diumenge, 11 de desembre de 2011

2ndF/2nd E Week 12th to 16th Dec. 2011

Today we'll check some contents and we'll introduce vocabulary of unit 3. Remember to follow the instructions and write in your notebook what it is required. Write the computer work apart from the class work as I told you ( Recordeu escriure el treball que feu a l'hora d'ordinadors separat del treball de classe)

  • Grammar:  1 (revision of adjectives and personal pronouns. Copia la tabla al quadern i fes l'exercici de nivell Elementary/ Pre_intermediate al quadern.
  • 2 (subject pronouns and possessive adjectives. Escriu el resultat al quadern)
  • 3  ( write the result of the test in your notebook)
  • 4 ( present simple. Do the exercises in your notebook)

  • Vocabulary.
  • 1 (musical instruments. Do it on-line. Also suitable for LOW LEVEL students)
  • 2 (clothes pictures. Listen to them. Write 8 names (English and translation) in your notebook.)
  • 3  ( sports)
  • 4  ( play, do or go?)
  • 5  ( copy in your notebook the different types of programmes and an explanation of what they are about, an example and do the exercise on -line)
Game- click here and choose a game to relax.
That's all for today. Enjoy the session and work.Ask for your doubts.

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