dissabte, 8 d’octubre de 2011

2nd Bachiller C/2nd Bachiller A. Monday 10th Oct. 2011

2nd Bachiller C. First, do these activities. Click here.

 If you finish all the activities, continue with these ones.

2nd Bachiller A. If you didn't finish last week activities click on the first link of 2nd bachiller C. If you finished everything, start with the next exercises:
  1. Click here. (a text with many different verbal tenses and two exercises to do. It is quite useful for you to be aware of the uses of the different verbal tenses in context).
  2. Click here. (tenses chart, visual explanation. Have a look at the examples and uses)
  3. Click here. ( so vs such. Uses and a quiz to do)
  4. Click here. (time clauses exercise. How many mistakes did you have?)
  5. Click here. Verbal tenses test. Try it.

Reading comprehension

  • Click here ( a text with some descriptive passages. Answer the questions.)
  • Click here ( a curious reading comprehension text now)
  • Click here (synonyms test)
  • Click here. ( a homophones test)
  • Click here (a list of different adjectives in categories for you to have. try to use varied adjectives in your writings, please)
  • Click here ( this text has been written without paragraphs. Identify the different paragraphs)
That's all for today. See you.

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