dilluns, 13 de febrer de 2017

Saint Valentine's activities.

Saint Valentine's.
  • A song by Kathy Perry. A nice video to watch. Fill in the gaps of the song while listening (pair activity-photocopy given by the teacher. Click here
  • Activities for ESO. Try here. Click here
  • Love Cake Recipe. A short film. 4 min. only. Have a look. Click here
  • Other activities. Click here (origin of Saint Valentine's Day. Some Activities)

diumenge, 29 de gener de 2017

3rd eso, unit 3

  • clothes and items to buy in shops and stores. Click here (sentences to use when going shopping -clothes).
  • Click here,       here(underwear),      
  • here (buying shoes. Complete the dialogue. Write in your notebook the expressions used.
  • Click here (clothes and accessories vocabulary)
  • Click here (ingles mundial. Shopping. Vocabulary and exercises)
  • Click here (matching exercise- pictures vs names)
  • Click here (money- pay vocabulary)
  • borrow or lend. Click here   and     here
  • Present perfect. Form and uses. Click here (Copy in your notebook the uses of the present perfect with one example of each use)
  • present perfect form. Irregular verbs past participles. Click here    and     here
  • Present perfect with for and since. Click here    and      here
  • Present perfect with how long, ever, never, yet, already.  Click  here (explanation+ exercises).   Click also here.

                                                       Click here (shopping in London)

Games and other activities.

  • Click here (crossword, irregular verbs)
  • Click here (matching shops vs items)
  • Click here (trolley dash game)
  • Click here (just for fun. Write your name as an Egyptian)
  • Click here (choose a topic to do the memory game)
  • Click here ( We are the Champions, song with present perfect- Queen)
  • website of Harrods. The most known department store in London.Have a look. Click here
  • Cyberdog. Very original clothes are sold here. If you ever go to London, go to have a look at this really original store in Camden. Click here  and    here. Click also here (mention 8 items you can buy in this shop)


Fonix 2017

This year the topic for the exams will be: personality and appearance.

Here you have some vocabulary it can be useful for you.

  • Click here (describing people)
  • Click here (adjectives to describe personality)
  • Click here (describing appearance)
  • Click here (appearance and personality)
  • Click here (exercise- match the personality adjectives to the meaning)
  • Click here (exercise on appearance. Sentences)
  • Click here (exercise on physical appearance and personality)
  • Click here (personality adjectives)
  • Click here (an example of a text describing a person- name, age and other personal information,appearance, personality, hobbies)
  • past participles. Irregular verbs. Click here  and   here
Writing part of the exam. Giving opinion. Expressions you can use. Click here
A model of an opinion essay. Click here

I hope it will be useful for you. See you in class.

dimecres, 11 de gener de 2017

4thA unit 3

Watch at some videos and we'll comment them together. (saving energy topic)

  • ways to save energy at home. Brainstorm first, then, watch the video. Click here. Write notes in your notebook (new vocabulary and at least 5 ways to save energy at home)
  • Click here  and   here

  • passive voice. Click here (ppt presentation-uses and form. examples too)
  • Passive voice. Exercises. Click here (order the words to make passive sentences)
  •                                          Click here (choose the right answer)
  •                                          Click here (change the active sentences to passive ones)
  •                                          Click here  (change the active sentences to passive ones)
  • Quiz. Click here (a general knowledge quiz with present passive questions. TRY IT)
  • Click here  (questions in the passive voice, order the words)
  • Click here (choose 3 exercises and do them)
  • Click here (have/get sth. done- theory and exercise)
  • Click here (reflexive pronouns)
  • Click here (quiz on pronouns)
  • Click here (quiz on pronouns too)

  • Click here (passive verbal forms in newspaper headlines)
  • Click here (activity with an article-to do)

dimarts, 10 de gener de 2017

3rdF, unit 3


  • Click here (exercise 2-match equipment with the sport- IN YOUR NOTEBOOK PLEASE)
  • Click here(sports quiz)
  • Click here (verbs related  to sports)
  • Click here (sports equipment quiz)
  • Click here (monkey sports game)
  • Click here (words related to olympic games)
  • Click here (GAME: beat the keeper-football)
  • Click here (memory game-sports-find the pairs)
  • Click here (game. Which sport is there in the picture?
  • Click here (play,go or do?. REMEMBER-ball games-play, other activities Do, ending in -ing  go)
  • Click here (competition sports. vocabulary in pictures)

  • Click here (a curious sport-bossaball. which three sports does it include? Look at the video and see)
  • Click here (extreme sports video)

  1. Click here (explanation and exercise)
  2. Click here (explanation and 2 exercises)
  4.  Click here (choose the right answer, comparatives)
  5. Click here
Superlatives and comparatives
  1. Click here  (choose the correct answers, comparative or superlative forms)
  2. Click here (superlative forms. Complete)
  3. Click here (world records, easy exercise)
  4. Click here (quiz on superlatives)
  5. Click here (test on the three forms of the adjectives)
  6. Click here (not as.....as  )
Videos related to the topic

                                                                             CLICK  HERE

diumenge, 11 de desembre de 2016

3r Eso Christmas session

We are just finishing the year, so it's time to have some fun. What about some Christmas activities?

Here they are. First, some cultural aspects of Christmas and then the activities. Ready, go.

  • Christmas cultural aspects in the different countries. Click  here   and    here
  • A Christmas quiz now. Click here (easy level)     or here (standard)    or     here (Christmas around the world quiz)
  • Click here (Chinese New Year-wordsearch)
  • Click here (Christmas carols quiz)
  1. Click here (match the names with the pictures)
  2. Click here (memory)
  3. Click here (matching exercise)
  4. Click here (interactive book activities. Do them online)
  5. Click here (All about Santa Claus quiz)
  6. Click here (hangman)
  7. Click here (another memory on Christmas)
Other activities to do in class all together and christmas carols for you to listen.
  1. Click here (Bingo to do on the digital board)
  2. Click here (look at this joke-just for laughs)
  3. What about this one? Click here (other jokes of just for laughs- Christmas)
  4. Click here (White Christmas carol by Lady GAGA)
  5. Click here (All I want for Christmas is you with Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber)
  6. Click here (I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus)
  7. Click here (Last Christmas, by Wham)
  8. Click here (Jingle Bell rock, in the film Mean Girls)
  9. Click here (Merry Christmas by NSYC)
  10. Click here (My only wish, by Britney Spears)
  11. Click here (Santa Claus is coming to town by Mariah Carey)
  12. Click here (so this is christmas, by Robbie Williams)
Some scenes of series and films related to Christmas:
  • Click here (Modern Family Season 7. Celebrating Christmas)
  • Click here (25 Christmas films-scenes)
  • Click here (Bridget Jones' diary karaoke scene)

dilluns, 14 de novembre de 2016

unit 2 session.3rF

Let's check some contents of unit 2 and check present continuous too.
  1. Click in the numbers to do present simple activities: 1,    2,     3,   4,   5,    6,   7,    8,    9,    10
  2. Click on the numbers. Present continuous. 1,    2,   3 4,   5
  3. Present simple or continuous? click on the numbers:  1,    2
  4. Vocabulary art and professions. Click on the numbers: 1
  5. Reading comprehension. Click here  (do the 2 exercises IN YOUR NOTEBOOK)

  1. Click here (video The Simpsons. Present continuous sentences with pictures)
  2. Click here (find the numbers as quick as you can-game)
  3. Click here-what are they doing? Look at the video and write THREE sentences in your notebook: example: a man/a woman/ a boy/ a cat/ a girl   is   playing football....
  4. Click here (basic questions to check)   and    here (basic questions and answers)
  5. Action verbs in present simple game. Click here 
  6. Memory(animals). Click here
  7. Find the verb in the picture Game. Click here
  8. Write your name in Egyptian if you want. Click here
  9. A game now. Try it. Click here. Did the monkey guess your number?
  10. A SONG NOW. CLICK HERE (SUZANNE VEGA- TOM'S DINER-SONG Using present simple and present continuous. Lyrics now. Click here. Modern version by Giorgio Modorer sung by Britney Spears.

Have a nice session and enjoy it.