dijous, 15 de desembre de 2011

2nd E Wednesday 21st December 2011

Here you've got the activities for today.
Grammar: present continuous or present simple? Click here and write 5 sentences in your notebook.)
               have got. Click here to check. ( change into negative. Write 5 sentences in your notebook)
Vocabulary.  Click here ( sports)
                    Click here (family vocabulary. Copy the words and do 1 of the exercises)

Christmas activities. Click here

Enjoy your Christmas holidays.

2nd Bachiller A. Monday 19th December 2011

Here you've got a session we did last year with my group. It is quite varied and complete, so go on the exercises you think can be useful for you and ask for your doubts. Have a nice session.
Click here. 
Enjoy your Christmas holidays!

diumenge, 11 de desembre de 2011

2nd Bachiller A/ C. 12th December 2011

If you didn't finish last week activities  click here.

Now, let's practise different contents to check what we've done till now.

Grammar 1 (verbal tenses),  2 (another one on verbal tenses),  3 (used to, get used to. Check it because you do mistakes in your compositions),  4 (check the pronouns and adjectives, do the exercise upper intermediate level in your notebook- write only the answers for each gap- and then check your answers. IMPORTANT because in your compositions you do so many mistakes referred to adjectives and pronouns. TAKE NOTE in your notebook. Copy the tables in your notebook if you want)

  • 5 (rephrasing exercise on conditionals. )
  • 6  ( verbal tenses rephrasing. Have a look at this. I think it can be very useful for you. Print the document at home if you want. The solutions are in the second page. I'll give )
  • 7  ( use the menu and practise I wish or So/such exercises or any others you find useful)
Let's start with passive sentences. You practised them last year. Let's remember them:
  • 1 ( Do the sentences. How did you do it?)
  • 2 (choose the right answer)
  • 1 ( a text on the UK with gaps. Choose the right word)
  • 2 ( let's check the quantifiers, as you do many mistakes with them. Read the explanation and do the exercise on-line)
  • 1 ( Do some of the exercises here)
That's all for today. See you in class.

2ndF/2nd E Week 12th to 16th Dec. 2011

Today we'll check some contents and we'll introduce vocabulary of unit 3. Remember to follow the instructions and write in your notebook what it is required. Write the computer work apart from the class work as I told you ( Recordeu escriure el treball que feu a l'hora d'ordinadors separat del treball de classe)

  • Grammar:  1 (revision of adjectives and personal pronouns. Copia la tabla al quadern i fes l'exercici de nivell Elementary/ Pre_intermediate al quadern.
  • 2 (subject pronouns and possessive adjectives. Escriu el resultat al quadern)
  • 3  ( write the result of the test in your notebook)
  • 4 ( present simple. Do the exercises in your notebook)

  • Vocabulary.
  • 1 (musical instruments. Do it on-line. Also suitable for LOW LEVEL students)
  • 2 (clothes pictures. Listen to them. Write 8 names (English and translation) in your notebook.)
  • 3  ( sports)
  • 4  ( play, do or go?)
  • 5  ( copy in your notebook the different types of programmes and an explanation of what they are about, an example and do the exercise on -line)
Game- click here and choose a game to relax.
That's all for today. Enjoy the session and work.Ask for your doubts.

dissabte, 10 de desembre de 2011

2nd E/2nd F Low level

Als alumnes que teniu una base molt limitada, practiqueu aquests continguts i preniu nota del vocabulari al quadern. Seguiu les instruccions.

Grammar activities:
  •    1 ( Fes l'exercici on-line i escriu al quadern 5 frases. )
  • 2    ( Escriu al quadern la taula del verb i després fes l'exercici on-line)
  • 3   ( escriu al quadern 4 frases)
  •      1  (activities. Fes al manco tres exercicis i copia les paraules al quadern)
  •     2   ( months)
  •     3    ( class objects)
  •    4    ( parts of the body)
  •  5      ( clothes and colour memory game/ listening)
  • 6      ( Spot the dragon. Game)
Aprofiteu el temps, per favor. Cal anar poc a poc però vos heu d'esforçar i repassar cada dia un poc.

European Sections 2nd eso Week 12th-16th Dec.

This week, I want you to do a TREASURE HUNT. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS; WRITE THE ANSWERS IN AN OPEN OFFICE DOCUMENT AND KEEP THE DOCUMENT IN YOUR FOLDER . THEN, COPY IT IN ( Alumnat- dep. llengües estrangeres. Anglès- 2nd eso- 2nd E/2nd F)

Choose one of  these treasure hunt activities and go on it. :
  • 1 ( Music in general. Being conscious of your `searching´)
  • 2  ( Michael Jackson)
  • 3 ( MTV)
Time for some checking activities. We will also introduce vocabulary of unit 3.

Checking grammar 1 (present simple vs present continuous),  2 (test present simple vs present continuous. Write the result in your notebook)
                                 2  (copy the table and the exercise - elementary/pre-intermediate level in your notebook. Do the exercise)

Vocabulary 1  (tv programmes. List and exercise on -line)

Have a nice session. Ask for your doubts to the teacher.

diumenge, 4 de desembre de 2011

2nd F/2nd E mon 5th Dec/WEd. 7th Dec.

Correcting your notebook I have observed that you haven't done some of the activities you had to do during the split lessons, so today you have to check the part of your notebook where you have the computer work and complete the missing activities. The LISTENINGS TOO. I'll give you the links of the sessions in order and you must click on them to complete your notebook. This is the last opportunity to do it.

 1. 1st session on the blog. Click here
 2. 2nd session : click here
 3. 3rd session. Click here
4. 4th session. Click here
5. 5th session. Click here
6. 6th sesson. Click here
7. 7th session. Click here
8. 8th sesson. Click here.
9. 9th session. Click here
10. 10th session. Click here

You can also finish your projects on music. This is the last day to do it.
If any person has finished everything, click here and do the activities.
Some more activities to do. Click here.

diumenge, 27 de novembre de 2011

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 28th November 2011

Today you are going to practise different exercises on different skills: writing, reading, grammar and phonetics.

 Start with these activities in the order you decide. Click here.
Next, do the activities I have prepared in the session for 2nd Bachiller A (28/11).

Ask for your doubts and do your best.
Take notes in your notebook if you think they will be profitable for you.
Have a nice session and see you soon.

2nd Bachiller A. Mon 28th Nov. 2011

Let's start with the session today. First, finish the activities you didn't do last day.

Next, practise these activities.
Grammar: 1 (test for conditionals),  2 (mixed present and past tenses),  3 (mixed tenses),  4 (verb tense quiz),  5 ( I wish),  6 ( I wish test),  7
 ( I wish/if only)
Reading:   Wembley Stadium . Read and do the activities about it.
                    English for business Read and do the activities about it.

Connectors exercises:  1 (purpose connectors explanation. Pay attention and take note),  2 (purpose connectors exercise),  3 (another more complete exercise on connectors).

Phonetics:  1 ( have a look at the web and start doing exercises)

That's all for today. See you soon.
Ask all your doubts and take notes in your notebook if you consider it to be profitable.

dilluns, 21 de novembre de 2011

2nd Bachiller A, Monday 21st Nov 2011

You can use this `extra '  day to practise the contents of your exam. First, if you finished last day activities click here.

You can also click here and practise perfect tenses.

For conditional exercises click here 

For I wish exercises click here  and here

Other activities:  1 (a reading comprehension on line)
                           2  (purpose linking words)
                           3   ( I wish/If only)
                          (varied exercises)

That's all for today. See you next week.


dissabte, 12 de novembre de 2011

2ndF Monday 14th Nov./2nd E Wedn. 16th Nov. 2011



2) A TEST TO DO: Click here ( write the result in your notebook).
  •  Present continuous now:  1 (present simple or continuous?),  2 (write the present continuous sentences),  3,     4 ( aquí no fa falta fer el darrer exercici que es mostra).

3) VOCABULARY:  clothes and accessories. COPY IN YOUR NOTEBOOK 10 clothes names and 5 accessory names: 1,    2,    3 (aquest exercici 3 és per estudiants amb poca base d'anglès com en Raul, en Christian, Na Fanny, Na Manoli...)

4) OTHER ACTIVITIES 1 (listening on  description of clothes),  2 ( activitats curtes i jocs sobre vocabulari de roba. A triar-ne 3 diferents segons el nivell que teniu)

    3 ( listening on clothing styles. WRITE THE RESULT  IN YOUR NOTEBOOK),
  4 (sports memory listening)

That's all for today. See you next week.

dimarts, 8 de novembre de 2011

2ndE (group 2 12:00h) Wedn. 9th November 2011


  • 1 (wh- questions)
  • 2 (wh- questions)
  • 3 (object pronouns)
  • 4 (verbs + sports)
  • 5 (present simple)
  • 6 (present simple negative form. Write three of the sentences in your notebook)
  • 7 (questions in present simple)
  • 1 (memory on sports)
  • 2 (memory on sports) . Write the name of three sports in your notebook and translate them into Catalan or Spanish)
  • 3 (memory on musical instruments)
  • 4 (musical instruments vocabulary). Write six names of instruments in your notebook
  • 5 (hobbies)
  • 6 (categories of words + missing questions. Write in your notebook the mistakes)
  • 7 (clothes)
  • 1 ( do the tasks on-line)
  • 2 (fill in the gaps of the song)
  • Fes aquestes activitats que han fet els alumnes de 2n F(Raul, Fanny). Clica aquí. Si vos sobra temps pots fer les activitats de Vocabulary que han fet els vostres companys. Apunteu al quadern les paraules noves de cada exercici i un comentari de cóm vos ha anat l'exercici. Procureu fer la feina bé i amb bona lletra, per favor.

2nd E Wednesday 9th Nov. 2011

Today, we are going to start with the oral exams, so please, don't make noise and don't disturb your classmates.
European Sections group: you have to finish any exercise or listening activity you couldn't finish last week before doing the following activities.
  Grammar activities:
  • 1   (present simple revision)
  • 2   (present simple test)
  • 3    (short answers. Write in your notebook one example of each)
  • 4    (can/can't. Do all the activities. Write in your notebook the new words and the answers to the video activities)
  Vocabulary activities
  • 1 (look at the vocabulary and translate into English these words in your notebook: 
  • 2 (do ON_LINE the picture clothing vocabulary exercises and games)
  • 3 ( Read the first part of the information on the band and complete the chart IN YOUR NOTEBOOK: 1. Members of the band in 1989   2. Which instrument do they play?  3. They acquired fame in.....    4. Title of a famous song+chorus of this song 5. Do they still perform in concerts?

divendres, 4 de novembre de 2011

2nd Eso F Monday 7th Nov. 2011

Let's start with the session 2nd E had last week. Use your headphones for the listening. Please, don't make noise to respect the oral exams of your classmates.
Click here.

If you finish everything you can do these activities:
  • 1 ( do the activity of hobbies -basic and intermediate level)
  • 2 (sports vocabulary)
That's all for today. See you next week.

Activities for Raul, Fanny and other students with problems in English
  • 1 (have got),     2 ( verb to be in affirmative sentences),   3 (verb to be in negative sentences),   4 (verb to be in interrogative sentences).
  • VOCABULARY:   1 (numbers 1 to 20),    2 (days of the week),   3 ( colours), ( COPY THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF THIS READING/LISTENING IN YOUR NOTEBOOK)
  • GAMES:  1 (bedroom vocabulary),   2 ( face parts vocabulary),   3 (sports)

2nd Bachiller A and C. Monday 7th Nov. 2011

Here you've got a session of last year's course. You can do all the contents there.
Remember to use your headphones for the phonetics activities.

Click here.
 Do these exercises too:
  • 1 (I wish).
  • 2  ( word order)
That's all for today. Have a nice session.

divendres, 28 d’octubre de 2011

2nd E 2nd Nov. 2011

First, finish the activities you didn't do last week. Click here.
Let's check some contents now 1 (object and subject pronouns),    2 (adverbs of frequency quiz),   3 (checking possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives).

Vocabulary 1 (musical instruments memory),  2 (musical instruments vocabulary. Add six new words in your notebook)

Listenings: LISTENING 1 (test trouble)
Activity on the listening.  A What's his problem? 
                                          B. Who's his teacher?
                                          C.Mention 5 ways to pass the test. In the listening they mention more than 10 ways.
                                          D.Which things does he mention as an alternative to the test?
        LISTENING 2

 EUROPEAN SECTIONS: Video: TOOLS . Have a look at the video and write the names of the tools in your notebook.
Click here.

Some Halloween activities now if you have finished everything: click here.

That's all. See you next week.

diumenge, 16 d’octubre de 2011

2nd F Monday 17th October 2011

Today, you'll practise again contents for your exam. Follow the instructions given.
Click here. ( do all the activities here except the vocabulary activities). Write a comment of each exercise in your notebook ( result, mistakes, a sentence...)

Vocabulary now: 
-write in your notebook the new words you learn in these exercises.
  • click here (parts of the body).
  • Click here (family vocabulary).
  • click here (classroom rules), another one about rules
  • click here (Dawn's family. LISTEN and write these questions answer them in your notebook.
            a) How many brothers and sisters has Dawn got?
            b) How old is her brother/sister?
            c) What's his/her name?
           d) What is her father like? Describe him.
           e) What is her mother like?

  • Song. Listen and fill in the gaps. Click here. (Just the way you are)
That's all for today. See you next week.


dimarts, 11 d’octubre de 2011

2nd Bachiller A/C Monday 17th October 2011

Let's check for the exam today. Ask all your doubts.

  • click here (time clauses.Easy and basic)
  • click here (word order )
  • click here (verbal tenses)
  • click here (verbal tenses again)
  • click here ( a multiple choice exercise now)
  • Click here (mixed tenses)
  • click here (mixed tenses including future)
  • click here (so and such. Try to
    rewrite some of the sentences with SO to sentences with SUCH and some sentences with SUCH to sentences with SO).

  •    Click here (personality adjectives)
  •    Click here (more personality adjectives)
  •    click here   (personality adjectives again. Do the exercise writing the solutions in your notebook before checking the answers)
  • click here (confusing words)
Other contents:
  •   click here (typical vocabulary mistakes in sentences. Can you find them?
  •   click here (word order )
  •   click here. (extra word mistakes. Find the extra word in each sentence)
  • click here ( a game to finish. Mobile madness. Can you find the hidden messages?)

 That's all for today. See you next day. Study and practise for the exam.

dissabte, 8 d’octubre de 2011

2nd Bachiller C/2nd Bachiller A. Monday 10th Oct. 2011

2nd Bachiller C. First, do these activities. Click here.

 If you finish all the activities, continue with these ones.

2nd Bachiller A. If you didn't finish last week activities click on the first link of 2nd bachiller C. If you finished everything, start with the next exercises:
  1. Click here. (a text with many different verbal tenses and two exercises to do. It is quite useful for you to be aware of the uses of the different verbal tenses in context).
  2. Click here. (tenses chart, visual explanation. Have a look at the examples and uses)
  3. Click here. ( so vs such. Uses and a quiz to do)
  4. Click here. (time clauses exercise. How many mistakes did you have?)
  5. Click here. Verbal tenses test. Try it.

Reading comprehension

  • Click here ( a text with some descriptive passages. Answer the questions.)
  • Click here ( a curious reading comprehension text now)
  • Click here (synonyms test)
  • Click here. ( a homophones test)
  • Click here (a list of different adjectives in categories for you to have. try to use varied adjectives in your writings, please)
  • Click here ( this text has been written without paragraphs. Identify the different paragraphs)
That's all for today. See you.

dijous, 6 d’octubre de 2011

2nd F Mon 10th Oct 2011

After the listening and speaking practise some vocabulary of prepositions, objects at home and rooms. Click here ( do the pre-writing exercises. In the exercise of vocabulary of the house write the sentences in your notebbok in present simple, eg. I cook meals in the kitchen...)
Activity 2: (do the exercise on line). Present simple sentences.

dijous, 29 de setembre de 2011

2nd F Mon. 3rd Oct. / 2nd E Wed. 5th Oct.

Click here.
Next, do these activities.
   Have got and to be:  1,  2 (has or have?)
   Other basic contents 1 (plurals),  2 (change the sentences into plural. Write down your mistakes in your notebook),   3 ( do the test and write your RESULT).

  4 (now, a game for you to choose from the list)
A listening to finish:  click here. (listen to the text and complete it. )
That's all for today. See you next week.

dimecres, 28 de setembre de 2011

2n Batx. A Monday 3rd October 2011

Hi, class! First of all, you should finish the activities you didn't do last day. Click here.
Next, do these activities to check different contents. Write down in your notebook new words, new expressions, examples ...:
  • 1 (present perfect simple and continuous)
  • 2 (simple past, past perfect and present perfect)
  • 3 (present perfect, present perfect continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous)
  • 4 (simple present, present continuous, simple future, future continuous)
  • 1 (donate rice with your right answers to this test)
  • 2 (confused pairs of words)
  • 3 (expressions and connectors for narrative texts. Read it and write in your notebook some of the examples for you to use them in your narrative writings)
  • 4 (stative and dynamic verbs. Pay attention and do the exercise)
  • 5 (phrasal verbs, easy exercise)
  • 1 (time expressions. How many did you guess?)
  • 2 (synonyms game)
  • 3 (reading comprehension: a hundred billion hamburgers)
That's all for today. See you.

divendres, 23 de setembre de 2011

2nd E Mon 26th Sept./ 2nd F Wed. 28th Sept 2011

First of all, you have to finish the exercises you didn't do last week. Click here.

Now, do this listening. Use your headphones.Click here. (descriptions)
Next, do these grammar activities and follow the instructions given:

  • 1 (There is/there are. Do the practice exercise clicking on NEXT in the web page given.Write in your notebook four of the sentences and translate them)
  • 2 (have got. Read the examples and then do the exercise on-line. Write your result)
  • 3 ( do the exercises of the verb - to be and the exercise of the verb -have got. Do the translation exercise in your notebook.)
Vocabulary now. Do these vocabulary activities now.
  • 1 (parts of the body)
  • 2 (read this text and write in your notebook the English words for these Catalan words:
llitera, llit doble, manta, coixí, edredó, llençols,cómoda, tauleta de nit, armari, penjador per roba, mirall, despertador, lampareta.
       3 (Why don't you dress up one celebrity now? Good exercise to remember vocabulary referred to physical appearance and parts of the body). Enjoy the activity.

A song to finish:
  • 1 (listen to the song ' wake me up when September ends' and fill in the gaps. Use the beginner level)

dijous, 22 de setembre de 2011

2nd Bachiller A/C Monday 26th Sept. 2011

First of all, finish the exercises you couldn't do last day. Click here.
Next, do these three exercises: 1 (sequencing information in a text), 2 (narrative tenses), 3 (future simple and continuous)
  • First,do the activities in this page. You'll learn new personality adjectives. Do the exercises belonging to your horoscope.Copy in your workbook new words for you to learn. Click here.
  • Next,What about a test now? How many of these words related to love and relationships do you know? Try it. Click here.
  • Try a test now, you can choose a funny and crazy one or a more normal test. You'll learn new expressions and new vocabulary. If you don't understand, use the wordreference.com . Click here to do the test.
  • Let's remember the basic vocabulary to describe physical appearance. Click here. Now you can write two lines describing your physical appearance in your notebook.
That's all for today. See you next week.

dissabte, 17 de setembre de 2011

2nd F Mon 19th Sept/2nd E Wed. 21st Sept 2011

First of all, welcome to a new course. I hope you learn a lot and have good results in your exams. If you work regularly I'm sure you'll pass your English with no problems. Ask me for your doubts and get ready to start.
Once you have listened to the rules you have to follow, let's check your English on-line now.
Let's start checking grammar. Try to do these activities.
  • Exercises on grammar: 1 ( do exercise 3- to do /to be and copy in your notebook five questions of each. ), 2 ( an easy exercise with the verb -to be. Copy two sentences of each part and translate them into Catalan or Spanish), 3 (to be or have got?. Copy one of each and translate them)

  • Vocabulary: 1 ( memory game), 2 (the days of the week to check again), 3 (asking questions in class. Copy them in your notebook and from now, use these questions when yo ask your teacher)

That's all for today. Next day take your headphones with you. You'll need them. See you.

divendres, 16 de setembre de 2011

2nd BAchiller A. Monday 19thSept 2011

Welcome to your last course in the high school. If you want to pass I recommend you to make an effort, work and practise a lot daily and don't get down easily. Ask me if you have some doubts.
To start, let's check verbal tenses now.

Try to do these exercises and write in your notebook your mistakes and new words for you to learn:

To finish, some Spelling: try this activity. Click here.

That's all for today. See you next day.

dilluns, 20 de juny de 2011


Per preparar-te per l'examen de setembre et suggeresc que miris aquestes webs i practiquis activitats del que hem fet durant el curs.

Webs molt pràctiques per a practicar:
  • Click here. ( gramàtica, vocabulari i lectures)
  • Click here ( level 1, també per en Joan S., Aina R. i Susana R.)
  • Click here ( The Yellow pencil, per alumnes amb problemes de base)
  • Click here (nivell bàsic Inglés Mundial. També per Aina R., Susana R., Joan S.)
  • Click here. ( aquesta web vos la recoman per a treballar-hi)
  • Click here (mireu les etiquetes `labels´a la dreta i treballeu el vocabulari i gramàtica que vos falla més)
  • La darrera web que vos recoman. Click here.
Per supost, podeu treballar les sessions d'un tema concret que hem fet durant l'hivern. Aneu a l'any i mes concret i cerqueu la sessió que vos interessa.
L'estiu és llarg i dóna temps a tot. Si vos organitzeu bé podreu divertir-vos i també treballar el que no heu fet a l'hivern. Feu-vos un horari i intenteu cumplir-lo.
Si teniu dubtes durant l'estiu, envieu-me un e-mail (mbbarcelo@iesmarratxi.org) i vos el contestaré en quan pugui.

Have a nice summer.

divendres, 3 de juny de 2011

3rd G Wed. 8th June/3rdF Thur. 9th June 2011

3 (future tense), 4 (making questions), 5 (test on mixed verbal tenses), 6 (comparatives and superlatives), 7( too much/too many/too or enough?).
  • Some games now: 1 (can you guess the names of these animals in creole?), 2 (doublets game), 3 (memory on carnivores), 4 (oup game)
That's all for this course and this year. It's been a pleasure to have taught you this year. Good luck with your exams. Don't panic. Enjoy your summer holidays.

dijous, 2 de juny de 2011


  • Click here. Select your level and do different activities.
  • This web is quite useful. You can practise LISTENINGS too. Click here.
  • Another web for you to practise. Click here.
  • Just another one: click here ( a blog of a 3rd eso teacher with many listenings)
  • This one is quite interesting too. Click here. (a lot of vocabulary for you to check and learn, as well as grammar and listening. SABER INGLES)
Enjoy your summer.See you next course!

dilluns, 30 de maig de 2011

3rdF Thursday 2nd June 2011

This is our last lesson of the year and you must check the contents of unit 8 and do some revision too.
  • To start with, you can check different contents clicking here: 1. Answer the questions of the reading in your notebook.
  • First conditional now. Do these exercises: 1, 2.
  • More revision of VERBAL TENSES now: 1 ( do at least one exercise of each category)
  • You can try this challenge now: 1 ( THE BIG CHALLENGE)
That's all for today. See you in class.

1st B Monday 6th June 2011

Abans de res, acabeu les tasques pendents de la setmana anterior. Click here

Ara feu aquestes activitats de repàs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

diumenge, 29 de maig de 2011


Avui comencem amb el tema dels PAST SIMPLE.

  • Ara un joc per veure si ho heu entés. Click here.
  • continuarem amb el video de la unitat 8 per tenir una idea.
  • An exercise now: 1.
  • A video now: 2
That's all. See you in class.

1st B Mon 30Th May/ 1st D Fri 3rd June

Avui seguirem amb els exàmens orals. Queda poc per acabar el curs, així que concentreu-vos en la tasca a fer. La setmana que ve vos posaré nota als quadernets d'informàtica. Aquesta setmana és la darrera per poder entregar el quadern i workbook, sinó serà un `zero´, vosaltres mateixos, ja vos he avisat massa vegades. Ara seguiu les instruccions atentament.

  • Primer, acabeu les tasques de la setmana passada. Click here.
  • Ara, feu aquestes activitats del meu primer d'eso de l'any passat seguint les instruccions. Click here.
Això ja és més que suficient. Si feu el repte ja em direu com vos ha anat.
Enjoy the session.

dilluns, 23 de maig de 2011

PDI SESSION 1st D Tue. 24th May/ 1sty B Fri 25th May 2011

First, we'll finish the activities we couldn't do last week. HEre.

Next, we'll watch the video of the unit. Spotlight video and comment it.

Some exercises to do now:
  • 1 ( there is/are/there was/were),
  • 2 ( questions to practise),
  • 3 (questions in present and past)

A video song: 1 (do you know the singer? And the song?)

A video cartoon: 2 ( Mr Bean at the restaurant)

What about your songs now?

3rd G Wed. 25th May/ 3rd F Thu 26th May

First, finish the activities you couldn't do last time. Click here.

TODAY we'll start with the ORAL EXAMS , so pay attention and don't disturb your classmates, please.

We are finishing this course and I think you need to check the contents of the course to prepare yourselves for the final exam, that will be quite complete.

REVISION for the exam: 1 ( this web contains many useful grammar and vocabulary exercises, so practise them. Take notes in your notebook. ( one comment or one sentence of each exercise )

More revision activities to do on-line: 1 (choose the contents you need to check)

You can also do exercises on grammar extension ( unit 7 ) in this web.

Any time left, game and CINEMA activities:

  • 1 ( past participles crossword),
  • 2 ( movie trailers listening exercises),
  • 3 (series with exercises and projects to do).
That's all for today. See you next week. Enjoy the session.

divendres, 20 de maig de 2011

1sB Mon 23rd May/ 1sD Fri 27th May 2011

Esteu atents que avui comencem els examens orals de l'avaluació. Els primers seran els alumnes voluntaris i durant avui i la setmana que ve ho fareu tots. Per favor, no molesteu per poder tenir concentració tant els que feu els exercicis on-line com els que feu l'examen oral. Gràcies.

Comencem a repassar per l'examen final. Feu aquestes activitats de repàs de les primeres unitats i anoteu al quadernet un comentari, frase o el que vos hagi anat malament de cada exercici.Esforceu-vos, queden poques setmanes ja.

I ara ves a aquesta web i practica exercicis de la unitat 7. Recorda triar el nivell de 1r Eso.

diumenge, 15 de maig de 2011

PDI session 1st D Tue 17th May/ 1st B Fri 20th May

Let's practise with unit 7 contents.

  • Grammar: 1 (was/were), 2 (explanation and exercises past tense verb to be), 3 (was/were in questions), 4 ( there was/there were).
  • Have a look at this song and video: 1 ( Do you understand the chorus part?)
  • Vocabulary: 1 ( ordinal numbers), 2 (matching ordinal numbers), 3 ( school subjects and objects), 4 ( oral comprehension/ school timetable)

  • Games: 1 ( Repeater), 2 (school hangman), 3 (food hangman)

1st B Mon 16th May/ 1stD Fri 20th May

1st B/ 1st D. Els qui no varen acabar les activitats de la sessió anterior les han d'acabar avui.
Cliqueu aquí per acabar les activitats. Els de 1D les heu de fer totes.

Continueu després amb les activitats que segueixen .

Els pocs que acabàreu, teniu aquí unes activitats per anar fent. Recordeu d'anotar al quadernet una frase de cada exercici i els problemes que hi heu trobat.

  • vocabulari: 1 ( fes els dos exercicis referits a school subjects and school objects), 2 (crossword on ordinal numbers), 3 ( ordinal numbers), 4 ( basic adjectives), 5 ( ordinal numbers)

  • Reading : 1
  • Games: 1, 2( basketball)
That's all for today. See you next week.

dissabte, 7 de maig de 2011

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 9th May 2011

  • We are in the last weeks of this course. Make an effort and good luck. Here you have a list of exercises that will be useful for you before the exam. Ask the teacher for any doubt. Concentrate and do your best.

  • Links for you to check grammar: 1 (rewriting conditionals), 2 (rewriting conditionals, mixed), 3 (relative clauses), 4 (relative clauses again), 5 ( verbal tenses), 6 (gerund or infinitive?), 7 ( gerund or infinitive?), 8 ( reported speech), 9 (passive to active), 10 ( I wish/ If only with quite good explanations and an exercise to practise. Do it), 11 (have/get something done).
  • A USEFUL LINK NOW: Click here.
  • This is the web of our student's book. Click here.
I hope you have had time to practise a lot. Good luck in your exams.

Have a nice week. See you in class!

3rd F Thu 12th May 2011

Today we'll practise present perfect With `Already, yet, since, for, just´ and we'll check some contents by means of games.

To start with, grammar with present perfect exercises: 1 ( write the explanation in your notebook and copy one sentence of each use. Do the exercise on -line), 2 ( present perfect or past simple? copy in your notebook the mistakes you do), 3,

More exercises with present perfect: 4 ( read the examples and then do the exercise `check your understanding´. For/since ), 5 (explanation of yet/already with prest. perfect and exercises on for/since)
Exercise on present perfect with yet/already: 6

Now, revision exercises by means of GAMES. Click here.

That's all for today. See you next week.

1sB Mon 9th May 2011

Welcome to a new session. First, we'll check some contents and next we'll work with contents of unit 7.
Recorda escriure una frase de cada exercici al quadern i anota qualsevol paraula que vulguis tenir al quadernet.

Revision exercises: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

El tema 7 ve a ser un repàs de coses fetes a primària, tant de vocabulari com de gramàtica. Fes aquests exercicis i demana a la professora si tens dubtes:

Grammar: 1 (abans de fer l'exercici llegeix l'explicació del verb to be en passat.), 2 (Copia la gramàtica explicativa, tant les formes del verb to be en passat com els adverbis de temps amb la traducció al català o castellà. Després fes els exercicis on line.)

Vocabulary: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ( copy 8 words of class objects in your little notebook and translate the words)
That's all for today. See you next week.
El que no tenguis temps de fer avui ho faràs la setmana que ve. Recorda a quin exercici t'has quedat. Aprofita bé el temps ja que queda poc per acabar el curs i no és agradable haver d'estudiar durant l'estiu.

Clara. Activities for you. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

dijous, 14 d’abril de 2011

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 18th April 2011

  • This will be our last session this month, so try to practise as much as you can with the contents suggested.
  • First, we'll start with relative clauses, because you need some more practice. Click here.(non-defining) Click here too. (mixed relative clauses). Another one for you to do ( relative pronouns, necessary or not). Click here.
  • Next, what about infinitives and gerunds?: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Verbs + prepositions now: 1 ( a very complete list for you to read), 2, 3, 4 (adjectives + prepositions)
  • Let's check reported speech now. Click here.
  • Passives now: 1
  • Now, click on last blog session to practise phonetics with the webs there. Click here. That's all for today. See you after Easter holidays. Relax yourselves and take energy for the last month of this course.

dilluns, 11 d’abril de 2011

PDI session 1st B Fri 15th / 1st D Tue 19th April 2011

Let's check plurals now.First, we'll check the rules and do some activities. Click here and practise. Click here for another one.
Another one now. Click here. (which is the name of the object in the picture? What is its plural form?). Another similar exercise to practise vocabulary. Click here.


REVISION EXERCISES: 1 (places voc.), 2 ( present simple), 3 ( present simple or present continuous).

LISTENINGS: 1 ( practise your English with the robot Kate. Ask her some questions and she will answer you), 2 (listen to Harry and Fiona and answer the questions orally)
GAMES: 1 ( prepositions of place), 2 (plurals game).

dissabte, 2 d’abril de 2011

1st B 1st week april/1st D PDI session 2nd week April.

  • First, we'll see the video chapter of unit 5 (spotlight)
  • Next, we'll do the exercise with clues about the city. We'll draw the map on the digital board, read the clues for everybody, give some minutes to do it in pairs and then correct the solutions all together.One voluntier will write his/her solutions on the board.
  • Now it's time to start. Unit 6 is about FOOD and Drink vocabulary.

Let's start with vocabulary exercises to learn new vocabulary

  • 1 (international dishes matching exercise. Try it.
  • 2 ( At the Café. Vocabulary)
  • 3 (Drinks. Matching exercise)
  • 4 ( Fast food. Matching exercise)
  • 5 ( Vegetables)
  • 6 ( fruit)
  • 7 (food wordsearch)
  • 8 (video on food vocabulary)
  • Now, a song to listen and try to translate. Click here. ( Don't worry, be happy.The song is in your book and maybe you know it.)
  • Time to do a game to finish. Click here. ( Trolley dash game. 60 seconds to select the items in the list)
That's all for this week. See you next week.

divendres, 1 d’abril de 2011

3rdG Wednesday 6th April / 3rd F Thursday 7th April

First of all, finish the activities you didn't do last week. Click here.when you copied the uses of present perfect in that web you had some exercises to practise. Do them today.

Now, let's start with some exercises for you to do. Vocabulary of unit 6: 1 (copy the three exercises in your notebook, please).

Vocabulary revision now.
  • 1 (places in town list + vocabulary game)
  • 2( do the crossword How are you like?)
  • 3 (checking housework vocabulary)
Grammar exercises:
  • 1 (too /enough exercise),
  • 2 ( do the first six exercises of the list. Write a sentence of each in your notebook),
  • 3 ( present perfect or past simple. Copy two examples of each in your notebook),
  • 4 ( write the past participle form of these verbs),
  • 5 ( past participle forms. Crossword).
To finish, watch this video on extreme sports. Click here.

That's all for today. See you next week.

1st eso B Monday 4th April 2011

First of all, if you didn´t finish Harry Potter's task do it now. Click here.

Next , some revision exercises for you to do:
  • Grammar: 1, 2 ( present simple) // 3, 4 ( present continuous). COPIA UNA FRASE DE CADA EXERCICI AL QUADERN.
  • Vocabulary. 1 (fes totes les activitats de la pàgina que et surt i escriu el resultat al quadernet)

    To continue, we'll work with DIRECTIONS: first, click here to learn the expressions. Copy the basic ones in your little notebook: (al menys 12).
  • Click here ( fes la pràctica de tots els exercicis. COPIA UNA FRASE DE CADA MAPA AL QUADERNET.

More practice for food and drinks vocabulary: 1, 2 ( use headphones with this game), 3 (crossword), 4 (use your headphones again).

That's all for today. See you!

dijous, 31 de març de 2011

2nd bachiller C, Monday 4th April 2011

Today we'll check grammar and phonetics.
But first, we'll check some contents you had problems with in the last exam.

  • First, we'll start with conditionals. Click here. (select at least two exercises to do depending on your needs).
  • Next, reported speech. Click here. ( special verbs). Click here (select the exercises you need).
  • Passive sentences. Click here.
  • Unit 5 grammar. Relative clauses. Click in the numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Specific final sound `s´. Click here. You can practise with the other exercises too.
-Ed ending in regular verbs, past form. Click here. (take notes in your notebook), next do this activity.
Now, click here and practise with different sounds exercises. Click here too if you prefer this web.
That's all for today. See you in two weeks.

divendres, 25 de març de 2011

pdi session 3rd eso F/G 29th March and 1st week April

  • Comparatives: watch this scene of the film Alice in the Wonderland and do the activities all together. Click here.
  • Vocabulary unit 6. Extreme sports: 1 ( write the vocabulary in your notebook with the translation of the words into Spanish or Catalan)

  • Present perfect- Explanation: slideshare presentation. Click here.

Some exercises to practise now: 1, 2

  • Other contents: mixing tenses: 1 ( present, past or present perfect), 2 ( describing a person).
Game: 1 ( a test to do).

Let's practise a listening together now: click here

3rd G Wedn 30th March/ 3rd F Thu 31st March 2011

Today we'll check first some contents of unit 5 and then we'll start with unit 6 contents.
Grammar revision unit 5: 1 (comparatives/ copy the exercise in your notebook), 2 (comparatives and superlatives together), 3 ( a 5 questions test),
4 ( Giving directions), 5 ( copy the text and the map in your notebook. Directions), 6 ( too or enough exercise), 7 ( too/enough exercise)

Unit 6: Explanation of present perfect. Click here ( copy the uses and one example of each use in your notebook. Form: have/has + past participle, next do the exercise on-line).

Are you tired now?

So, time to do a quiz. It will take you 10 minutes and it's quite interesting. SENSES CHALLENGE.Click here.

A game to finish. Click here. ( The letter game).

That's all for today. See you next week.

diumenge, 20 de març de 2011

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 21st March 2011

Today you'll check some contents and will work with phonetics.

Click here to do the activities.

Go to the Oxford web and practise too. Click here. Ask the teacher for the password.
Another useful web to practise different contents. Click here.

PHONETICS: webs to practise phonetics: 1 ( esl tower), 2, 3 ( cambridge web).

That's all for today. Try to do your best.

divendres, 11 de març de 2011

1st B Monday 14th March 2011

Els estudiants que teniu sessions sense completar heu d'acabar les tasques dels dies marcats al vostre quadernet. Aquells que esteu al dia i no vos falta res podeu fer aquestes activitats.

ATENCIÓ: Si voleu revisar activitats per l'examen podeu clicar aquí. ( feu exercicis de present continuous, present simple, there is/are and vocabulary of units 1 to 5).

Harry Potter's treasure hunt. Answer the questions and do the wordsearch. Click here.

Now, complete also these sentences about Harry Potter.

a) There are ___________ films about Harry Potter and ________ novels.

b) The writer of Harry Potter's novels is a woman. Her name .........................................

c) Harry Potter has got __________ hair and ___________ eyes.

d) Harry Potter's enemy is .........................................

Any time left, do one of these GAMES: 1 (spies game), 2 (spies items vocab. game), 3 (find the six differences), 4 ( Alien hangman), 5 (memory ball games)

That's all for today. Have a nice week. Good luck with your exams.