dissabte, 28 de gener de 2012

2nd Bachiller A, Monday 30th January 2011

Today you can follow working with the content of previous sessions and, if you want, do some specific exercises on relative pronouns and relative clauses:

  • 1 (relative pronouns, necessary or not?)
  • 2 (relatives and other contents to work on. Ingles for Bachillerato)
  • 3 (relatives , order of the prepositions in the verbs + preposition in relative clauses)
  • 4 (complete with the suitable relative pronouns)
  • 5 (join the two sentences with a relative pronoun)
Other contents to check for the grammar exam.
  • 1 (rewriting sentences with passives, conditional tenses, modals, relatives..., TO DO IN YOUR NOTEBOOK: OPTIONAL)
  • 2 Rewriting.( DO EXERCISE 4)
  • 3 Determiners (DO PRACTICE  2)
  • 4 (Essay agreement: subject- verbal tenses agreement. Do the practice)

That's all for today. See you next week.

diumenge, 22 de gener de 2012

2nd Bachiller A, Monday 23rd Jan. 2012

First of all, I want you to do the activities I've prepared for 2nd Bachiller C (only the ones you haven't done). Click here.

If you want some more, click in the numbers :

  • Reading:  1 ( choose one of the readings and go ahead!)

  • Specific reading:  1 ( a reading comprehension on musicals. Notice the use of the passive verbal tenses in the texts).
  • Connectors:  1,    2 (expressing cause)

That's all for today. See you in class.

divendres, 20 de gener de 2012

2nd Bachiller C, Monday 23rd Jan. 2012

First of all, you can finish activities you couldn't do last day. Click here.

Next, you can work with these activities. Click here. If you have problems with the listening do it at home and take it to me tomorrow.

More activities to practise different contents:
  • have/get something done:   1 ,   2
  • Reason and result linkers:  1 (list of linkers),  
  •                                            2  (exercise on linkers)
  • Forming adjectives with suffixes:  1,  2 ( a quiz now)
Phonetics: 1 (work with this web. Start with the exercises you prefer and next session you will continue. They will be useful for you. Take notes in your notebook if you want.)

That's all for today. See you in class.

diumenge, 15 de gener de 2012

2nd Bachiller A. Monday 16th January 2012

First of all, I want you to finish the activities you were doing last week.
Next, you are going to do a listening practice with this video. Click here
LISTEN and answer these questions in your notebook. Then, show it to the teacher to check it.
Questions:  1) What can customers do in Vienna's Coffee  Houses?
                   2) What's the first name of the owner of Vienna's Café Weimar?
                   3) a) What is a melange?  b) How is it served?  c) How much does it cost?  d) What can you eat in the Café?
                   4) Describe the Café shown in the video.
                   5) How long can you stay in the Café if you only order something to drink or eat once?

Now, work on this vocabulary activities related to SHOPPING
  • 1 (reading on shopping)
  • 2 (matching exercise on shopping and shops)
  • 3 (matching exercise on shopping and shops)
  • 4 ( a quiz on vocabulary)
  • 5 ( 2nd quiz on vocabulary)
  • 1 ( Check the passive with these exercises. Check the theory too)

That's all for today.
This last link can be very useful for you. Print these notes if you want. They can be used for your compositions or when you study for the exams. Click here. (blog session 2010. Click on writing- 1-tips for the composition)

dissabte, 7 de gener de 2012

2nd Bachiller A and C Mon. 9th January 2012

First of all, check all the activities you didn't do in the last sessions before Christmas-
Click here and here.

Now, you can check different contents in these webs: 1 (passive voice exercises),   2 ( a reading on `sales´vocabulary),   3 ( an interview at a shopping mall. Reading comprehension)

To finish, have a look at these webs: 1 (writing essays, tips),  2 (sounds in English),   3 (many options of different activities and exercises for you to practise)

That's all for today. Have a nice session.

2nd F/2nd E January 9th and 11th 2012

Remember that today you have to finish the activities you couldn't do before Christmas. Click here

European Sections. Click here.

If you finish everything, click here and do some activities of each unit.
Write a comment, a sentence of the new vocabulary present in each exercise you do in your notebook.
Have a nice session.

2ndE/2ndF Low level 9Th/11th Jan.2012

Aquí teniu uns exercicis i activitats per a fer. Copieu al quadern el que se vos demana, posant la data d'avui i el vocabulari o frases que vos indiquen les instruccions.
Repassem vocabulari per a començar: 
  • Months and days of the week: escriu-los al quadern en anglès i ordenats i fes aquests exercicis:
      1,     2 (hangman game for months),   3 ( a quiz)
  • personal pronouns and verb to be: 1 (fes els dos exercicis i copia al quadern 3 frases de cada exercici. Desrprés clica sobre els exercicis de negatiu i pregunta i fes el mateix al quadern)
  • Numbers : 1 (copia al quadern els nombres fins al 20),   2(fes el crucigrama de nombres)
  • Revision exercises: clica aquí i fes aquests exercicis. Pren nota al quadern del vocabulari i expressions noves.
Això és tot per avui. Aprofiteu el temps i demaneu els dubtes.