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3rD Unit 4 session January 2015

First, let's work with the vocabulary related to nature that you can find in the unit.


  • Click here (low level)
  • Click here (low level)
  • Click here (how many answers did you know?
  • Click here (standard level)
  • Click also here (standard level)
  • Click here (vocabulary in images)
  • Click here (reading comprehension- redwood trees)
  • Click here (reading and listening at the same time. Copy the questions in your notebook and answer them)
Now, let's practise some grammar.

  • Let's check the rules of the past simple for regular verbs. Click here. Copy one verb as example of each rule and the rules in your notebook.
  • Theory and exercises past simple. Click here (do at least 4 exercises.  Write one sentence of each exercise in the notebook. Read and take notes about the rules of past simple tense.
  • Let's practise with exercises of regular verbs. Past simple. Click here
  • What about irregular verbs? And negative /interrogative form? What do you remember of previous years? Let's see.  Click here
  • Irregular verbs crossword. Click here
  • A game now. Click here
  • A video now. Seven songs to learn and practise past simple. Choose one, listen to it and write in your notebook what is the song about and past tense verbs used in it. Click here.
That's all for today.

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