dissabte, 15 de març de 2014

2nd eso- extra work for those who have finished everything- 18th and 21st March 2014

Those who have finished everything can do these activities, many of them are just for fun and to relax after so many exams:
  • Click here (unit on Weather)
  • Click here (choose the contents you want to check)
  • Click here (a reading comprehension on-line)
  • Click here (prepositions game)
  • Click here (a short story. Verbs + prepositions)
A funny video short story now. Click here.
TRY THE BIG CHALLENGE NOW. Click here. Information about pen-pals. Click here (big challenge club)
  • A game, now. Click here (action verbs game)
  • Another  game now. Click here (sports-memory games)

Have a nice day.

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