dimecres, 26 de novembre de 2014

3rD. Presentation and some useful sites

As you know you have to prepare a project, a presentation on a sport you like. You can do it individually or in pairs and I'll give you two days in class to prepare it.

The requirements are these ones:
1) You will have to do the presentation in front of the class orally, so you will have a mark for your oral competence. You will also have a mark for your presentation (contents, organization, images used, adequacy and coherence...)
2) ATTENTION:The presentation must include these contents:
  • Choose a suitable TITLE for your presentation.
  • name of the sport, origin.Where it is played in the world.
  • type of sport: outdoor or indoor sport, individual, pair or team sport. Where to play this sport. (stadium, swimming-pool, court, pitch...)
  • rules of the sport.
  • equipment needed.Specific sportswear. Use pictures.
  • A profile of a sportsman or sportswoman who practises this sport.
  • Records obtained in this sport.
  • 5 adjectives to describe this sport.
  • Some images about this sport, explaining the pictures to the rest of the class (4 or 5). In this photo we can see...... This one shows...........
  • Something curious to mention about this sport.
  • Compare this sport with other sports using at least 5 sentences-comparative adjectives have to be used.
Personal opinion about this sport. I like this sport because.............In my opinion this sport is....

Useful webs to practise with comparatives and superlative form of the adjectives:
  1. Click here  (rules to form comparatives and superlatives)
  2. Click here  (rules + exercises)
  3. Click here (exercises) 

Useful webs to find different sports:
Comparing sports. Click here  (high level)
                               Click here  (easy level)

A nice video to watch. Click here   (funny video)    and    here (strange sports).
                                     Click also here  (bossaball- reading comprehension in your student's book)

I hope it will be useful for you. Don't hesitate to ask me if you have doubts. Enjoy doing this presentation.  


dilluns, 17 de novembre de 2014

1stD-1stF. November 2014

Let's check contents seen in class. Follow the instructions given.

ATENTION: Take notes in yoiur notebook about new vocabulary or mistakes you do in the exercises!!!!!!

1. Have got and verb to be. Do these exercises. Write the mistakes in your notebook. 
2. Question words.
  • Click here (standard and high level)   or here  (low level). 
  • Click here (standard level)

3. Questions vs answers.
  • Click here 
  • Click here (write in the correct order these questions)
4. Present simple.
  • Click here (low level)  or here (standard level)
  • Click here
  • Click here (present simple short answers)
  • Click here (do or does?)
  •  Bernat, Lorenzo and Miquel Angel, click here (do first screen unit 1. )
5. IN/ON/AT--- time prepositions
6. Vocabulary revision. (FOR EVERYBODY)
  • Family words. Click here. Bernat, Lorenzo and Miquel Angel, click here
  • ordinal numbers. Click here.  Bernat, Lorenzo and Miquel Angel, click here
  • school items. Click here  and  here
  • routines. Click here    and      here

6. Games now. ( FOR EVERYBODY). Enjoy them.
  • Click here (hangman, classroom objects)
  • Click here (the magic monkey)
  • Click here (spin off. Choose your level)

7. A nice video now.  Click here. Do you think it is difficult to pronounce English?

What about this video? Give your opinion. Click  here

That's all for now. See you in class. Enjoy the session.

3rD november 2014


Take notes in your notebook about new vocabulary or new expressions and words.

. Equipment. Take notes in your notebook. Click here to learn and practise.
                        Click also here

Sports. Vocabulary. Click here
                                 Click also here (play, go or do with sports and activities)
                                Click here (olympic sports)
                                Click also here (hangman, topic-sports)

Extreme sports. Click here to watch an interesting video about best extreme sports. Write your opinion in the notebook.

A GAME about football vocabulary. Click here

What about scenes of films with sports. Click here

That's all for today.