dimecres, 26 de novembre de 2014

3rD. Presentation and some useful sites

As you know you have to prepare a project, a presentation on a sport you like. You can do it individually or in pairs and I'll give you two days in class to prepare it.

The requirements are these ones:
1) You will have to do the presentation in front of the class orally, so you will have a mark for your oral competence. You will also have a mark for your presentation (contents, organization, images used, adequacy and coherence...)
2) ATTENTION:The presentation must include these contents:
  • Choose a suitable TITLE for your presentation.
  • name of the sport, origin.Where it is played in the world.
  • type of sport: outdoor or indoor sport, individual, pair or team sport. Where to play this sport. (stadium, swimming-pool, court, pitch...)
  • rules of the sport.
  • equipment needed.Specific sportswear. Use pictures.
  • A profile of a sportsman or sportswoman who practises this sport.
  • Records obtained in this sport.
  • 5 adjectives to describe this sport.
  • Some images about this sport, explaining the pictures to the rest of the class (4 or 5). In this photo we can see...... This one shows...........
  • Something curious to mention about this sport.
  • Compare this sport with other sports using at least 5 sentences-comparative adjectives have to be used.
Personal opinion about this sport. I like this sport because.............In my opinion this sport is....

Useful webs to practise with comparatives and superlative form of the adjectives:
  1. Click here  (rules to form comparatives and superlatives)
  2. Click here  (rules + exercises)
  3. Click here (exercises) 

Useful webs to find different sports:
Comparing sports. Click here  (high level)
                               Click here  (easy level)

A nice video to watch. Click here   (funny video)    and    here (strange sports).
                                     Click also here  (bossaball- reading comprehension in your student's book)

I hope it will be useful for you. Don't hesitate to ask me if you have doubts. Enjoy doing this presentation.  


dilluns, 17 de novembre de 2014

1stD-1stF. November 2014

Let's check contents seen in class. Follow the instructions given.

ATENTION: Take notes in yoiur notebook about new vocabulary or mistakes you do in the exercises!!!!!!

1. Have got and verb to be. Do these exercises. Write the mistakes in your notebook. 
2. Question words.
  • Click here (standard and high level)   or here  (low level). 
  • Click here (standard level)

3. Questions vs answers.
  • Click here 
  • Click here (write in the correct order these questions)
4. Present simple.
  • Click here (low level)  or here (standard level)
  • Click here
  • Click here (present simple short answers)
  • Click here (do or does?)
  •  Bernat, Lorenzo and Miquel Angel, click here (do first screen unit 1. )
5. IN/ON/AT--- time prepositions
6. Vocabulary revision. (FOR EVERYBODY)
  • Family words. Click here. Bernat, Lorenzo and Miquel Angel, click here
  • ordinal numbers. Click here.  Bernat, Lorenzo and Miquel Angel, click here
  • school items. Click here  and  here
  • routines. Click here    and      here

6. Games now. ( FOR EVERYBODY). Enjoy them.
  • Click here (hangman, classroom objects)
  • Click here (the magic monkey)
  • Click here (spin off. Choose your level)

7. A nice video now.  Click here. Do you think it is difficult to pronounce English?

What about this video? Give your opinion. Click  here

That's all for now. See you in class. Enjoy the session.

3rD november 2014


Take notes in your notebook about new vocabulary or new expressions and words.

. Equipment. Take notes in your notebook. Click here to learn and practise.
                        Click also here

Sports. Vocabulary. Click here
                                 Click also here (play, go or do with sports and activities)
                                Click here (olympic sports)
                                Click also here (hangman, topic-sports)

Extreme sports. Click here to watch an interesting video about best extreme sports. Write your opinion in the notebook.

A GAME about football vocabulary. Click here

What about scenes of films with sports. Click here

That's all for today.

dilluns, 30 de juny de 2014

Summer session 2nd Eso

Grammar contents for the exam:

  • present simple practice. Click here . Check affirmative, negative and interrogative forms.
  • present continuous. Click here,    here,      and     here(present simple vs present continuous)
  • past simple tense. click here (explanation and exercises), here,   and   here
  • past continuous. Click here,    here    and   here(past simple or past continuous). Interrogative form: here.
  • comparative and superlative forms. Click here   and    here.  Click also here   and  here.
(pels qui teniu 1r d'eso pendent o heu tret una nota molt  baixa vos aconsell aquestes webs: web to practise general exercises and vocabulary. click here,   here   and    here

  • Click here (adjectives, opposites)   and  here.
  • Click here (everyday objects vocabulary


Have a nice summer and I hope this will be useful for you.

dimarts, 27 de maig de 2014

M V Friday 30th May 2014

Today, have a look at these files that will help you to do your curriculum vitae.

  • Click here (tips and what to take into account when writing your curriculum vitae)
  • Click here (reading comprehension, a job interview)
  • Click here (qualities to apply for a job)
  • Click here. (50 personality traits for a job). Choose 8 that you have and write them in your curriculum vitae, in your profile. ( I am........................................................
  • Click here (typical questions in an interview. Choose 8 and write them with appropriate answers in the paper the teacher will give you.)
More vocabulary suitable for you. Click here (more typical questions for job interviews)
  • examples of job ads. Click here    and   here

That's all for today. See you next week.

4th diversificacio Friday 30th May

Here you have some ideas for your project and some vocabulary you can use:

  1. Vocabulary. Click here (geography terms) 
                                      Click here (places in a city)
                                      Click here  (the city, varied vocabulary)

2. Reading comprehension. Click here (Mexico city. Try to do the exercise)
                                            Click here ( New York city. Example)
                                           Click here ( Arabia Saudí example)

3. Power point presentation example. Click here ( Nigeria)
                                                         Click here (different cities and countries examples of information, power points...)

That's all for today. See you next week.Have a nice weekend.

2nC Fri 30th May/2nD Tuesday 3rd June

Let's check for next exam:
the vocabulary in the exam will be the vocabulary of units 5 and 6, basically (time expressions, adjectives for animals, personality adjectives and words related to sport-unit 7)

Grammar revision:
  • unit 5. Comparatives and superlatives. Click here   and  here
  • unit 6. Click here (uses of will), click also here   and   here.
  •            1st conditional. Click here    and      here

  • unit 7. GOING TO. Click here,     here    and  here.
  •            Going to or will. Click here ,    here. Copy the uses of wil /going to and one example of each use.

Checking general grammar.
  • click here (word order advanced level of the class)
  • click here (word order elementary level)
  • Click here (questions. exercises a-advanced; exercises b and c, elementary)
  • Click here (question wh- words)
  • Click here (object, subject pronouns and possessive adjectives)
Reading and writing. 
  • going to/will. Click here . Answer the questions in your notebook.
  • future predictions. Click here

That's all for today. See you in the exam.

dijous, 22 de maig de 2014

MV Friday 23rd MAy 2014

. First, do the activities you didn't do last weeks because you studied for your exams. Click here (s'ha d'entregar la tasca del personatge de la pel.lícula.)

  • what your name means. Write the meaning of your name in your notebook. Are you curious about the meaning of your name? so click here.
  • What your birthdate means. Click here
  • write your names in different exotic languages. Which result did you prefer? Click here.
  • Choose a song and do the activities. Write in your notebook the title of the song, the singer and what the song expresses. Click here.
  • Worst movies scenes ever. Just for fun. Click here
  • One web that received a prize because of its originality. Click here
That's all for today. See you next week!

4t diversificacio 23rd May 2014

First of all, finish the activities you couldn't do last week. Click here

Now, do these activities:

1) Grammar revision of the year contents. Mistakes you usually do, so let's check it.
  • Click here (copy the mistakes in your notebook. Present simple or continuous?
  • Click here,    here (be or have got? copy the mistakes in your notebook.)
  • Click here (possessive adjectives quiz. Do it online)
  • Click here. Order the words exercise. Mixed tenses. Copy two sentences in your notebook and translate them.

2) Vocabulary.
  • Click here  (odd one out, categories)
  • Click here. Adjectives, opposites)
  • Click here (hangman, numbers)

3) Reading. Curiosities.
  • A web that received a prize because of its originality. Jim Carrey. Click here
  • Click here   or here  for your horoscope prediction of the day. 
  • Numerology, what your name means. Click here  and discover the secrets hidden in your name.
  • Click here to write your name using the Egiptian language. Click here. Do you like the result? Change your name into other languages. Click here
  • Some terrible scenes of films. Click here
  • A game. Click here

That's all for today. See you next week!

2nd C, Friday 23rd May 2014

Let's practise with unit 6 contents today.

  1. Will/won't. click here,    here,    here,      here,     and here (copy in the notebook 1 sentence of each exercise.
  2. 1st Conditional sentences. Click here,   here. Copy in the notebook two sentences of each exercise.
  3. Quantitative pronouns. Click here (theory + practice. Copy the mistakes.

Reading comprehension.
  1. Numerology, what your name means. Copy the meaning of your name and your personality traits in your notebook. Click here
  2. Horoscope. Look for your horoscope prediction. Write in your notebook one of the predictions about it. Click here (year prediction)    or here(daily prediction)
  1. Change your name into different languages. Click here . Did you like the result?
  2. The worst scenes ever seen. Movies scenes. Click here  and  here
  3. Jim Carrey's web. It received a prize because of i ts originality. Get impressed! Click here

Now, do the survey about Alcudia that the teacher will give you.

That's all for today. See you next Monday in class!

dijous, 8 de maig de 2014

4th Diversificacio, Friday 8th May 2014

. First of all, please, finish the activities you didn't do last session. Click here.

Next, do these activities. We'll do an exam with these contents in a week.
  • Grammar. 
  1. Will. Click here. Copy in the notebook the chart of the Common mistakes.   
  2. Will/won't. Click here
  3. Going to. Click here
  4. Going to. Click here
  5. Going to. Click here (do exercise 2 in your notebook)
  6. Should/shouldn't for advice. Click here
  • Vocabulary.
  1. Click here (do test 1 and test 2 with verbs)
  2. Click here (jobs and places. Boarding game)
  3. Click here (vocabulary on food+exercises. Practise it.)
  4. Click here. Choose a Song and practise English with the activities on the song. Write in your notebook the title of the song, the singer and a comment about the song. )


         Click here and practise English with the Big Challenge

  1. Click here (verb to be, affirmative. Copy and translate 3 sentences)
  2. Click here (verb to be). Copy in your notebook the mistakes)
  3. Click here (have or has)
  4. Click here (reading/listening. Complete with the word. Write the text in your notebook)
  • Vocabulary. Do the same exercises as your classmates.Write down the new words in your notebook.
Friday 16th May.

  1.     Click here (verb have got. Copy in your notebook the text with the words and translate it-copia el text i tradueix-lo)
  2. Click here (wh- questions). Escriu al quadern una pregunta de cada amb la seva resposta)
  3. Vocabulary. Revision. Click here (easy descriptions)
  4. Vocabulary. Numbers. Click here   and   here

  •      Game. Click here (spin off game, basic level)
That's all for today. See you !

NEW CONTENTS FOR THE 16th MAY if you have finished everything:

Avui fareu les activitats on-line, només heu de copiar els usos de Will i Going to si no ho vàreu fer la setmana passada, ja que a l'examen haureu de fer un exercici d'usar una o l'altra forma.

  1. Unit -Ingles Mundial-  on line. Click here and do the activities of the unit on-line.(vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening comprehension). VALERIA i MIQUEL també.(part de vocabulari)
  2. Will/going to . An exercise using both forms. Click here. Remember the uses of Will and Going to. Write them in your notebook with an example of each.
  3. Vocabulary game. Click here
  4. A curious activity now, click here and discover what your name means.
  5. A funny video now. Click here
Have a nice weekend!

dimecres, 7 de maig de 2014

MV Friday 9th May 2014

LA tasca d'avui l'entregareu en un full a la professora i serà avaluada, ja que darrerament no feu la feina encomanada a l'hora d'informàtica.

Si no teniu un full, demaneu-ho a la professora. Primer, fareu les preguntes i respostes que hi havia a la sessió anterior. Aquí teniu l'enllaç de la sessió de blog d'abans de PAsqua. Click here. Poseu-ho al full.

A continuació, trieu dos personatges de la pel.lícula In Time i cerqueu a aquests enllaços la informació que vos deman per completar de cadascun d'ells:
- Name of the actor/actress:
- Age (edat):
- Films or series this actor/actress has starred
- Nationality:
- Family:
- Living place:
-Physical description.
- Role in the film. (paper que fa a la pel.lícula.)

Click here     and    here.
Atenció:Entrega tot això  AVUI i el dimarts que ve entrega la part de les activitats de la pel.lícula que t'entregarà avui la professora i tendràs una nota de feina més. 
Vos record que la manca de feines de forma repetida pot dur a no aprovar l'assignatura!

Any time left, Vocabulary revision. Write the score in the paper (escriu al full el resultat dels exercicis/nombre d'errades:
- Click here. (your/you're)
- Click here (telling the time checking exercise.)

That's all for today.

diumenge, 27 d’abril de 2014

2nd D and 2nd C, week 5th to 9th May 2014

Today you'll practise doing a IAQSE exam of English that was done 2 years ago by 2nd of Eso students. The one you will do next week in class, will be similar to this one. Follow the instructions and then show it to the teacher.Ask for any doubts.

Practise the IAQSE test now. Do it concentrated on the task:

  • Click here( ( aneu a les proves d'anglès i feu-les. Trieu el model 1,2 ó 3. Comenceu a fer la prova a un full on escriureu les respostes. Quan acabeu doneu-ho a la professora. Useu els auriculars per a fer el listening. Si teniu problemes per a fer-lo a classe ho haureu de fer a casa i mostrar a la professora les respostes escrites al quadern. Demaneu els dubtes mentres ho feu.)

Any time left, do these activities.

GAMES. Tired to work too much: Click here (try to guess the mobile messages. Game)
                                       Click here  (concentration game. To learn and practise vocabulary)

Optional . A song. Click here (video of the song). Enjoy the silence. Depeche Mood. I think it is a nice song and easy to understand. What can you see in the video?
                               Now, try to do the exercises on the song. Click here. If you do them, give them to the teacher to be marked and you'll have an extra mark for the evaluation.

That's all for today. See you next week.

2nd Eso D, Tuesday 29th April 2014

Today, you are going to do the following activities, only if you have finished the activities of the last day, if not, finish them before doing these ones.


  • Grammar. Click here (past simple quiz, write the result in your notebook)
         TREASURE HUNT                   Click here (web Madame Tussaud's museum). 
  • Copy and answer these questions about the museum in a paper the teacher will give you. it will be marked.(copiar-ho al full i entregar-ho. Tendrà nota)

a) How much does an adult ticket cost in London? Is the price the same in Berlin?

b) In which places in Asia can you find Madame Tussauds exhibitions?

c) Name two pop stars, two actors /actresses and two sports stars you can see in London. Write at least three facts about their lives. Do you like them? 

d) Go to this link  and answer the questions.

1. Did Madame Tussaud teach art to any member of the Royalty? Who and When?
2. When did Madame Tussauds' exhibition establish a permanent base in London?

e) Do you think the wax figures seem real people? Have you ever been in a wax museum? Did you like it?

Games and other activities.
  • Click here (opposites,  adjectives)
  • Click here (match beginnings and endings of sentences to make sense)

That's all for today.

dilluns, 14 d’abril de 2014

2nd Bachiller B, Tuesday 15th April 2014

After the exam, I have seen the mistakes you have done, so we are going to check the different contents. The rephrasing exercise webs are given for you to practise at home, I hope they will be useful for you:
  • Click here for reported speech exercises:
            1) Statements. Click here           and   here.   Check the answers.
            2) questions: click here      and
            3) orders, suggestions...:  click  here    and    here (a reported speech quiz). Click also here
  • Linking words: 
  1. Click  here (contrast linking words)
  2. Click here (conjunctions)
  3. Click here
  4. Click here (contrast or addition)
  • Verbs + prepositions.
  1. Click here
  2. Click here
  3. Phrasal verbs. Click here  and   here
  • Verbs + infinitives or gerunds:
  1. Click here   and   here
  • Rephrashing exercises: click here   and   here. Another web for you to practise at home. Click here
  • Relative clauses:
  1. Click here (relative pronoun is necessary?
     2.Click here (defining or non-defining)
     3. Click here
  • Other contents you fail:
  1. Plurals. Click here
  2. Possessive and object pronouns. Click here    and   here
  3. Typical mistakes. Click here
That's all for today. Enjoy your holidays.

dijous, 10 d’abril de 2014



  1. Last sessions: click here    
Now, de these activities to reinforce your reading comprehension.
  • Click here. Listen and complete the words in the text and answer these questions in your notebook.
             a) Who does she go to the restaurant with?
             b) What is her favourite restaurant'
             c) Which address is her favourite restaurant situated in?
             d) Is her favourite restaurant big?
             e) What is there on the tables?
             f) What do they usually order to eat?
  • Click here (revision exercise and grammar- family, verb to have, possessive adjectives...). Write some sentences of  each exercise in your notebook.
  • Click here,    here          and   here  (food vocabulary). Online exercises.

      A  Game now. Click here (big challenge game. Choose the 1st level or 2nd level)

That's all for today, see you after holidays.

dissabte, 5 d’abril de 2014

2nd D/2nd C. April 2014

Hi class, today we'll work on contents of unit 5. Follow the instructions and ask for your doubts:


  • Click here for CAN/COULD exercises.( in these exercises  join the sentences together with BECAUSE. Write them in your notebook.)
  • Click here (can, could sentences. Do it on-line)
  • Comparatives. Click here (do these exercises on-line. Write the mistakes only)
  • Comparatives and superlatives. Click here   and    here     
  • Comparatives and superlatives. Click here    and  here(choose some exercises to practise what you need to do)
  • Click here (a biography with past forms to complete). To check and review past simple.

NOW; DO THIS TASK: Choose three different Guinness records and write about them in your notebook. When you finish, show it to the teacher.What do they consist of? Where and when were they obtained? Who got the record? 
  • Click here and look for records. 
  • Click here for a video about records.
That's all for today. See you in class.

dimecres, 2 d’abril de 2014

4th Diversificacio, Friday 4th April 2014

Hi, class. First, today, you have to finish last week activities if you couldn't finish them. Click here

Now, continue with these exercises.
  • Click here(tasks to do:answer the questions. Do your personal profile about you)
  • First of all, you have to check  reading and writing, so click here, take the model and do a similar model about you ( 1st paragraph of the profile). Answer also these questions. The teacher will give you a paper to do the activity. copy the questions and answers and write your profile.

  • Who does she live with?
  • Does she play any musical instrument?
  • What did she choose last year but she hated it? 
  • What did she change to?
  • Are her classmates friendly and nice or rude?
  • What happened to her at the beginning of the first year?
  • What is bad about her school?
  • What is the school like? ( cóm és l'escola?)
 Now, you can do these activities on-line.
  • Click here (going to for intentions/resolutions)
Click here (going to, exercises with pictures)

Click here (will or going to?. Copy the uses and one example of each use in your notebook. Then, practise with the exercises)

  • Click here (check possessive adjectives)
Click here (game spin off/low level)  or here (game spin off/standard level). Play against another person. Tell the teacher the result.

  • Click here (completeu el qüestionari i després passeu-lo a un full i entregau-ho a la professora)
  • Click here (nationalities and countries revision)
  • Click here and answer these questions in the paper: (exercici per fer al full)

  • What colours has the French flag?
  •  What colours has  the Greek flag?                                                                 
  •  Is the Mexican flag green and red?
    •  What flag has got 40 little stars in it? What do these stars represent?
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • Click here,    here,  here     and   here. Copy 6 new words referred to transport in your notebook.
    • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • VALERIA AND MIQUEL. Click here (checking the family vocabulary)
  • Click here (ordena les paraules de les frases)
  • Click here (complete the text with the words -listen to them. Copy it in your notebook)

dijous, 27 de març de 2014

4th Diversificació, Friday 28th March 2014

Let's start with the new contents today.:
But first, let's check reading comprehension.Copy the questions and answers- comprehension-  in a paper that the teacher will give to you. Write your name too. The teacher will collect the papers with the activity done to be marked.

  • Click here. (complete the text selecting the right word and then answer these questions about the text in your notebook.Copy the questions and the answers.USE LONG ANSWERS .)

  1. Where does Julita live?
  2. What's her husband's name? What does he do?
  3. What is she studying now? What does she want to do when she finishes the course?
  4. What nationality is she?
  5. How many children have they got?
  6. How old is her little daughter?
  7. Do they live in a flat or in a house?
  8. Have they got any pet animals? Which ones?
  9. Where did they get their dog from?
  10. When did they come to the UK?

  • Click here (listening activity)
  • Click here. Write the new weather words and the mistakes in your notebook.

  • Click here . Copy the uses  of WILL and one example of each use in the notebook.
  • Click here      and     here   for practice. In the horoscope predictions, copy in your notebook your horoscope prediction and translate it into Spanish or Catalan.

Click here (sports matching game)
Click here (memory on outdoor activities)
Click here (weather maze listening game)


Do these activities. Escriu al quadern les paraules noves:
  • Click here (weather vocabulary)
  • Click here (months and seasons)
  • Click here (weather and seasons)
  • Click here (fes els darrers quatre exercicis al full que et donarà la professora i després li entregues. Tendrà nota)
Si vos sobra temps podeu fer els GAMES que he posat al vostre grup.

Have a nice weekend.

dissabte, 22 de març de 2014

2nd Bachiller B, Tuesday 25th March 2014

Let's practise different contents now. 
I hope the session will be useful for you. Don't doubt to ask if you have doubts.

  • verbs followed by infinitive or gerund. Click here (list of verbs)
  • Theory. Read it and take notes if necessary. click here (explanation verbs + gerund or infinitive with change in meaning)
  • Exercise. Click here 
  • Exercise. Click here
  • Theory and Exercise (verbs try, stop, remember, forget). Click here.
  • a test now.Click here
  • verbs + preposition- click here  and   here
  • explanation and examples relative clauses. Click here (do also the quiz)   and here
  • relative clauses. Click here,       here     And here

  • Click here (Rewriting conditional sentences)   
  • Click here . Text. Do these activities on the text. A. True or false. Give evidence. 
  •           a) The rolling Stones wanted to use blues in popular music.
  •           b) They were four members but then a fifth member joined them.
  • Find the synonyms for these words in the different paragraphs: Find synonyms for these words: 1. main, principal ( 2nd paragraph ), 2. selection ( 4th paragraph ).  3. substituted ( 4th paragraph).  4. publication ( 5th paragraph)  5. obtained (6th paragraph)  6. Quickly (6th paragraph).

dimarts, 18 de març de 2014

Fonix students material

Different exercises for you to practise:

  • Click here (sports names)
  • Click here (sports equipment vocabulary)
  • Click here (more sports vocabulary)
  • Click here (useful verbs for sports)
  • Click here (do, play or go + sports/activities)
  • Click here (reading comprehension on soccer)
  • Click here (another reading comprehension)
  • Click here ( a vocabulary exercise, now. Guess the words for these definitions)
  • Expressions to use when giving opinions. Click here  
  • A crossword. Do you understand the verbs and definitions? Click here

dissabte, 15 de març de 2014

2nd eso- extra work for those who have finished everything- 18th and 21st March 2014

Those who have finished everything can do these activities, many of them are just for fun and to relax after so many exams:
  • Click here (unit on Weather)
  • Click here (choose the contents you want to check)
  • Click here (a reading comprehension on-line)
  • Click here (prepositions game)
  • Click here (a short story. Verbs + prepositions)
A funny video short story now. Click here.
TRY THE BIG CHALLENGE NOW. Click here. Information about pen-pals. Click here (big challenge club)
  • A game, now. Click here (action verbs game)
  • Another  game now. Click here (sports-memory games)

Have a nice day.

MV Friday 21st-28TH March 2014

Let's start with some vocabulary related to food and drinks:

  • Click here (game)
  • Click also here. Look at the vocabulary. Next, continue clicking on exercises on food at the bottom of the page.
  • Click here. Do this unit (exercises). Do this exercises in your notebook: restaurant phrases+order the dialogue, meaning of WOULD LIKE and two examples,find the mistake exercise,listening exercise, order the word exercise.

  • A reading  now. Click here. Read the text , copy the questions and answers about the reading in your notebook.

  • A GAME to finish. Click here (memory game)
That's all for today. See you next week.

  • photos and names of food in categories. Click here

SENTENCES TO USE IN YOUR DIALOGUE AT THE POSTER. Take notes in your notebook with the ones you are going to use in the dialogue. Ask the teacher for the doubts:
Vocabulary of food menus. Click here ,    here  and here
vocabulary matching games. Food and drinks. Click here.

a game to finish. Click here (trolley dash game) Can you do the shopping in the time given?

That's all for today. See you next week.

dilluns, 10 de març de 2014

2nd D Tue. 11th-18th March/ 2nd C Fri. 14th-21st March

For those who have finished everything, continue with these activities:


  • Geography. Click here.  
  • Geographical features. Click here
  • Geographical features. Click here (basic reading.Easy level-WRITE IN YOUR NOTEBOOK THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE READING )  or here ( WRITE IN YOUR NOTEBOOK THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE READING that you can find in PDF script for questions)  for a standard level reading.

  • Revision SHORT ANSWERS. Click here (short answers to questions)
  • Revision of questions in English. Click here (mistakes in questions. Write the score in your notebook)
  • Wh- questions. Click here.
  • Past continuous vs past simple. Click here.
  • Click here ( do it online)
EXTRA TIME. Click here (workshake game)  and here (magic gopher)

That's all for this evaluation. Good luck with your exams and marks.

dilluns, 3 de març de 2014

2nd Eso C/D Tue 4th and Fri 7th March 2014

IMPORTANT: those who have not finished the previous activities do them today. In the notebooks corrected I have written if you have some activities missing or not.

LEONARDO, click here

The others who finished everything do these activities and please, don't disturb your classmates and teacher. Remember that today we have to continue with the oral exams (2nd day for 2nD- 1st day for 2nd C)

Grammar activities:
  • Past continuous. Explanation first, exercises next click here. Write in the notebook the 3 uses of past continuous, 5 sentences of the last exercise and 4 questions and answers of the exercise on Questions with interrogatives.Do one of the TESTS nd write the score in your notebook.
  • Sentences about holidays. Choose the right word to complete the sentences.Click here
  • Verbs + prepositions -movement. Click here. Read the examples, write the meaning of the prepositions in your notebook and do the exercise clicking on prepositions exercises.
  • Let's check the prepositions of time that give you some problems. Click here (explanation+exercises. Take notes in your notebook)
Any time left, do this game. Click here (memory, verbs that indicate movement)  or here (hangman- choose the topic)

That's all for today, see you next week.

dilluns, 17 de febrer de 2014

4th Diversificació, Friday 21st Feb. 2014/7th March 2014

First, finish the activities you couldn't finish last week. Click here

Next, do these activities. Follow the instructions:
  • Click here (write the sentences in your notebook without the mistakes shown.)
  • Click here (question words, revision. Do it on-line)
  • Click here. Reading on-line. David Beckham.
  • Click here (regular verbs, affirmative form-past simple)
  • Click here (regular verbs, affirmative form, past simple)
  • Click here (revision- possessive adjectives)
  • Click here (opposites game)
  • Click here (a listening- a text)
  1. Board games on jobs and places. Click here
  2. Click here. Fling the teacher game.
That's all for today. See you next week.

7th March.
ABANS de començar amb aquestes activitats comprova que no et falti res al quadern de les dues sessions anteriors. Demana a la professora si pots fer ja aquestes activitats o en tens de pendents.

Miquel Serra i Valeria

  • . Click here (units, grammar and vocabulary)  and here (hobbies).              
  • Click here (body parts quiz-JAVA required)
  • Click here for a travel game-matching words and images.

  • Click here. Unit on PAST SIMPLE. Fes on-line les activitats. Aquestes tres, però, fes-les al quadern: Find the mistake( 1a pantalla que surt)/   Order the words ( 2a pantalla que surt) i, a la darrera pantalla, tendras  una postal-reading. Escriu aquestes preguntes i contesta-les al quadern llegint la postal.Mostra-ho a la professora en acabar 
  • a) Find The mistake exercise(1st screen)
  •   b) Practice . Order the words in the sentences (2nd screen)
      c) Postcard. Reading.(3rd screen) Copy and answer these questions in your notebook.
         1. Who is writing the postcard?
         2. Who is receiving it?
         3. What's Marie's address?
         4. Where is Marge at the moment?
         5. What did the children do on the first day of the cruise?
        6. What did she see?
        7. What is the food like?
        8. Where did they eat last night?
        9. What size is the pool?
       10. Where does Marie live?
  • A vocabulary activity now. Click here (verbs that indicate movement/memory)
  • Another vocabulary activity. Click here (hobbies)
Any time left, do these games.
  • Click here (betting game)
  • Click here (ordering words)
That's all for today. See you next week.