dilluns, 27 de setembre de 2010

1st B eso Monday 4th October/1st D eso Fri 8th oct. 2010

Today, you'll do some varied activities. I hope yo like them. Copia al quadern el que està marcat en verd. Els altres exercicis fes-los on-line.

Grammar: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Vocabulary: 1 (llegeix l'explicació de les hores i mira el video. Usa els cascos), 2, 3, 4 ( copia al quadern les paraules de la família i la traducció i fes l'activitat que hi ha), 5,
6, 7 ( video on letters), 8 ( video on school items), 9 (numbers video). Listen to the pronuntiation.

Games: 1 ( times game), 2 ( listening the times), 3 (numbers wordsearch), 4 ( Magic Monkey),
5 ( Mosquito swat), 6 ( Alphabet antics), 7 ( colours game)

Enjoy the session. See you next week.

divendres, 24 de setembre de 2010

3rd eso F/G Thursday 30th September 2010

This is our last session this month. I want you , first, to finish the activities (song activities and games. Solange and Delia too) you didn't do last week.

Now, I'm going to give you some entertaining and varied activities to do:

You'll need your headphones to do this game. Click here ( listen to the times. You have only two minutes to guess all the times). Continue with your headphones on to do this one.

Try this one. Click here

A QUIZ. ( Solange and Delia too)
What about a quiz now? Choose one quiz . Click here or here . Write the result in your notebook and any comment you want to observe.

It's time to watch a video. Select one.Click here or here. Watch it and then write a comment about it ( two or three lines).

Write a short opinion about the contents of this session in your notebook or send a comment.
Did you enjoy it? Why? Why not? Was it difficult for you? Have you got any suggestion to do?
Have a nice weekend and see you next week.

dijous, 23 de setembre de 2010

2nd Batxiller C, Monday 27th September 2010

This is the first session in the computers' room. The next months, we'll practise phonetics on line too, so you'll have to take headphones.

Today, we are going to do grammar exercises on-line and some other activities.
  • We'll start with some vocabulary: Click here and copy the adjectives that correspond to your zodiac sign. Answer the two questions in your notebook. Now a vocabulary exercise. Click here.
  • What about a love test right now? Try it. Click here if you want a crazy test ( you need to have an advanced level on English) or here if you want a normal test.

  • It´s time to do some grammar now. Click here and follow the instructions. Don't do the exercises on perfect tenses because we are going to study them in unit 1.

  • And now, your homework for next day.
1. Write three lines on two of these topics.
a) Advantages of travelling around the world.
b) Using internet resources at school.
c) Alcohol, drugs and young people/teenagers.
d)Dangers of an unbalanced diet.
e) Keeping a pet can enrich a child's life in many ways...

2.Write the sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets:
a) I (live ) ___________ in Sudan when the war ( break out) _______________
b) Come to visit us. We (not do) _____________ anything special this afternoon.
c) This cheese (taste) _____________ awful.
d) I'm tired of (stand) ______________ in the queue.
e) The shop (have) ____________ a sale this week only.
f) Look at those clouds! It (rain) _______________
g) Someone is at the door. - ok, I (go) __________ to see who's there.
h) By the end of this month We (do) __________________ more than six exams.
i)He (not understand) ______________ Russian at all.
j) Where ( you be) _______________ at nine last night?- I (be) ____________ at my cousin's home. We (watch) ________________ a football match on tv.

3. Rewrite these sentences using the words in brackets. Do not change the meaning.

a) I met Bob on my walk to school (as)
b) During the speaker's talk, Diana was taking notes (while)
c) Yesterday evening, at 7 o'clock, I started to study. I didn't stop until midnight. (9 o'clock)
d) Is this your house? (live)
e) I have lived in Palma for ten years now ( 1999)
f) I like to explore the ancient parts of the world. ( I enjoy...)
g) I one took holidays abroad but not any more ( I used...)
h) Booking your hotel in advance is advisable. ( I advise you...)

That's all for today, folks. See you in class tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed the session.

1st eso BMonday 27th Sept./1st eso D Fri. 24th Sept 2010

  • Primer heu d'acabar les activitats de la setmana passada. Vos deix el link aquí.

  • Després clicau aquí i seguiu les instruccions. Teniu la sessió preparada, la mateixa que vaig emprar el curs passat. Si teniu dubtes, consulteu a la professora.
  • Fixeu-vos, heu de copiar al quadernet una frase de cada exercici i el nombre d'exercici que és.

Have a nice session.

dimecres, 22 de setembre de 2010

3rdF/3rdG Thursday 23rd September 2010

  • First of all, you must finish the activities you started last week.
  • Next, here you have the different activities for today:
Click here ( do the exercises of the introduction unit. Level 3rd of Eso). Copy in your notebook, at least, one exercise answers of each section.

Next, do these entertaining activities:

1 (listen to the song without lyrics first), 2 (listen to the songs with lyrics now)

Try to complete and translate these expressions in the song in your notebook:

- I ................................ (tug) at my hair I ................................ (pull) at my clothesI ................................ (try) to keep my cool
I ................................ (know) it showsI ................................ (stare) at my feet.
My cheeks ................................ (turn) red.
I ................................ (search) for the words inside my head .
(Cause) I ................................( feel) nervous.

(I) ................................ (try) to be so perfect

It ................................ (not do) me any good.
It................................ (be) just a waste of time
What use ................................ (be) it to you
What ................................ (be) on my mind.
It ................................ (be) coming out.

You can use an on-line dictionary as this one
Any time left, do these games: 1 (past form of irregular verbs), 2 (animal, vegetable or mineral?)

  • For Solange and Delia.

You are going to do a treasure hunt today. Choose one of these options. Write the questions and answers in your notebook. Enjoy the activity.
1 ( Jesus Christ , a musical)

2 (MTV)

3 (Dreams)

If you have extra time you can do the song activity and the two games or, at least, one.

See you next week. Have a nice weekend.

dijous, 16 de setembre de 2010

1st eso D/ 1st eso B . Friday 17th and Monday 20th September 2010

Today it is your first lesson in the computers' room. I will check help you if you have problems. You must read the instructions carefully and click on the numbers to do the activities.
Green colour: to do it in the notebook ( I will give you one little notebook for the computer sessions). If you have doubts, ask the teacher.

Click on the numbers and follow the instructions:

  • 1 ( listen to the song and practise with the alphabet), 2 ( another song for the alphabet).

3 ( write five english words and click on `test me´ for you to listen to their pronuntiation)

  • 4 (numbers from one to twenty. Listen to the pronuntiation. Write the numbers in the notebook), 5 ( numbers crossword).

  • copy in your little notebook ten names of objects in the class ( vocabulary activities) with its translation into Spanish or Catalan. Click here and
  • here to do it: 6 (list of words and practice).

  • Games: 7 (hangman), 8 ( Haunted House Game)
That's all for today. Esper que vos hagi agradat. See you next week.

dimarts, 14 de setembre de 2010

3rd G/3rd F Thursday 16th September 2010

Welcome everybody to a new course. This is going to be a long period of time for you to learn and improve your English. Today we are going to check some contents that are in the previous unit in order to remember what you did last year. Click on the numbers to do the activities and copy in your notebook when required ( green letters).

Grammar: 1 , 2 ( copy the dialogue in your notebook, please), 3 and 4 ( copy one sentence with the verb to be and one sentence with another verb. Do you remember the rule?)

Reading Comprehension: 1, 2

Vocabulary: 1 ( the time), 2 ( clothes), 3 ( things at home), 4 ( adjectives), 5 (crossword), 6 ( nationalities quiz)

Games: 1 ( Chinese horoscope), 2 (matching game), 3 (pictures matching), 4 ( animals, food and drink crossword).

That's all for today. See you next week.