dijous, 8 de gener de 2015

1st eso. January 2015. Song and games unit 3

Let's do some activities about animals first:

  • Click here (matching animals vs images)
  • Click here (match words and pictures)
  • Click here (animals quiz- easy)
  • Click here (quiz on animals-46 questions)
  • Click here(Which animals are they? Read the clues and find out.

Song. Let's work with the song `When I´m gone´ . Demonstrate your abilities now.

  1. Look at the  official video and try to fill in the gaps in the activity sheet. Click here (version `cups´with Anna Kendrick.)
  2. Version done in a gym of a big school. Gaelic/Irish version.It's impressive. Look at it. Click here
  3. A Spanish version. Not exactly a perfect translation but a good singer ( Paula Rojo and the Horses). Click here
I hope you enjoyed the song and videos. Have a nice afternoon.

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