dimarts, 11 d’octubre de 2011

2nd Bachiller A/C Monday 17th October 2011

Let's check for the exam today. Ask all your doubts.

  • click here (time clauses.Easy and basic)
  • click here (word order )
  • click here (verbal tenses)
  • click here (verbal tenses again)
  • click here ( a multiple choice exercise now)
  • Click here (mixed tenses)
  • click here (mixed tenses including future)
  • click here (so and such. Try to
    rewrite some of the sentences with SO to sentences with SUCH and some sentences with SUCH to sentences with SO).

  •    Click here (personality adjectives)
  •    Click here (more personality adjectives)
  •    click here   (personality adjectives again. Do the exercise writing the solutions in your notebook before checking the answers)
  • click here (confusing words)
Other contents:
  •   click here (typical vocabulary mistakes in sentences. Can you find them?
  •   click here (word order )
  •   click here. (extra word mistakes. Find the extra word in each sentence)
  • click here ( a game to finish. Mobile madness. Can you find the hidden messages?)

 That's all for today. See you next day. Study and practise for the exam.

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