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3rD. Presentation and some useful sites

As you know you have to prepare a project, a presentation on a sport you like. You can do it individually or in pairs and I'll give you two days in class to prepare it.

The requirements are these ones:
1) You will have to do the presentation in front of the class orally, so you will have a mark for your oral competence. You will also have a mark for your presentation (contents, organization, images used, adequacy and coherence...)
2) ATTENTION:The presentation must include these contents:
  • Choose a suitable TITLE for your presentation.
  • name of the sport, origin.Where it is played in the world.
  • type of sport: outdoor or indoor sport, individual, pair or team sport. Where to play this sport. (stadium, swimming-pool, court, pitch...)
  • rules of the sport.
  • equipment needed.Specific sportswear. Use pictures.
  • A profile of a sportsman or sportswoman who practises this sport.
  • Records obtained in this sport.
  • 5 adjectives to describe this sport.
  • Some images about this sport, explaining the pictures to the rest of the class (4 or 5). In this photo we can see...... This one shows...........
  • Something curious to mention about this sport.
  • Compare this sport with other sports using at least 5 sentences-comparative adjectives have to be used.
Personal opinion about this sport. I like this sport because.............In my opinion this sport is....

Useful webs to practise with comparatives and superlative form of the adjectives:
  1. Click here  (rules to form comparatives and superlatives)
  2. Click here  (rules + exercises)
  3. Click here (exercises) 

Useful webs to find different sports:
Comparing sports. Click here  (high level)
                               Click here  (easy level)

A nice video to watch. Click here   (funny video)    and    here (strange sports).
                                     Click also here  (bossaball- reading comprehension in your student's book)

I hope it will be useful for you. Don't hesitate to ask me if you have doubts. Enjoy doing this presentation.  


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