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passive, causative, active vs passive practice

Try to do these activities to practise the passive voice:

  • Exercises to change to passive:  1 (explanation and exercise),    2 (multiple choice exercise),    3 4
  • Passive with modals:  1,     2
  • Passive sentences with two objects verbs:  1 2
  • Causative /have something done:  1 (explanation),  2,     3

Active, passive or causative: 1 (test exercise),  2 (text with answers below)

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3rd ESO. Options for your project. March 2018

Here you have the explanation for the two possible projects you can do in this evaluation.

A) Looking for a bargain

You must go shopping with the members of your group and compare different items depending on what you are looking for, a bargain. Take photos, compare prices and then, take it to the class in the form of a poster, power point, video or whatever you think is a good way to present it with your conclusions. Did you find the bargain you wanted or not? Where did you go? What did you see in the shops? Were there many people shopping? When did you go there and who did you go with? did you enjoy the activity?

B) A Questionnaire: Shopping habits.

Prepare at least a questionnaire with a minimum of 10 questions about shopping habits to ask to at least 5 different people of different ages. Take the conclusions and the results to the class, to present it. Use any format you want: a power point, a poster, photos, a video...

Remember to ask for any doubts to the teacher and have it ready to present it in class the days that are arranged.

See you in class.

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Trip to Edimburg- places to visit on the two days (25th and 27th April)

As you know, we have to plan activities for those two days. Our idea is to give you two options for you  to choose on the 25th and 27th April. So have a look at the possibilities and tell us what you prefer.
24th April, Tuesday
To take into account. The 24th -- be at the airport at 5:40h am. Flight at 7:40h .Direct flight.
Estimated arrival at 9:50am . The coach will take us to the hotel Britannia. Click HERE  and   here  (look at the map and more photos) to see information about the hotel. Remember that in the hotel there are towels, shampoo, shower gel and hairdryer. Remember to take the plug adaptor suitable for England, at least one per room.

Information about the breakfast and dinner: At our Edinburgh restaurant, we offer a daily breakfast buffet which includes both hot and cold options. Guests can choose from a full English breakfast, breakfast rolls, pastries, and cereals as well as fruit and yoghurt. During the evening, we offer some fantastic fresh gourmet meal options, including hearty traditional British dishes, all selected by our talented chefs.

Our idea is to arrive at the hotel, distribute the rooms and do the check in and then see where we can have our sandwich to have lunch. At three we must go to Charlotte Street on foot to meet our guides (2 guides) that will explain us many interesting facts about the old places and sites of Edinburg. We will be distributed into two groups with the two tourist guides. When we come back to the hotel, we'll get ready for the dinner and then relax after this too long day.

- 25th April, Wednesday. 
After having breakfast, we are going all together to the National Museum, that is free and a fantastic place to explore. Click here to see the webpage of the museum and have an idea of what you will see. It opens at ten in the morning, that's the time we should be there.

Options for the afternoon:

a) Edinburg Castle. One of the most visited places in Edinburgh. Click here.A nice place to visit. Price around 17 pounds (1 pound = 1,13 euros aprox.), so aprox. 20 euros. Opened from 9.30 am to 6 pm.

b) Harry Potter Trail. Click here  to have a look at some photos and information. I have written a mail to the organizers to ask for details and see if it is possible to go. I should know how many of you would prefer this option.

- 26th April, Thursday.
Breakfast at 7.45h. We will be collected at 8:30 to go on the trip to the Highlands. There will be two coaches with two guides. Route: Stirling, Callander, Loch Earn, Crianlarich, Tyndrum, Glencoe, Fort William, Spean Bridge, Fort Augustus and Loch Ness. 8 hours in the bus+ the different stops we'll do to go to the toilet, take a hot drink, take photos, walk for some minutes...

- 27th April. Morning.

Option A: Arthur's Seat. Click here   and    here  for information. It's necessary to walk around two hours going up and down this little mountain if the weather permits it. If not, we can at least visit the park.......

- Option BHolyroodhouse Palace. Visit. Price aprox: 14 pounds (17 euros ). Have a look at the information to see if you are interested. Click here

Afternoon free.
Shopping options:

-          Princess street. Jenners, centre comercial. Altres tendes al mateix carrer.
-          Royal Mile, Rose Street, Duncan street--- llocs bons per a comprar souvenirs.  Click here (photos of typical souvenirs)
-          Victoria Street: The Red Door Gallery (venda de il.lustracions I fotos d’Edimburg) I Diagon House just al costat (venda de  coses relacionades amb Harry Potter, pels fans)
-          Royal Mile Market, obert tots els dies fins a les sis de l’horabaixa, amb coses artesanals (arts, roba, regals, bisuteria , camisetes, música…), situat dins una antiga esglèsia. Click here for the information.

-          Ocean Terminal. Gran centre comercial amb restaurants i bars . Està, però, enfora del centre i es necessita arribar-hi en tranvia o bus.Click here. Here you can also see the Royal  Yacht Britannia if you want.  Click here

Cheap Places where you can eat if you want. Click here.

For the ones who would like to visit the Real Mary King's Close, underground part of ancient streets of Edinburgh please let me know. Click here for the information. The price is a bit expensive, almost 18 euros, but it is a nice experience.
Another possibility for some of you who are adventurous and are not afraid of heights is this one: click here (Saint Giles Cathedral- special visit for small groups of 4)
-The Elephant House. Inspiration found by writers such as J. K. Rowling. Click here.

Remember the importance of respecting the measures of your luggage. They will check all the suicases before boarding:   56 x 45 x 25 cm, including wheels.

Have a nice session!!!1

1st Bachiller- February 2018

First, as you have had problems with grammar in this exam, let's check the modals with some exercises:

- Click here,      here,     here     and     here

- Click also here-modal perfects. Click also here
  Click here if you need to practise more

- Let's check the LINKERS and expressions now in order to improve your compositions and oral exams/activities:

1) Giving opinion: click here (list of expressions and linkers to give your opinion. It will be useful for your oral exam too. An opinion essay-structure and what you should include or not. Click here

2) Agreeing and disagreeing (for your oral exam). Click here (just to remember the use of SO DO I/NEITHER DO I). 
   Click here too.

   Click here (agreeing and disagreeing expressions). Take note for your oral exam.

Verbs + Prepositions.
- Click here (list of the most common verbs with prepositions) ,   and  here (another basic list)

Exercises to practise. Take note of the verbs+preposition in your notebook if you want:

Click here ,     here   and    here. If you need more practice click here

CONDITIONAL SENTENCES. Remember the theory. Click here (it is a good explanation of the types of conditionals with examples that are easy to understand. Have a look)

Let's check the conditional sentences wit some exercises now:

Click here
Click here
Click here
Click here
Click here (try this quiz)

A song with conditionals- Nickelback- if everyone cared. A nice song and a nice video to see!!!!
Click here
Other songs using conditionals: Click here
Conditionals review Rally game: Click here

Riddles. Solve them: If you need the answers afterwards, here they are. Click here.

It's fun time now to enjoy these good riddles and have a good laugh.

A boy and an engineer were fishing. The boy is the son of the engineer but engineer is not the father of the boy. Then who is the engineer?
Answer: ???
Everyone in the world needs it. They generously give it. But never take it. Then what is it?
Answer: ???
He was driving a black truck in a long road in a great speed. The lights on the truck were off. It was a new moon day. An old lady was slowly crossing the road. He should stop the truck otherwise, he would hit the lady. How did he stop the truck?
Answer: ?????
Four children and their pet dog were walking under a small umbrella. But none of them became wet. How?
Answer: ????

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3rd ESO- project and some exercises unit 1 and unit 2

Let's check some contents of units 1 and 2 to make sure that you do it well.

_ Unit 1: modal verbs exercises:

- Unit 2: quantifiers
  • Click here (too much, too, too many or enough)
  • Click here
  • Vocabulary on films. Click here (quiz),   click  here (wordsearch-film words),  click  here (adjectives describing films-synonyms),   click  here (comments on films using words related to films. Have a look
Now, read carefully the instructions to do your project:
- You can do it individually or with a classmate.
-  You have to prepare a power point or a poster to present in class to the rest of classmates and your teacher.
- The title of the project is: My favourite song. (it must be a song in English)
- You have to include at least three photographs.
- Elements to be included in your project: 
  • Information about the singer or the group: complete name, living place, birthdate, marital status, physical description, some biographical facts including at least one curious fact about himself/herself.
  • Hobbies, interests, answers this person has given in some interviews.
  • The song: at least include the chorus part of the song translated and what the song is about and how you feel when you listen to the song. Explain it. Then, explain why you like the song and add some words or pictures that you think the song could be connected to. Optional: include a video with the song to listen in class.
Remember when you start your presentation say your name: I'm ..... and I'm going to present my project on .......  First, I will introduce the singer, then I will mention the most famous albums..... and finally I will talk about my favourite song....You will be graded by your teacher and classmates and this will be your oral exam this evaluation, so try to do it as well as you can and ask for your doubts first, not just the day you have to take it finished.

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1st Bachiller. Units 1 and 2

(Unit 1. REVISION)
Let's check verbal tenses with exercises online to do and to check individually.

unit 1
  • Present and past tenses:  uses and examples-- click here  and  here
  • EXERCISES: click here (past tenses),   click here (review of tenses with key), click here (many different possible exercises to practise what you need to reinforce), clikck here (present tenses)
  • Future going to or will: click here, click here
  • Other exercises-autoenglish. Click here
unit 2:

  •  All types of future tenses to check. Click here (unit 2)
  • Future perfect. Click here (form and explanation).
  • Future continuous. Click here (form and explanation)
  • Futre tenses exercises-future perfect or future continuous: click here, click here  and   click here
REWRITING SENTENCES. Click here    and   here (try to do sentences 11,12,14,15,17,32,37 and then check with the clue.
FUTURE TENSES UNIT : click here for an explanation:    here


  • Weather words. Click here (vocabulary with lists and explained).
  • Click here (idioms with weather words- to take into account -for the exam)
  • Click here (natural disasters-vocabulary words)
  • Click here (how to talk about the temperature in English)
  • Click here (the weather forecast. Exercise)
  • Click here (choose the right word for each sentence and later check your answers),  click here (complete the text with the right words above.),   click  here (choose the right word for each sentence),  click here (try the quiz)

Vocabulary, Reading and Listening
  • Unit 1. Family and relationships. Click here (vocabulary and exercise), click here (expressions and vocabulary for relationships),  click here (some more expressions that maybe you don't know- at least all of them)
  • Reading comprehension. Click here  and   here
  • Oral comprehension. Click here (chores at home) and here (learning English with songs)
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Unit 2:  reading comprehension. Click here (reading comprehension online about 'floods´)
             listening. Click here (climate change. Listen and try to answer the questions. Pay attention to the vocabulary you need to know)
           Videos: click here (scenes of the 15 best films about natural disasters),  click here (news on  recent natural disasters- see how much you can understand)
          song: click here (songs using weather words). Video about It's raining men. Click here

Other  mixed activities 
  • Phrasal verbs to know: click herehere,   here
  • A test. Click here (a love test)
  • A video to watch. Click here ( a short movie on relationships),   click here (what about celebrities?),  click here (the relationship interpreter)
  • Video. Click here (elderly people and relationships
  • Game: click here (crossword-personality adjectives)
  • Game: click here (words with a difficult spelling)
  • Game: click here(wordshake- 3 minutes to form as many words as you can)
Weather vocabulary- more vocabulary to practise if you need to do it
  • Click here (different words for weather vocabulary)
  • Click here
  • Click here (weather quiz- bbc)
  • Click here (choose the right answer)
  • Click here (weather idioms)
  • Click here (choose the right answer)
  • Click here (weather forecast exercise)
INFORMAL LETTERS.  Click here (what you have to know about informal letters and examples of sentences to include there). Click here (a good example of informal letter)
Adverbs of degree. Click here (an exercise with answers for you to check.)

GAMES and other ACTIVITIES: Click here (hangman on weather vocabulary),   click here (true or false? Look at the map and answer the quiz),   click here (images and vocabulary to match-weather expressions)

-Have a look at this place in Edimburgh. It's a really fantastic museum to visit. Click here and  here

Have a nice session

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3rd of ESO. Games and activities to finish the school year

Hi, students. Summer is here! Exams are finished and we need to relax! Let's try to find some activities that are rewarding and, at the same time, entertaining for you.


  • Click here ( THE BIG QUIZ, English Challenge)
  • Click here ( Trolley dash, memory game- you have 1 min. Can you do it?)
  • Click here ( spin off-preintermediate level game)
  • Click here ( could you be a good detective? Play this game- find the person)
  • Click here (rocking English. Which word is missing in the song?)
  • Click here (fishing game- try to fish the letters of the word as fast as you can)

  1. General culture quiz. Click here   and    here 
  2. General quiz. Click here (categories)
  3. A personality quiz on colours. Click here

  • A funny video now. Click here
  • Comedies. Scenes. Click here
  • A nice song to listen.( The time of my life. Related to some fantastic summer holidays of a young 18-year-old girl) . Film . dirty dancing.   Try to do the activities too. Click here
It's been a pleasure to be with you this year. Enjoy the summer! Let's see soon.