diumenge, 11 de desembre de 2016

3r Eso Christmas session

We are just finishing the year, so it's time to have some fun. What about some Christmas activities?

Here they are. First, some cultural aspects of Christmas and then the activities. Ready, go.

  • Christmas cultural aspects in the different countries. Click  here   and    here
  • A Christmas quiz now. Click here (easy level)     or here (standard)    or     here (Christmas around the world quiz)
  • Click here (Chinese New Year-wordsearch)
  • Click here (Christmas carols quiz)
  1. Click here (match the names with the pictures)
  2. Click here (memory)
  3. Click here (matching exercise)
  4. Click here (interactive book activities. Do them online)
  5. Click here (All about Santa Claus quiz)
  6. Click here (hangman)
  7. Click here (another memory on Christmas)
Other activities to do in class all together and christmas carols for you to listen.
  1. Click here (Bingo to do on the digital board)
  2. Click here (look at this joke-just for laughs)
  3. What about this one? Click here (other jokes of just for laughs- Christmas)
  4. Click here (White Christmas carol by Lady GAGA)
  5. Click here (All I want for Christmas is you with Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber)
  6. Click here (I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus)
  7. Click here (Last Christmas, by Wham)
  8. Click here (Jingle Bell rock, in the film Mean Girls)
  9. Click here (Merry Christmas by NSYC)
  10. Click here (My only wish, by Britney Spears)
  11. Click here (Santa Claus is coming to town by Mariah Carey)
  12. Click here (so this is christmas, by Robbie Williams)
Some scenes of series and films related to Christmas:
  • Click here (Modern Family Season 7. Celebrating Christmas)
  • Click here (25 Christmas films-scenes)
  • Click here (Bridget Jones' diary karaoke scene)

dilluns, 14 de novembre de 2016

unit 2 session.3rF

Let's check some contents of unit 2 and check present continuous too.
  1. Click in the numbers to do present simple activities: 1,    2,     3,   4,   5,    6,   7,    8,    9,    10
  2. Click on the numbers. Present continuous. 1,    2,   3 4,   5
  3. Present simple or continuous? click on the numbers:  1,    2
  4. Vocabulary art and professions. Click on the numbers: 1
  5. Reading comprehension. Click here  (do the 2 exercises IN YOUR NOTEBOOK)

  1. Click here (video The Simpsons. Present continuous sentences with pictures)
  2. Click here (find the numbers as quick as you can-game)
  3. Click here-what are they doing? Look at the video and write THREE sentences in your notebook: example: a man/a woman/ a boy/ a cat/ a girl   is   playing football....
  4. Click here (basic questions to check)   and    here (basic questions and answers)
  5. Action verbs in present simple game. Click here 
  6. Memory(animals). Click here
  7. Find the verb in the picture Game. Click here
  8. Write your name in Egyptian if you want. Click here
  9. A game now. Try it. Click here. Did the monkey guess your number?
  10. A SONG NOW. CLICK HERE (SUZANNE VEGA- TOM'S DINER-SONG Using present simple and present continuous. Lyrics now. Click here. Modern version by Giorgio Modorer sung by Britney Spears.

Have a nice session and enjoy it. 

dimecres, 2 de novembre de 2016

4thA unit 2


  • Vocabulary related to ads and advertisement. Click here  and   here (vocabulary and exercises)
  • Some exercises. Click here    and   here (a multiple choice test. Try it.)
  • Some known ads. Click here (very creative videos- 30 top TV commercials)
  • Some interesting campaigns. Click here (storytelling on advertising-7 examples)           Click here (11 examples)    or here (more examples)

  1. Checking quantifiers. Click here (explanations are quite clear) and do this exercise here. Click here too
  2. Past simple or past perfect. Click here   and     here
  1. Click here (text on advertising with 5 questions on it)
  1. Click here (read and guess the right company for these slogans) and   here (can you pick the brand names for these slogans?)
  2. The Egyptians had created a writing system with heiroglyphs. Do you want to see your name written in an Egyptian way? Click here.
  3. Shopping vocabulary quiz. Try it. Click here
  4. Another fun activity on shopping vocabulary. Click here (a test on shopping-clothes store)
  5. Images matching words game. Shopping vocabulary. Click here 

dilluns, 10 d’octubre de 2016

4th ESO. Unit 1

Here you have a video on bullying for you to have a look and then we'll coment it in class. How did you feel after watching it?

Click here to have a look at the video.

Friendship. Adjectives describing personality. Click here   and   here
Click here (words and sentences to describe friendship) too.

Reading comprehension on Friendship. Click here. 

Song: Left outside alone: Anastacia. Video. Click here

dijous, 11 d’agost de 2016

Intermedi 2. Practice for the exam.

Here you have some exercises to practise the part of `use of English´that you failed in June. 

  • General exercises and explanations- Click here (go to the intermediate level and practise the gap filling exercises and also read how to write a letter part)
  • Verbal tenses and other grammar points. Click here
  • Use of English exercises and writing tasks ( on the left of the page. Click there): click here

dijous, 26 de maig de 2016

Unit 7. 1st ESO


Clothes and revision exercises
  • Click here (images)
  • Click here (game)
  • Click here (power point)
  • Click here (MEMORY game-clothes)
  • Click here (pictures7names of clothes)
  • Click here  (what are the Simpsons wearing?. Complete the text)
  • Click here (countable or uncountable nouns. GAME)
  • Click here (Prices in the UK. Do the activity in YOUR NOTEBOOK)
  • Click here (what are they wearing?)
  • Click here (describing people. exercise 1. IN YOUR NOTEBOOK; PLEASE!!!) 
  • Click here  (vocabulary and exercises on physical description and colours. Do them online.
  • Click here (description of hair, clothes, personality. Vocabulary and exercise with photos. Copy the vocabulary chart IN YOUR NOTEBOOK.
  • was or were?. Click here
  • past simple verb to be. Choose the correct answer. Click here
  • There is/There are. Click here (test)
  • There was/there were. Click here 
  • regular verbs. past  simple. Click here (rules)   
                                                               Click here (exercise)
                                                               Click here (exercise)

    Negative form of past simple. Click here  (regular and irregular verbs)
                                                              Click here                                                            

  • Click here ( The Queen's birthday. Standard students.)
  • Click here ( George. EASY for low students)
  • Click here (shopping list game. Can you put all the items in the trolley in the time given?. Try it.
  • Click here (write your name in Egyptian hieroglyphics)
  • Click here (Face match. Descriptions game)

dilluns, 16 de maig de 2016

Unit 6, revision exercises and vocabulary.

  • Click here (match the name with the photos)
  • Click here
  • Click here
  • Click here (picture quiz)
  • Click here (decide which category do the food items belong to)
  • Click here (memory game food)
  • Click here (choose the right words)
  • Click here (explanation)
  • Click here (4 exercises)
  •  Click here (different contents)
  • Click here (blog contents for 1st Eso. Food and restaurant vocabulary. Do some of the activities there)

dimarts, 10 de maig de 2016

Resources May 2016. 1st Eso

- May.

1st A. Let's watch this video. When I'm gone. Click here

              A nice Irish version. The cups song. Click here

           The Spanish version now.Click here. ( Paula Rojo and the Wild Horses)

   -Soup of the day. Just for laughs joke. Click here
  -     Funny waiter. Just for laughs joke.Click here
        RAiny restaurant. Click here


dilluns, 9 de maig de 2016

2nd Bachiller end of year session

Let's check different contents we have done during the year:

- verbs + infinitive or gerund. For theory click here (exercises at the bottom part of the page) Exercises:
  • Click here
  • Click here (theory + exercises)
- Rephrasings.
  •  Click here (rephrasings per topics and also mix of rephrasings. For you to practise.
  • Click here (models of sentences -rephrasings- with answers. For you to have a look )
  • Click here (more rephrasings but with no solutions.)

- adjectives + prepositions. Click here    
                                            Click here

- Common mistakes bachiller students.
Phrasal verbs exercises:
- The use of THE -article. Click here
- Absence of THE article. Click here

  1. Click here (Montse Morales blog)
  2. Click here (resources)
  3. Click here (documents, resources on different grammar contents)
  4. Click here (different levels and topics)

Refugees from Syria. Information. Click here
                                                                  Click here

diumenge, 10 d’abril de 2016

Unit 5. Activities. 1st eso.

Resources to use for the teacher in class.

  • present continuous in scenes from tv series. Click here.
  • present continuous in songs. Click here.(Don't speak, version by Glee)
INSTRUCTIONS: write in your notebook a comment, or a sentence or the mistakes you did in the  different exercises!!!!
Grammar present continuous and present simple.
  • Present simple vs present  continuous. Explanation and exercises. Click here
  •                                                                                                           Click here

  •                                                                                                          Click here (quiz-game with questions)
  • Here (present simple affirmative, very easy)
  • Here (present simple or continuous? sentences)

  • Present continuous exercises: click here (easy exercise)
  •                                                 click here    
  •                                                 Click here     
  •                                                 Click here   (questions and short answers)                                                                                    
  • Click here (verbs)       
  •  here  (adjectives opposites) exercises.
  • here (travel expressions and words--IN YOUR NOTEBOOK)
Click here (crossword, easy)
Click here ( the big challenge quiz. Try it)

That's all for today. Have a nice session.

dijous, 11 de febrer de 2016

Unit 4. Vocabulary and grammar.1st eso.

  • Vocabulary.
Adjectives. Click here. (opposites, easy)
                  Click here (matching opposites together)
                  Click here

                 Click here
  • Grammar. Comparing. Comparatives.
                 Click here for the theory. Copy examples in your notebook.

                Theory and examples. Click here

                Exercise. Click here    and    here
                More exercises. Click here   
                                               Click here  (theory and exercises)
  •                 Game: click here  
                                       click here (a very easy game)
                                       click here ( a game comparing animals...)

  • irregular adjectives comparative and superlative form. Click    here

  • Click here
  • Click here
Comparative or superlative?

That's all for today. See you in class.

diumenge, 17 de gener de 2016

2nd Bachiller-phonetics and linkers

Let's start with phonetics today.

  • Click here to see the phonetic sounds in English.
  • Click here for information and different possibilities of activities with sounds. (Cambridge)
  • Click here to start with  exercises on phonetics.Start with vowels and continue with the other ones.
  • Click here to try to do this exercise. Odd one out.
  • Click here to try to do this quiz.
  • Click here. How to pronounce the plurals.(-s/-es)

Linkers of contrast. Other linkers.
  • Click here to see different linkers of contrast and others in English. Pay attention to see if they are followed by comma, by a sentence...
  • Click here for examples.
  • Click here for rephrasings. Click also here and choose the right answer.
  • More rephrasings here. There are also other exercises for you to check: modals,relative clauses...
conditionals + I wish.

  • Theory and exercises. Click here
  •                                     Click also here. (2nd bachiller exercises, also the use of I wish)
  •                                     Click here (all kind of exercises to practise. Level 2nd Bachiller)

To check and useful documents if you want to use them. Click here

Other webs to practise alone, at home, with possibility for autocorrection.

Click here
Click also here (useful for bachillerato, 1st and second level of Bachillerato)

That's all for today. Enjoy the sesión.