dilluns, 10 de març de 2014

2nd D Tue. 11th-18th March/ 2nd C Fri. 14th-21st March

For those who have finished everything, continue with these activities:


  • Geography. Click here.  
  • Geographical features. Click here
  • Geographical features. Click here (basic reading.Easy level-WRITE IN YOUR NOTEBOOK THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE READING )  or here ( WRITE IN YOUR NOTEBOOK THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT THE READING that you can find in PDF script for questions)  for a standard level reading.

  • Revision SHORT ANSWERS. Click here (short answers to questions)
  • Revision of questions in English. Click here (mistakes in questions. Write the score in your notebook)
  • Wh- questions. Click here.
  • Past continuous vs past simple. Click here.
  • Click here ( do it online)
EXTRA TIME. Click here (workshake game)  and here (magic gopher)

That's all for this evaluation. Good luck with your exams and marks.

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