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3rd ESO- project and some exercises unit 1 and unit 2

Let's check some contents of units 1 and 2 to make sure that you do it well.

_ Unit 1: modal verbs exercises:

- Unit 2: quantifiers
  • Click here (too much, too, too many or enough)
  • Click here
  • Vocabulary on films. Click here (quiz),   click  here (wordsearch-film words),  click  here (adjectives describing films-synonyms),   click  here (comments on films using words related to films. Have a look
Now, read carefully the instructions to do your project:
- You can do it individually or with a classmate.
-  You have to prepare a power point or a poster to present in class to the rest of classmates and your teacher.
- The title of the project is: My favourite song. (it must be a song in English)
- You have to include at least three photographs.
- Elements to be included in your project: 
  • Information about the singer or the group: complete name, living place, birthdate, marital status, physical description, some biographical facts including at least one curious fact about himself/herself.
  • Hobbies, interests, answers this person has given in some interviews.
  • The song: at least include the chorus part of the song translated and what the song is about and how you feel when you listen to the song. Explain it. Then, explain why you like the song and add some words or pictures that you think the song could be connected to. Optional: include a video with the song to listen in class.
Remember when you start your presentation say your name: I'm ..... and I'm going to present my project on .......  First, I will introduce the singer, then I will mention the most famous albums..... and finally I will talk about my favourite song....You will be graded by your teacher and classmates and this will be your oral exam this evaluation, so try to do it as well as you can and ask for your doubts first, not just the day you have to take it finished.

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1st Bachiller. Units 1 and 2

(Unit 1. REVISION)
Let's check verbal tenses with exercises online to do and to check individually.

unit 1
  • Present and past tenses:  uses and examples-- click here  and  here
  • EXERCISES: click here (past tenses),   click here (review of tenses with key), click here (many different possible exercises to practise what you need to reinforce), clikck here (present tenses)
  • Future going to or will: click here, click here
  • Other exercises-autoenglish. Click here
unit 2:

  •  All types of future tenses to check. Click here (unit 2)
  • Future perfect. Click here (form and explanation).
  • Future continuous. Click here (form and explanation)
  • Futre tenses exercises-future perfect or future continuous: click here, click here  and   click here
REWRITING SENTENCES. Click here    and   here (try to do sentences 11,12,14,15,17,32,37 and then check with the clue.
FUTURE TENSES UNIT : click here for an explanation:    here


  • Weather words. Click here (vocabulary with lists and explained).
  • Click here (idioms with weather words- to take into account -for the exam)
  • Click here (natural disasters-vocabulary words)
  • Click here (how to talk about the temperature in English)
  • Click here (the weather forecast. Exercise)
  • Click here (choose the right word for each sentence and later check your answers),  click here (complete the text with the right words above.),   click  here (choose the right word for each sentence),  click here (try the quiz)

Vocabulary, Reading and Listening
  • Unit 1. Family and relationships. Click here (vocabulary and exercise), click here (expressions and vocabulary for relationships),  click here (some more expressions that maybe you don't know- at least all of them)
  • Reading comprehension. Click here  and   here
  • Oral comprehension. Click here (chores at home) and here (learning English with songs)
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Unit 2:  reading comprehension. Click here (reading comprehension online about 'floods´)
             listening. Click here (climate change. Listen and try to answer the questions. Pay attention to the vocabulary you need to know)
           Videos: click here (scenes of the 15 best films about natural disasters),  click here (news on  recent natural disasters- see how much you can understand)
          song: click here (songs using weather words). Video about It's raining men. Click here

Other  mixed activities 
  • Phrasal verbs to know: click herehere,   here
  • A test. Click here (a love test)
  • A video to watch. Click here ( a short movie on relationships),   click here (what about celebrities?),  click here (the relationship interpreter)
  • Video. Click here (elderly people and relationships
  • Game: click here (crossword-personality adjectives)
  • Game: click here (words with a difficult spelling)
  • Game: click here(wordshake- 3 minutes to form as many words as you can)
Weather vocabulary- more vocabulary to practise if you need to do it
  • Click here (different words for weather vocabulary)
  • Click here
  • Click here (weather quiz- bbc)
  • Click here (choose the right answer)
  • Click here (weather idioms)
  • Click here (choose the right answer)
  • Click here (weather forecast exercise)
INFORMAL LETTERS.  Click here (what you have to know about informal letters and examples of sentences to include there). Click here (a good example of informal letter)
Adverbs of degree. Click here (an exercise with answers for you to check.)

GAMES and other ACTIVITIES: Click here (hangman on weather vocabulary),   click here (true or false? Look at the map and answer the quiz),   click here (images and vocabulary to match-weather expressions)

-Have a look at this place in Edimburgh. It's a really fantastic museum to visit. Click here and  here

Have a nice session

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3rd of ESO. Games and activities to finish the school year

Hi, students. Summer is here! Exams are finished and we need to relax! Let's try to find some activities that are rewarding and, at the same time, entertaining for you.


  • Click here ( THE BIG QUIZ, English Challenge)
  • Click here ( Trolley dash, memory game- you have 1 min. Can you do it?)
  • Click here ( spin off-preintermediate level game)
  • Click here ( could you be a good detective? Play this game- find the person)
  • Click here (rocking English. Which word is missing in the song?)
  • Click here (fishing game- try to fish the letters of the word as fast as you can)

  1. General culture quiz. Click here   and    here 
  2. General quiz. Click here (categories)
  3. A personality quiz on colours. Click here

  • A funny video now. Click here
  • Comedies. Scenes. Click here
  • A nice song to listen.( The time of my life. Related to some fantastic summer holidays of a young 18-year-old girl) . Film . dirty dancing.   Try to do the activities too. Click here
It's been a pleasure to be with you this year. Enjoy the summer! Let's see soon. 

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4thA- end of the year session!

Hi, my dear students. Steady, ready, go!!!!!

As I told you last day, it's been a pleasure  to be your teacher this year. All of you are fantastic and enthusiastic, kind, open minded...... Thanks a lot for sharing this school year with you!

Now, let's start with a competition THE BIG CHALLENGE. Let's see who are the best students of the class. The score you obtain will determine the position.

  • Click here ( THE BIG CHALLENGE-LEVEL 4)
  • Click here if you want to try a test on English culture. Click here 
  • A funny game now: Are you fast when you go shopping and you have a shopping list? Who will be the fastest student? Click here (trolley dash) and let's see.
  • Let's try a memory game. Click here ( at the doctor -vocabulary)
  • What about a different game? Click here (ages and stages of life- quiz)
  • a QUIZ to discover which emotions you have and who you are. Click here (Personality quiz. I have done it too and for me it sounds realistic.)
  • A football game. How many words related to football do you know? Try it. Click here(beat the keeper game)


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3rF, end of the year revision

Let's check the contents of the year online today.

  • Verb have got/verb to be:  click here,    here   and here
  • Present simple: click here,   here   and   here.(questions) Click also here (negative)
  • Present continuous: click here  and   here
  • Present simple or present continuous: click here  and   here
  • Comparatives and superlatives:  click here for the rules. Exercises; click here  and    here
  • Past simple:  click here (regular verbs)  and   here (irregular verbs). Negative: click here. Questions: click here. Questions with wh words. Click here.   Past simple verb to be: click here and   here
  • There is/ there are/ some, any, much, many. Click here  and   here
  • Question words: click here  and   here
  • Modal verbs: click here  

READING comprehension
  •  FAMILY: Click here
  • BASIC ADJECTIVES: click here  and   here
  • FOOD AND DRINKS: click here , here and    here,     
  • ITEMS FOR TRAVELLING: click here (a dialogue at the airport, choose the right words),    here
  • ACCESSORIES:  Click here
  • CLOTHES: click here
  • APPEARANCE: click here 
  •                           click here 
  •  EVERYDAY ITEMS: click here

  • ANOTHER GAME.Click here (trolley dash-compra veloz)
  • A MEMORY GAME. Click here  (choose the topic of your memory game)

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3rd Eso-end-of-the-year revision

Let's check the contents we have seen during the year before the final exam:


WH- questions.  Click  here   and     here. 
                             If you want to try a quiz on wh- words, click here
  • Present simple vs present continuous. Click here    
  •                                                               Click here
     Past simple vs past continuous. Click here  and     here

    Present perfect with for, since, yet, already, ever, never,still, just.
                                                                                                             Click here    
                                                                                                             Click here
                                                                                                             Click here

   Present perfect or past simple? Click here  here (test)   and   here

   Past simple or past perfect? Click      here,     here  

  • Must, mustn't, can, can't, could, coudn't, be able to: click here ,    here (probability modal verbs).
  • Click here (can, could, be able to)
  • Click here (must, have to, needn't, don't have to-theory) and exercise
  • Click here

  • Click here    and     here.   
  • Click here (join two sentences in one, using a relative pronoun-exercise 2)
  • Click here (change into passive these active sentences)
  • Click here (examples with solutions)
  • Click here (choose the right answer)
  • Click here (present passive form)
  • Click here (past passive form)
Writing a report.
  • example of report. Click here (structure)  and here (some examples- abuse of `and' in them). Another example-click here
  • REMEMBER that in the exam you will have three options to choose one.
  • Vocabulary during the year:
  • - Crimes. Click here (crimes and criminals vocabulary with definitons)
  • Types of programmes vocabulary.. Click here
  • Personality adjectives and other descriptive adjectives. Click here
- Place- lugar      Site. A web page
- To meet (with no preposition)
- Receive.

A game to do if you want to try. Click here ( Big Challenge)  or here (Spin off- level 5)



  • Verb to be and verb have got: click here,  here (have got or has got),  here (is or has),  here
  • Wh questions :  click here,   here (personal information-questions and answers)
  • Present simple: click here (affirmative),  here (affirmative),  here (negative)  and  here
  • Present continuous:  click here (affirmative),  here (negative)  and    here. Questions:  here
  • Past simple verb to be: click here and   here
  • Past simple basic irregular verbs. Click here
  • Describing people.  Click here
  • What's the time. Click here  and   here
  • Family vocabulary. Click here  and   here
  • House rooms vocabulary. Click here
  • Hobbies. Click here    and    here
  • Colours. Click here
  • Numbers. Click here
A unit to do now. Click here (Ingles mundial. unit 3- descriptions, colours...)

A Reading comprehension now. Click here   and     here ( you can listen to the readings too)

A game to do. Click here (Spin off-level 2)

That's all for today. See you in class.

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4th A. End-of-the-year revision exercises

Here we are, just about to finish the year! I couldn't imagine that I would have a group of students like you this year! I've enjoyed being your teacher, so I hope you enjoy this summer because you have made a great effort during the year and you deserve to be able to relax these hot months. Good luck in your exams!!!

I think if you want to practise grammar it won't be so boring if you do it online, so here we are. Check the parts or contents that you think you should check.

  • verbal tenses. Important to have them clear for the exam. You can try these exercises:  click here (past and perfect tenses),    here (present tenses),  here (future tenses)
  • Some other verbal tenses exercises. Click here (past simple, present perfect or past perfect),    here (quiz on verbal tenses)
  • Contents of fourth of Eso. Word files for you to do if you want. Click here 
  •                                                                                                       Click here
  • Conditional sentences exercises. Click here, 
  •                                                      Click here (third conditional type)
  •                                                      Click here (a test)

  • Passive sentences. Click here (theory for you to remember and exercises too)
  •                               Click here (change to passive)
  •                               Click here (choose the right answer)
  • Modal verbs. Click here     and    here . Click here too if you want or did many mistakes in the previous exercises.
  • REPORTED SPEECH. See previous blog entry.
    CONJUNCTIONS USED WITH VERBAL TENSES. Click here (just, already, still, yet). Click also here (this is more complete)

Different activities to enjoy and relax to finish this day.

Why don't you try the BIG CHALLENGE NOW?. Click here

Try this quiz to relax now. Click here 

A vocabulary quiz now. High level students. Click here if you want to try and are curious about it.

Enjoy the tasks. See you in class.

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4th Eso A, reported speech and other exercises for revision

Let's check previous contents first.

a) Verbal tenses.
 Click here (do the exercise first-write answers in your notebook and then check).
Click here
Click here

B) Modal verbs.
Click here

C) Passive sentences.
Click here   and   here


THEORY. Click here

Statements. Click here    and     here

Questions. Click here   and     here

Orders, commands.  Click here    and     here

Curious activities:

Click here (perception test, to enjoy).  Click also here (illusions and paradoxes)
Click here (write your name like an Egyptian)
Click here (memory game, past participles. Can you do it in less than a minute?. Try it!)

See you in class next Monday. Enjoy the weekend.

dimarts, 28 de març de 2017

4th A. Unit 5 contents and useful links for the project.

Hi. I have some webs that can be useful for your project if you want to have a look.
  • News in levels. Click here
  •  Breaking news. Click here
  • International news. Click here (Sky news),   here (abc news)
  • Click here (BBC  new)
  • Click here ( Majorca Daily Bulletin)

  • Click here (list)
  • Click here (online communities and social communities information)
  • Click here (video on online communities)

3rF-vocabulary unit 5+general revision


  • PRESENT SIMPLE. Click here (affirmative),  here (negative),  here (questions), here
  • verb TO BE and HAVE GOT. Click herehere   and    here
  • PRESENT CONTINUOUS. Click here,     here    and    here
  • PAST SIMPLE. Click here (regular verbs),    here (irreg. verbs)
  • SOME, ANY, A,AN. Click here
  • BASIC DIALOGUE. Click here  (complete the dialogue. WRITE IT IN YOUR NOTEBOOK)

  • Adjectives. Click here ,    here,   here
  • Basic verbs. Click here,   here (opposites, verbs quiz),   here (verbs, adjectives... opposites)
  • Professions. Click here,   here  and   here,  Click also here (memory),   here (multiple choice)
  • TV programmes. Click here(do the test and write in your notebook the DEFINITION of these types of programmes--sitcom, drama, makeover, reality show programme, talk show or chat show).  Click  
  • TV programmes exercises.  Click here,    here   and   here (pdf exercise to do in your notebook.)
  • A game now. Click here (Spin off- the wheel)  and   here

That's all for today. See you in class.

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3rF Unit 4

Let's check vocabulary and grammar of this unit to practise for the exam.

  • At the airport. Click here (choose the right words for the images shown)     
  • Click here (complete the text with the given words)
  • Click here (complete the sentences with the words)
  • Click here (vocabulary travelling)
  • Click here (vocabulary for travelling). 

  • Click here (theory and practice)
  • Click here (affirmative form, regular verbs)
  • Click here (order the words in the past simple sentences)
  • Click here (Crossword/regular verbs past forms)
  • Click here (match the irregular verbs-base form-past form)
  • Click here (Game/ match present with past forms of these verbs)
  • Click here (write the sentences in the negative form/past simple)
  • Click here (make past simple questions)
  • Click here (order the words in the sentences)
  • Click here (exercises past simple with images)
  • Click here (do only exercise 2)
Vocabulary nature places.
  • Click here  (match the words with the pictures)
  • Click here
  • Click here (look at the camping picture and then try to do the exercises above-matching)
  • Click here (geography words, hangman game)

Reading /oral comprehension
  • Click here (oral dialogue, showing holidays photos)
  • Click here (the oral dialogue of the previous exercise in a text+ exercise to order the words in the sentences)
  • Click here (a postcard about the holidays. Read it and complete the sentences.
A power point on past simple explanation  and examples. Click here

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4th Eso A. Unit 4.


Let's check the different conditional types of sentences.
  • Read the theory first. Copy the chart in your notebook. Then, click on the different exercises to do them:  click here
  • More activities on conditionals.A test. Click here
  • Click here (choose the right option. Mixed types of conditionals)
  • Click here     and       here (a quiz)
  • Click here    and     here  (if or unless)


  •   Click here ( a crossword now)
  • Click here (vocabulary phrasal verbs. Do exercise 2 and 3 in your notebook)
  • Click here (preposition game. The wheel). If it doesn't work here, try at home.
  • Click here (conditionals in films)

Enjoy the session

dimarts, 21 de febrer de 2017

units 3, 4. Present perfect -past simple.


  • Click here (explanation and examples)
  • Click here
  • Click here (multiple choice)
  • Click here (explanation and examples with just, already, yet)
  • Click here (exercises with just, already, yet..)
  • Click here
  • Click here
Other activities
  • Click here (game, rally. Verbal tenses)
  • Click here (present perfect game)
  • Click here ( Brad Pitt biography. Complete the exercises)
  • Click here ( SONG bu U2). 
  • Game. Spin the wheel. Present perfect. Click here    
  • Another game: basketball game. Present perfect vs past simple. Click here
Enjoy the session.

dilluns, 13 de febrer de 2017

Saint Valentine's activities.

Saint Valentine's.
  • A song by Kathy Perry. A nice video to watch. Fill in the gaps of the song while listening (pair activity-photocopy given by the teacher. Click here
  • Activities for ESO. Try here. Click here
  • Love Cake Recipe. A short film. 4 min. only. Have a look. Click here
  • Other activities. Click here (origin of Saint Valentine's Day. Some Activities)

diumenge, 29 de gener de 2017

3rd eso, unit 3

  • clothes and items to buy in shops and stores. Click here (sentences to use when going shopping -clothes).
  • Click here,       here(underwear),      
  • here (buying shoes. Complete the dialogue. Write in your notebook the expressions used.
  • Click here (clothes and accessories vocabulary)
  • Click here (ingles mundial. Shopping. Vocabulary and exercises)
  • Click here (matching exercise- pictures vs names)
  • Click here (money- pay vocabulary)
  • borrow or lend. Click here   and     here
  • Present perfect. Form and uses. Click here (Copy in your notebook the uses of the present perfect with one example of each use)
  • present perfect form. Irregular verbs past participles. Click here    and     here
  • Present perfect with for and since. Click here    and      here
  • Present perfect with how long, ever, never, yet, already.  Click  here (explanation+ exercises).   Click also here.

                                                       Click here (shopping in London)

Games and other activities.

  • Click here (crossword, irregular verbs)
  • Click here (matching shops vs items)
  • Click here (trolley dash game)
  • Click here (just for fun. Write your name as an Egyptian)
  • Click here (choose a topic to do the memory game)
  • Click here ( We are the Champions, song with present perfect- Queen)
  • website of Harrods. The most known department store in London.Have a look. Click here
  • Cyberdog. Very original clothes are sold here. If you ever go to London, go to have a look at this really original store in Camden. Click here  and    here. Click also here (mention 8 items you can buy in this shop)


Fonix 2017

This year the topic for the exams will be: personality and appearance.

Here you have some vocabulary it can be useful for you.

  • Click here (describing people)
  • Click here (adjectives to describe personality)
  • Click here (describing appearance)
  • Click here (appearance and personality)
  • Click here (exercise- match the personality adjectives to the meaning)
  • Click here (exercise on appearance. Sentences)
  • Click here (exercise on physical appearance and personality)
  • Click here (personality adjectives)
  • Click here (an example of a text describing a person- name, age and other personal information,appearance, personality, hobbies)
  • past participles. Irregular verbs. Click here  and   here
Writing part of the exam. Giving opinion. Expressions you can use. Click here
A model of an opinion essay. Click here

I hope it will be useful for you. See you in class.

dimecres, 11 de gener de 2017

4thA unit 3

Watch at some videos and we'll comment them together. (saving energy topic)

  • ways to save energy at home. Brainstorm first, then, watch the video. Click here. Write notes in your notebook (new vocabulary and at least 5 ways to save energy at home)
  • Click here  and   here

  • passive voice. Click here (ppt presentation-uses and form. examples too)
  • Passive voice. Exercises. Click here (order the words to make passive sentences)
  •                                          Click here (choose the right answer)
  •                                          Click here (change the active sentences to passive ones)
  •                                          Click here  (change the active sentences to passive ones)
  • Quiz. Click here (a general knowledge quiz with present passive questions. TRY IT)
  • Click here  (questions in the passive voice, order the words)
  • Click here (choose 3 exercises and do them)
  • Click here (have/get sth. done- theory and exercise)
  • Click here (reflexive pronouns)
  • Click here (quiz on pronouns)
  • Click here (quiz on pronouns too)

  • Click here (passive verbal forms in newspaper headlines)
  • Click here (activity with an article-to do)

dimarts, 10 de gener de 2017

3rdF, unit 3


  • Click here (exercise 2-match equipment with the sport- IN YOUR NOTEBOOK PLEASE)
  • Click here(sports quiz)
  • Click here (verbs related  to sports)
  • Click here (sports equipment quiz)
  • Click here (monkey sports game)
  • Click here (words related to olympic games)
  • Click here (GAME: beat the keeper-football)
  • Click here (memory game-sports-find the pairs)
  • Click here (game. Which sport is there in the picture?
  • Click here (play,go or do?. REMEMBER-ball games-play, other activities Do, ending in -ing  go)
  • Click here (competition sports. vocabulary in pictures)

  • Click here (a curious sport-bossaball. which three sports does it include? Look at the video and see)
  • Click here (extreme sports video)

  1. Click here (explanation and exercise)
  2. Click here (explanation and 2 exercises)
  4.  Click here (choose the right answer, comparatives)
  5. Click here
Superlatives and comparatives
  1. Click here  (choose the correct answers, comparative or superlative forms)
  2. Click here (superlative forms. Complete)
  3. Click here (world records, easy exercise)
  4. Click here (quiz on superlatives)
  5. Click here (test on the three forms of the adjectives)
  6. Click here (not as.....as  )
Videos related to the topic

                                                                             CLICK  HERE