diumenge, 27 de novembre de 2011

2nd Bachiller A. Mon 28th Nov. 2011

Let's start with the session today. First, finish the activities you didn't do last day.

Next, practise these activities.
Grammar: 1 (test for conditionals),  2 (mixed present and past tenses),  3 (mixed tenses),  4 (verb tense quiz),  5 ( I wish),  6 ( I wish test),  7
 ( I wish/if only)
Reading:   Wembley Stadium . Read and do the activities about it.
                    English for business Read and do the activities about it.

Connectors exercises:  1 (purpose connectors explanation. Pay attention and take note),  2 (purpose connectors exercise),  3 (another more complete exercise on connectors).

Phonetics:  1 ( have a look at the web and start doing exercises)

That's all for today. See you soon.
Ask all your doubts and take notes in your notebook if you consider it to be profitable.

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