dijous, 25 d’abril de 2013

2nd Bachiller B, Friday 26th April 2013

First,if you want,  you can practise with the exercises you couldn't do last week.

 More tasks for you to do. First, do these  revision activities in a paper and give it to the teacher at the end of the class to be marked.

A. Correct the mistakes in these sentences:
  1. He's so a nice person that I admire him very much!
  2. I can't meet you this afternoon because I'm geting my hair doing.
  3. My mother borned in January 1952.
  4. She must has worked all night to finishing his essay.
  5. He had been studying all night and he was being exausted the next dai.
  6. If I'm you, I'd buy those car.

B. Choose the correct alternative:
  1. I saw your cousin yesterday. ' That's not possible. You MUST/CAN'T/MUSTN'T/SHOULDN'T have seen him because he isn't in the city these days.
  2. I CAN/WILL BE ABLE TO/MUST  drive when I'm 18.
  3. If you want to pas your exam you  HAD BETTER TO/SHOULD/MIGHT  study harder.
  4. Where shall we meet? - We COULD/MUST/CAN'T/SHOULD meet at the bus stop.
  5. It is not necessary to tidy your room now. You CAN'T/NEEDN'T TO/NEEDN'T/MUSTN'T  tidy it till later.
  6.Everyone was hungry (therefore/so/because) they hadn't eaten any supper.
  7. She ran away8while/as soon as/until) she saw the snake.
  8. I didn't read the whole book (therefore/that is/however), I read the first few pages.

C) Odd one out:
    1. a) neck       b) kick    c) chemist     d) knee
    2. a) uniform   b) under   c) useful       d) year
    3. a) focused   b) recorded  c) invited   d) waited
    4. a) decades   b) schools    c) parents  d) emotions. Click here

  •   USEFUL NOTES AND TIPS FOR YOUR COMPOSITIONS.Pay attention to this list of cohesive devices, expressions and linking words and some tips for your composition. Click here. Take notes and examples in your notebook.

 Revision exercises of basic mistakes you do in your compositions and in the exams.
  a) plurals. Click here   and here
  b) possessive and object pronouns. Click here   and  here
  c) conjunctions/linkers: click here  and here
  d) verbs+ prepositions/ phrasal verbs and adjectives + prepositions. Click here  and here (try to do the exercise before checking the answers), click here

  •  A reading comprehension now. Click here

  •  Two useful webs for you to practise at home.

Choose any other contents of this list to practise 2nd bachiller contents. Click here  or here

That's all for today. Have a nice weekend.

4th eso Divers. Friday 26th April 2013

Let's check the new contents seen in class first, and then we'll check the contents of your next exam.

1. New vocabulary of unit 5. Transport. Click here (escriu les paraules noves al quadern i també de l'exercici  3 definicions i el transport a que es refereixen) ,   here  and here (transport words and prepositions used)

2. New grammar contents. Click here,  here   and here (fes aquests exercicis a un full que et donarà la professora i entrega'ls-hi al final de la classe- feina per dimarts 30th April a classe)

3. Going to or will : click here  and here


Vocabulary. Activities to do: click here (write in your notebook 4 activities you can do at home and 4 activities you do outside)


  •  Regular verbs. Click here 
  • Irregular verbs: click here ( a very complete task)
  • Questions in past simple. Click here (read the theory and do the exercises 1,2 on past simple questions)  and here (write 4 questions and the answers in your notebook)
That's all for today. See you next week.

dimecres, 17 d’abril de 2013

2nd Bachiller B, Friday 19th April 2013

Here you have  some rewriting sentences similar to the ones in the exam. Click here. You can also check modals if you click on the links given.
In the exam you will have 22 sentences to rephrase, each of them 0.25 points. The topics in these sentences are: verbal tenses, linking words, passive and active sentences, I wish sentences, modal verbs, reported speech, relative pronouns, not enough, so and such...Question 23 is referred to modal verbs, you'll have different options to choose the right modal for the sentences given. Question 24 is about phrasal verbs seen in class ( 5 sentences to complete with 5 phrasal verbs) and the last question of the exam are 10 words for you to write a synonym .

  • Here you have got some exercises to practise MODALS: click here and here. If you need more practice, click here too.

  • Let's practise RELATIVE CLAUSES now. Click here  and here
        Can you omit the relative pronoun or not? Click here
          Defining or non-defining? , click here.
          More practice needed, click here and here

  • Mixed contents. Rephrasing sentences. Try and you'll practise for the exam. Click here and here.
           You can also click here (think of an answer before clicking it)  and here (think of an answer and then click and you'll see if you are right)

Let's remember reported speech.Click here to remember some theory. Click here to remember special verbs.Click here for rephrasing positive statements, questions and here for orders.

I think you have a lot of varied exercises according to your needs. Ask me for your doubts. Have a nice weekend.

dijous, 11 d’abril de 2013

4t Diversificació Friday 12th April

Let's start with vocabulary about weather conditions:

  • Click here (listening activity)
  • Click here (write the new weather words in your notebook and the questions and answers of the reading exercise in your notebook)
  • Click here
Grammar on WILL/WON'T
  • Click here
  • Click here
  • Click here
  • Click here ( Is your zodiac sign here? Copy the predictions of your horoscope sign.If your horoscope sign is not here, write some sentences similar to the others in the different categories)
  • Click here (do all the activities. Do the last exercise of MISTAKES in your notebook)

Fun activities now
  • Click here (sports matching exercise)
  • Click here (memory on outdoor activities)
  • Click here (weather maze listeniing game)
  • click here (spin off game on geography-places, continents...)
That's all for today. See you next week.

New activities for Friday 19th if you have finished everything.

  • future will/won't. Click here. Read the grammar and do the exercises.
  • predictions. Vocabulary. Click here. Write 4 of the predictions for our planet in your notebook. Write also the explanation box (D) and two sentences as examples of this explanation box.
  • another one on future. Click here.
A game now. Click here  or here. That's all for today. See you next week-

dissabte, 6 d’abril de 2013

1st Eso 10th and 11th April

La setmana que ve heu de dur el llibre a l'hora d'informàtica.
Avui, heu de fer les activitats pendents de la sessió de la darrera setmana de classe abans de les vacances. Alguns de vosaltres ni tan sols la teniu començada. Click here.

For those who have finished everything, do this unit. Click here (do only the exercises on vocabulary-animals)

- Now, do these activities on present simple and present continuous. Click here and here ( do six of the exercises. Write one sentence of each exercise in the little notebook)

- Click here  (an animals memory)
- Click also here (quizosaurus. Quiz on dinosaurs)

That's all for today. See you next week. Remember to take the student's book again with you next week.

PQPI -1 MON.8th April 2013

Primer, heu d'acabar les activitats pendents de sessions anteriors. Hi podeu accedir des de l'arxiu del blog.

Si ja heu fet totes les activitats feu les següents:

  • verb have got and verb to be exercises:  1,     2 (fes fins a l'exercici 5 al full que et donarà la professora i recollirà al final de la classe. De l'exercici 6 fes 4 frases)
  • unit 5, Inglés Mundial Basic. Fes totes les tasques. Escriu al quadern un comentari sobre cada exercici.Clica aquí
  • Clica aquí  (una activitat entretengudasobre la família) ara.
Això és tot per avui. Esper que hàgiu passat bones vacances.