diumenge, 16 d’octubre de 2011

2nd F Monday 17th October 2011

Today, you'll practise again contents for your exam. Follow the instructions given.
Click here. ( do all the activities here except the vocabulary activities). Write a comment of each exercise in your notebook ( result, mistakes, a sentence...)

Vocabulary now: 
-write in your notebook the new words you learn in these exercises.
  • click here (parts of the body).
  • Click here (family vocabulary).
  • click here (classroom rules), another one about rules
  • click here (Dawn's family. LISTEN and write these questions answer them in your notebook.
            a) How many brothers and sisters has Dawn got?
            b) How old is her brother/sister?
            c) What's his/her name?
           d) What is her father like? Describe him.
           e) What is her mother like?

  • Song. Listen and fill in the gaps. Click here. (Just the way you are)
That's all for today. See you next week.


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