diumenge, 11 de desembre de 2011

2nd Bachiller A/ C. 12th December 2011

If you didn't finish last week activities  click here.

Now, let's practise different contents to check what we've done till now.

Grammar 1 (verbal tenses),  2 (another one on verbal tenses),  3 (used to, get used to. Check it because you do mistakes in your compositions),  4 (check the pronouns and adjectives, do the exercise upper intermediate level in your notebook- write only the answers for each gap- and then check your answers. IMPORTANT because in your compositions you do so many mistakes referred to adjectives and pronouns. TAKE NOTE in your notebook. Copy the tables in your notebook if you want)

  • 5 (rephrasing exercise on conditionals. )
  • 6  ( verbal tenses rephrasing. Have a look at this. I think it can be very useful for you. Print the document at home if you want. The solutions are in the second page. I'll give )
  • 7  ( use the menu and practise I wish or So/such exercises or any others you find useful)
Let's start with passive sentences. You practised them last year. Let's remember them:
  • 1 ( Do the sentences. How did you do it?)
  • 2 (choose the right answer)
  • 1 ( a text on the UK with gaps. Choose the right word)
  • 2 ( let's check the quantifiers, as you do many mistakes with them. Read the explanation and do the exercise on-line)
  • 1 ( Do some of the exercises here)
That's all for today. See you in class.

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