Oct. 3rdF

You have the time of this class to finish with the mini-project on animals. Remember to copy it in the folder : Alumnat--departaments--llengües estrangeres--anglès--3r--3rd F or 3rd G.

If you have finish or you have extra time, do these activities:
  • 1 (spelling bee. Dictation . Use your headphones. Good luck!)

That's all for today folks. See you next week.

dimarts, 12 d’octubre de 2010

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 18th October 2010

  • Today, we'll continue with perfect tenses and then we'll introduce Phonetics.

Have a look at this chart on English verb tenses:

  • Now, do these exercises on verb tenses:
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • we'll start with phonetics. It is very important to have a suitable pronuntiation of words to be understood. Have a look at this video and you'll understand why:

  • Use your headphones again and start doing phonetics practice. First, listen to the different sounds in the English phonetic table. Click here. Continue with exercises on vowels and diphtongs.

That's all for today. See you!

1stB eso Mon 18th October/1stD eso 22nd Oct. 2010

First of all, I want you to finish all the activities not finished in previous weeks. (NECESSARY TO CONTINUE WITH THE OTHER ACTIVITIES)

Next, you can do these exercises on line.
Now, use the paper to do the exercises marked in green.

  • Possessive 's: 1 (write five of these sentences in the paper your teacher will give you today), 2.

  • Reading Comprehension: 1 (answer the following questions in a paper the teacher will give you: 1. Who is Alice's husband? 2. Has Alice got a daughter? 3. What's Alice's mother's name? 4. Have Harry and Marjorie got any grandchildren? 5. Who is Alice's niece?

Next, click here and do this activity. Write the names in the paper.

To continue, do this activity (verb have got, family, possession). Do at least two of these activities in the paper ( the teacher will give it to you) and write the answers .

IMPORTANT: The teacher will collect the paper and will mark the exercises you have done today. (el professor recollirà els exercicis i els puntuarà amb una nota).

FOR MY STUDENTS OF 1st B. This is the link for you to see the cookies photos and the recipe. Click here
That's all for today. See you next week.

dilluns, 4 d’octubre de 2010

3rd F/3rd G Thursday 7th October 2010

First of all, finish the activities you had to do last week.

Next, do these ones in the order they are:

Grammar: 1 ( copy in the notebook the uses of present simple in English with an example of each and do the present simple quiz on line), 2 ( write in your notebook two of the questions in the video), 3 ( ing forms of the verbs), 4 (present continuous verb forms), 5 ( can/can't), 6 ( english test.)
  • 1 ( copy in your notebook the equipment you need for 4 sports, then, do the practice)
  • 2,
  • 3
  • 4 ( memory),
  • 5 (clothes)
Games and other activities:
  • 3 (matching on descriptions)
  • 4 (easy crossword)
  • 5 ( an English star)
  • To finish, a video for you to watch. Did you understand it?

That's all for today. See you next week.

  • Solange and Delia: do these exercises:
Grammar: 1 ( test), 2, 3 ( assorted questions), 4 ( write a paragraph explaining your opinion and answering the question of the title)
Reading: Look at this video

Write a summary in four lines about what happens in it. Do you recognize it?

Now,do the same games and vocabulary exercises as the others.
Have a nice session.

For everybody:pay attention to your homework for next week:

Homework: print this wordsearch and do it at home. Give it to the teacher next week.
That's all for today, folks. See you next week.

dilluns, 27 de setembre de 2010

1st B eso Monday 4th October/1st D eso Fri 8th oct. 2010

Today, you'll do some varied activities. I hope yo like them. Copia al quadern el que està marcat en verd. Els altres exercicis fes-los on-line.

Grammar: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Vocabulary: 1 (llegeix l'explicació de les hores i mira el video. Usa els cascos), 2, 3, 4 ( copia al quadern les paraules de la família i la traducció i fes l'activitat que hi ha), 5,
6, 7 ( video on letters), 8 ( video on school items), 9 (numbers video). Listen to the pronuntiation.

Games: 1 ( times game), 2 ( listening the times), 3 (numbers wordsearch), 4 ( Magic Monkey),
5 ( Mosquito swat), 6 ( Alphabet antics), 7 ( colours game)

Enjoy the session. See you next week.

divendres, 24 de setembre de 2010

3rd eso F/G Thursday 30th September 2010

This is our last session this month. I want you , first, to finish the activities (song activities and games. Solange and Delia too) you didn't do last week.

Now, I'm going to give you some entertaining and varied activities to do:

You'll need your headphones to do this game. Click here ( listen to the times. You have only two minutes to guess all the times). Continue with your headphones on to do this one.

Try this one. Click here

A QUIZ. ( Solange and Delia too)
What about a quiz now? Choose one quiz . Click here or here . Write the result in your notebook and any comment you want to observe.

It's time to watch a video. Select one.Click here or here. Watch it and then write a comment about it ( two or three lines).

Write a short opinion about the contents of this session in your notebook or send a comment.
Did you enjoy it? Why? Why not? Was it difficult for you? Have you got any suggestion to do?
Have a nice weekend and see you next week.

dijous, 23 de setembre de 2010

2nd Batxiller C, Monday 27th September 2010

This is the first session in the computers' room. The next months, we'll practise phonetics on line too, so you'll have to take headphones.

Today, we are going to do grammar exercises on-line and some other activities.
  • We'll start with some vocabulary: Click here and copy the adjectives that correspond to your zodiac sign. Answer the two questions in your notebook. Now a vocabulary exercise. Click here.
  • What about a love test right now? Try it. Click here if you want a crazy test ( you need to have an advanced level on English) or here if you want a normal test.

  • It´s time to do some grammar now. Click here and follow the instructions. Don't do the exercises on perfect tenses because we are going to study them in unit 1.

  • And now, your homework for next day.
1. Write three lines on two of these topics.
a) Advantages of travelling around the world.
b) Using internet resources at school.
c) Alcohol, drugs and young people/teenagers.
d)Dangers of an unbalanced diet.
e) Keeping a pet can enrich a child's life in many ways...

2.Write the sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets:
a) I (live ) ___________ in Sudan when the war ( break out) _______________
b) Come to visit us. We (not do) _____________ anything special this afternoon.
c) This cheese (taste) _____________ awful.
d) I'm tired of (stand) ______________ in the queue.
e) The shop (have) ____________ a sale this week only.
f) Look at those clouds! It (rain) _______________
g) Someone is at the door. - ok, I (go) __________ to see who's there.
h) By the end of this month We (do) __________________ more than six exams.
i)He (not understand) ______________ Russian at all.
j) Where ( you be) _______________ at nine last night?- I (be) ____________ at my cousin's home. We (watch) ________________ a football match on tv.

3. Rewrite these sentences using the words in brackets. Do not change the meaning.

a) I met Bob on my walk to school (as)
b) During the speaker's talk, Diana was taking notes (while)
c) Yesterday evening, at 7 o'clock, I started to study. I didn't stop until midnight. (9 o'clock)
d) Is this your house? (live)
e) I have lived in Palma for ten years now ( 1999)
f) I like to explore the ancient parts of the world. ( I enjoy...)
g) I one took holidays abroad but not any more ( I used...)
h) Booking your hotel in advance is advisable. ( I advise you...)

That's all for today, folks. See you in class tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed the session.

1st eso BMonday 27th Sept./1st eso D Fri. 24th Sept 2010

  • Primer heu d'acabar les activitats de la setmana passada. Vos deix el link aquí.

  • Després clicau aquí i seguiu les instruccions. Teniu la sessió preparada, la mateixa que vaig emprar el curs passat. Si teniu dubtes, consulteu a la professora.
  • Fixeu-vos, heu de copiar al quadernet una frase de cada exercici i el nombre d'exercici que és.

Have a nice session.

dimecres, 22 de setembre de 2010

3rdF/3rdG Thursday 23rd September 2010

  • First of all, you must finish the activities you started last week.
  • Next, here you have the different activities for today:
Click here ( do the exercises of the introduction unit. Level 3rd of Eso). Copy in your notebook, at least, one exercise answers of each section.

Next, do these entertaining activities:

1 (listen to the song without lyrics first), 2 (listen to the songs with lyrics now)

Try to complete and translate these expressions in the song in your notebook:

- I ................................ (tug) at my hair I ................................ (pull) at my clothesI ................................ (try) to keep my cool
I ................................ (know) it showsI ................................ (stare) at my feet.
My cheeks ................................ (turn) red.
I ................................ (search) for the words inside my head .
(Cause) I ................................( feel) nervous.

(I) ................................ (try) to be so perfect

It ................................ (not do) me any good.
It................................ (be) just a waste of time
What use ................................ (be) it to you
What ................................ (be) on my mind.
It ................................ (be) coming out.

You can use an on-line dictionary as this one
Any time left, do these games: 1 (past form of irregular verbs), 2 (animal, vegetable or mineral?)

  • For Solange and Delia.

You are going to do a treasure hunt today. Choose one of these options. Write the questions and answers in your notebook. Enjoy the activity.
1 ( Jesus Christ , a musical)

2 (MTV)

3 (Dreams)

If you have extra time you can do the song activity and the two games or, at least, one.

See you next week. Have a nice weekend.

dijous, 16 de setembre de 2010

1st eso D/ 1st eso B . Friday 17th and Monday 20th September 2010

Today it is your first lesson in the computers' room. I will check help you if you have problems. You must read the instructions carefully and click on the numbers to do the activities.
Green colour: to do it in the notebook ( I will give you one little notebook for the computer sessions). If you have doubts, ask the teacher.

Click on the numbers and follow the instructions:

  • 1 ( listen to the song and practise with the alphabet), 2 ( another song for the alphabet).

3 ( write five english words and click on `test me´ for you to listen to their pronuntiation)

  • 4 (numbers from one to twenty. Listen to the pronuntiation. Write the numbers in the notebook), 5 ( numbers crossword).

  • copy in your little notebook ten names of objects in the class ( vocabulary activities) with its translation into Spanish or Catalan. Click here and
  • here to do it: 6 (list of words and practice).

  • Games: 7 (hangman), 8 ( Haunted House Game)
That's all for today. Esper que vos hagi agradat. See you next week.

dimarts, 14 de setembre de 2010

3rd G/3rd F Thursday 16th September 2010

Welcome everybody to a new course. This is going to be a long period of time for you to learn and improve your English. Today we are going to check some contents that are in the previous unit in order to remember what you did last year. Click on the numbers to do the activities and copy in your notebook when required ( green letters).

Grammar: 1 , 2 ( copy the dialogue in your notebook, please), 3 and 4 ( copy one sentence with the verb to be and one sentence with another verb. Do you remember the rule?)

Reading Comprehension: 1, 2

Vocabulary: 1 ( the time), 2 ( clothes), 3 ( things at home), 4 ( adjectives), 5 (crossword), 6 ( nationalities quiz)

Games: 1 ( Chinese horoscope), 2 (matching game), 3 (pictures matching), 4 ( animals, food and drink crossword).

That's all for today. See you next week.

diumenge, 29 d’agost de 2010

My L.A

A picture to start for you to comment with me:

Now, here you have the different activities to do on line. Click on the numbers.

Grammar: 1 ( grammar test), 2 ( questions).

Vocabulary: 1 ( test on meaning of some words), 2 ( another test), 3 ( a crossword), 4 ( synonyms).

Reading: 1

Listening comprehension: 1 ( a phone conversation), 2 ( completing the phone conversation),

3( a video on healthy life), 4 ( a cartoon with listening exercises).

Writing: 1 (writing a formal letter quiz).

Now, a game to finish. Try it :

Game: 1

That's all for today. I hope you have enjoyed the session.Now, relax yourself.

my teenies and my kiddies. 30th August 2010

Hola nins. Aquesta és la darrera classe de l'estiu,així que anem a fer activitats on-line .

For my kiddies: Toni, Angela, Jordi, Paula i Martí
Aquests personatges vos donen ànims i vos diuen hola.

Cliqueu als nombres i vos sortiran les activitats per fer: 1, (memory colours), 2 (animal pairs),
3 ( animals find), 4 ( a clown's face), 5 ( the alphabet song), 6 ( order the animals).

For my teenies, Claudia, Aina and Clara.
That's what you have to do: 1 ( vocabulary activ. on vegetables), 2 ( A letter to a friend), 3 ( tests on nouns), 4 ( body parts listening memory game), 5 ( action game), 6 ( style a hero), 7 ( a known song for you to translate with my help).

That's all for this month, folks. Have a nice week.
Two pieces of advice now: try not to be too lazy as Gardfield and don't spend so many hours on the computer or watching tv. It's very bad for your intelligence and brain.

diumenge, 6 de juny de 2010

1st C Wednesday 9th June 2010

Today I suggest you some different activities for this last session.

  • First, click here for a game

  • More games here

  • Funny videos click here

  • Animated short cartoon movie click here ( The Race) or here

  • Mind games, click here or here

  • What about a game you choose now?. Click here

That's all for today. Have a nice session and a nice summer.

4thB, Monday 7th June 2010

Today is our last session this year, so I think you can do different activities as the ones you usually do during the year. But first of all, I want to tell you that it's been nice to have such good students as many of you are. I hope you have no problems in Bachiller, although it's much more difficult than eso but some of you have good a really good base and excellent working habits, so you needn't worry about your possibilities.

Now, I suggest you these activities.Enjoy the session.

  • First of all, the BIG CHALLENGE. Click HEre and do your best.

  • Next, try this game ? how to train your dragon. Click here.

  • If you want to listen to a song. Click here

  • If you want to help some third world countries , try this activity and you'll be helping them. Click here

  • Now, some mind games to make you use your brain. It will be good for you. Click here or here

  • It's time to watch a funny video in English.Click here and here .

  • To finish, what about a cartoon movie?. Click here and here ( what an invention!).

Any time left, you can watch any other videos you are interested in.

Enjoy your summer!

dimarts, 1 de juny de 2010

2n F Thursday 3rd June 2010

This is our last computer lesson this year. You have the exam next Monday, so we are going to check some contents in the exam.
  • First, you have to finish the activities you didn't do last week because the oral exam took some time. So, click here. If you want to help, do the last activity and poor people in third world countries will receive some rice.

  • Next, we are going to do different exercises of the last units. Click in the numbers: 1 ( do the exercises on the future simple), 2 ( reading comprehension and use of going to. You can do an invitation to a party too and give it to me as an extra essay. With the open office programme you can look for a nice picture for the invitation. Keep it and send it to my email:mbbarcelo@iesmarratxi.org)

  • To continue, practise with the exercises in this web ( unit 8. Extension/extra help). Going to, must and mustn't. Vocabulary of places to go and food)

  • To finish, do one or some of these games if you want, depending on your tastes and interests: 1

That's all for today and for this course. Good luck with your last exams and see you on Monday in the exam. Do your best and you'll enjoy a good summer.

dimecres, 26 de maig de 2010

4th eso B , Monday 31st May 2010

Today, first finish the activities you didn't do two weeks ago( click here) and last week ( click here).

When you finish this, do the following activities to practise contents of unit 8: first, have a look at the explanation and the activities in this web . Next, do these exercises on-line: 1 ( active to passive, change only the ones which are in present, will, present perfect and past simple), 2 ( do exercises of unit 8 extension/extra help. level 4th eso.)

  • Revision exercises now. Can you do this exercise without having any mistakes? Try it. Click here
  • Another one on time expressions. Click here.
  • This one is about tenses.
  • Check comparatives and superlatives now

That's all for today. See you next week.

2nd F/G Thursday 27th and Friday 28th May 2010

Today we'll continue with the oral exams, so pay attention to the teacher if she calls you and do your best.

We are going to practise for the exam. Do this activity in your notebook:
  • Write the correct verbal tense in these sentences : present simple or continuous, past simple or continuous.

a) ( he like) ___ football?- Yes, he does

b) Mozart (be) ____ a famous musician who (live) ________ in Viena.

c) What were you doing yesterday at eight? - I (swim) ____ in my swimming pool

d) Look! That man (hit) _______ the other man there.

e) She usually (carry) ____ a heavy schoolbag at school but today she (not carry) ___ her schoolbag because she (have not) _____ got any lessons.

f) They ( not travel) ________ to London last summer, they (travel) _____ to Paris.

g) (you be) ________ at home yesterday night?- Yes, of course.

h) We (sometimes be) ___________ tired in the evenings.

i ) (she have got) _____________ blue eyes? - Yes, she has.

Now, continue with these activities on line: 1 ( short answers), 2 ( present simple or continuous), 3 ( past simple), 4 ( past continuous), 5 ( past simple crossword), 6 ( comparatives and superlatives), 7 ( countable or uncountable nouns), 8 ( how much/many), 9 ( object pronouns), 10 ( should/shouldn't)

Next, try to do this exercise and you'll help third World countries. Click here and follow the instructions. Do your best.

Remember if you haven't done the description of a natural place of Mallorca or of Spain, do it now. You can search information in the web.

That's all for today. Have a nice session and see you next week.