diumenge, 28 d’octubre de 2012

1st eso B, Wednesday 31st October 2012

Today night we celebrate Halloween, so it's time to do Halloween activities :

Click here:

  • 1 ( game, the haunted house)
  • 2 ( a Halloween quiz)
  • 3 (Halloween hangman)
  • 4 ( Video on Halloween. Tim Burton)
  • 5 ( Bob Esponja, macabro)
  • 6 (videos scaring people)
  • 7 (more videos on scaring people)
  • 8 ( Halloween games)
  • 9 (other Halloween games)
Learning about Halloween: click here. (reading and exercise)

That's all for today. See you next week. Enjoy these mini holidays.

dissabte, 27 d’octubre de 2012

PQPI 1, Monday 29th October 2012

Today, last day to finish the activities of last sessions. LISTENINGS TOO.

 Previous Sessions in chronological order:  1,    2,   3,    4,   5.
 IMPORTANT: I'll collect your computer work next Monday to correct it at home and mark it. TRY TO COMPLETE IT.

If you have finished everything, click here and do these activities:

  • 1 ( Lesson 1, File book). Do the activities on-line.
  • 2 (countries and nationalities wordsearch or crossword)
  • 3 ( reading comprehension. Read the text and answer these questions in your notebook:
 a) mention 3 words that come from Old English.
b) Does the word ' educate´come from Old English? Which language does it come from?

c) Can you write two words which come from French?
d) Is English an international language?
 e) Can you think of two Spanish words used in the English language and two English words used in the Spanish language?
f) Do you know any word coming from new technologies? ( mention at least 4). 

A listening now:  Listen to this song and answer these questions about it. Click here.
Questions . Translate into Spanish or Catalan these sentences of the song in your notebook:
- you say goodbye
- I say hello
- I don't know why
- you say stop, I say go.

Some funny activities now:
Click here ( video of scaring people- asustar a gent, typical of Halloween days?:
Click here (more scaring jokes) too.

A scary game now: click here or here

That's all for today, see you next week.

diumenge, 21 d’octubre de 2012

4th eso diversificacio, Friday 26th October 2012

First, finish the activities about Great Britain. Click here (last week's session)

Any time left, do these activities in order:

  • game activity:  click here (daily routines memory)
  • Click here ( about you sentences game) now.
  • Another one to do: verb like. Click here. Click also here. (write in your notebook the mistakes)
  • There is/there are:  click here Click also here
General culture activities now: Click here.
                                               Click also here.

That's all for today. See you in two weeks.

PQPI 1- Monday 22nd October 2012.

First, finish last week activities. Click here.

Now do these activities in order:

     1. grammar

  • . Article a/an. click here., and here.
  • verb to be: click in order:  1,   2,   3.
  • 2. vocabulary of family members. Write the feminine words for dad, brother, son, nephew, husband, grandfather, uncle, cousin  in your notebook: To find the feminine words click here.
  •  For exercises on the family vocabulary click here.   Click also here.  Click here too.
   3.  Vocabulary of numbers again:  Click here ( write in your notebook the numbers to 100 and then do the exercises 1 and 2)

  4.  Games:  click here. Click here too. Click here for an audio  game.

  That's all for today. See you next week.


dimarts, 16 d’octubre de 2012

4th Eso Diversificació, Friday 20th October 2012

First of all, finish the activities you started last session. Click here

Now, take a paper and copy and answer the following questions about England and London.
You can use these webs to help you with the answers. When you finish give it to the teacher to mark it. ( vos posaré nota, així que cal que ho entregueu. Si no vos dóna temps d'acabar aquesta setmana ho acabareu la setmana que ve.
Web about England with a lot of information. Click here.
Click also here,  For pictures, click here.
Click here for Madame Tussaud's web.

1) What countries can you find in Great Britain? What are the capital cities? Write the name of 4 important cities to visit in England ( not the capital cities)
2) What colours is the English flag, the Union Jack?
3) What is the capital of England?
4) What is the typical colour of the buses in London? What about taxis?
5) What is the national drink in England? what time do they drink it?
6) Who is the UK queen? How old is she?
7) What is the London eye? Find information about it (write 2 sentences)
8) What is the Big Ben? Click here.
9 ) Mention 4 wax figures you can find in Madame Tussaud's wax museum in London. 
10) Mention two typical dishes in England.
11) What is the national drink in Scotland?
12) Mention 3 famous sport stars that come from the UK and 2 actors or actresses.
13) Which public means of transport do londoners use to move around the city?
14) What is the British currency used in England? . Click here.
15) What is the name of the river that goes by London? And the most known bridge over it?
16) Who is the most famous comedy actor in England known as Mr Bean? What is his name? Where is he from? How old is he? Have a look to one of his cartoons stories here.
17)A famous song of a very known English group. Click here to see the video. What can you see in the video. Write 6 things. Start the sentences with there is/there are. How many members are there in this group? what are their names?. Find the information in wikipedia.
18) Write the name of  2 other British bands.

Això és tot per avui. Feu feina i aprofiteu el temps. See you next week!

2nd Bachiller, Friday 20th October 2012

First, finish the activities you couldn't do last week ( including the phonetic activities. Use your headphones. ). Click here (last blog session).

Next, practise unit one contents that we have done in class:

  • 1 ( word order)
  • 2 ( time clauses, basic)
  • 3 (verbal tenses. If you do many mistakes, continue with exercises 2,3...)
  • 4 (verbal tenses recognition. Do exercise 1 and 2 about the text)
  • 5 (extra word mistakes)
  • 6 ( so vs such)
  • 7 ( so vs such quiz)
  • 8 (synonyms)
  • 9 (additive connectors chart)
  • 10 (additive connectors exercise)
  • 11 (description text and activities. You can leave this activity for next week if you prefer.)
Don't worry if you have no time to finish all the activities. You can continue next week.
Have a nice session.
New activities on the last contents seen in class:

  • conditional sentences:   1,     2,   3,   4,  5.
  • I wish/ if only:   1,     2,   3,  4
  • Word order:  1
  •    Too/Enough. Do this exercise on line, first. Click here.  
  • Now try to do this rewriting exercise as the example given: eg. He isn't old enough to go to the disco= he is too young to go to the disco. Do the same with these sentences. Rewrite them with  enough´ or 'too'. Write them in your notebook:
  • a) The weather is too bad to go out. b) The test was too difficult for the students to do .c) He wasn't tall enough to reach the top shelf. d) The coffee was too hot to drink.



1rB/1rC Eso, 18th and 19th October 2012

Primer, és obligatori acabar les tasques pendents de la setmana anterior. Cliqueu aquí

I pels que heu acabat, vos deix unes activitats per a fer on-line. La professora vos les supervisarà.

  1. verb have got and verb to be:   clica aquí.  I també aquí.
  2. Basic questions: click here.  Click here  (copia totes les preguntes i respostes de model que dóna a la primera part de la pàgina al quadern i després fes les activitats de la web on-line ).
     3. mixed activity. Click here. ( anota al quadern el nombre de Mistakes- errades- que facis.)

     4. Reading comprehension. Click here  Copy the questions and answer them your notebook:
                  a) How many inhabitants are there in London?
                  b) London is the capital of what country?
                 c) What was the name of London in Roman times? - It was .................
                 d)  Where is London situated?
                 e) Search in the internet three famous sites to visit in London and write the names and what kind of places they are.

That's all for today. See you next week.

diumenge, 14 d’octubre de 2012

PQPI 1, Monday 15th October 2012

Avui teniu aquesta sessió per acabar feines pendents de les setmanes anteriors. Vos deix per ordre els links a les diferents sessions que hem fet.
1) primera setmana.Click here
2) segona setmana. Click here:

I pels que ja heu acabat, vos deix les següents activitats per a fer:

1: Cerca a la pàgina següent aquestes paraules i escriu-les al quadern en anglès: Click here
Anglaterra, Espanya, Italia, America, França, Portugal, Brasil, Bélgica, Japó, i com es diuen les persones que provenen d'aquests països.
eg. A person from de UK ( Great Britain ) is English.
Ara intenteu fer aquesta activitat on-line. Click here.

2) Vocabulari activities on-line:

Revisem vocabulari bàsic ara:

numbers: click here. Click here too. Aquest més difícil és pels que ja sabeu els nombres fins al cent. Click here
Days of the week memory game: click here. Write in your notebook the days of the week in order.
Basic English questions:  click here,

A game to finish. Click here.
A curious activity now. Click here.


diumenge, 7 d’octubre de 2012

PQPI 1, Monday, 8th October 2012

First of all, finish the activities of the previous sessions. Click here.

Next, do these activities following the order given:

  • Verb to be:  1 ( Do the execises 1,2,3,4 of the verb to be. Do the exercise 4 in your notebook.= fes l'exercici 4 al quadern.
  • Basic activities:  1 (countries, capital cities and nationalities. Do activities 1,2. ),  2 (classroom rules in English. Escriu-les i tradueix-les al quadern),   3 (vocabulary of objects in class),   4 ( LISTENING, use your headphones. ),    5 ( personal pronouns),   6 ( personal pronouns, complete and substitute. copy 5 sentences in your notebook and  the number of mistakes you do= copia 5 frases al quadern i el nombre d'errades que facis)
  • Vocabulary and games:
  1. vocabulary of   numbers: click here (memory game numbers to 20)
  2. Vocabulary of days of the week and months:  1 (crossword)
  3. basic words:  click here. (things at home) and here (transportation and communication)
A song to finish: click here ( a flashmob of a famous song in a train station). Have a look and answer the questions IN YOUR NOTEBOOK. ( AL QUADERN)
a) What are the first three notes?
b) What is do?
c) What is far?
d) What is mi?
e) Do you like the dance and this version of the song?
f) Do you know the title of the film in which this song is sung?

Here you have the lyrics to help you to answer the questions ( vos deix un enllaç a la lletra per a ajudar-vos)
Click here.
Have a nice session and see you next week.

dijous, 4 d’octubre de 2012

4th eso Diversificació, 5th October 2012

Today, first of all, you have to finish the exercises in the previous sessions. Click here for the last week session.

Next, we'll check some contents. Follow the instructions.

Activities to do:

  • Verb to be and have got. Click here. Click also here.
  • Classroom rules expressions:  click here. and here.
  • There is/there are/ some/any: Click in the numbers:  1 ( WRITE the rules in your notebook with one example of each. Then, click on NEXT to do the Practice)
  • Verb to be: click here. ( do the exercises 1,2,3,4 of the verb to be). Do the exercise 4 in your notebook. To be or have got? click here
  • Vocabulary activities:  1 (hobbies),   2 (birthday and age listening game),  3 (prepositions of place),   4 ( months crossword),   5 (hobbies memory pairs),  6 (verbs + nouns)

A game to finish. Choose one game from the list given. Click here.
That's all for today. See you next week.

dimecres, 3 d’octubre de 2012

2nd Bachiller B, Friday 5th October 2012

  • Let's start the session checking verbal tenses:
           1. Click here. ( any verbal tense) and here.
           2. Click here. ( past simple, past continuous or present perfect)
           3. Click here. ( some useful activities on verbal tenses and an introduction to phonetics)

For those who need to check some contents, click on the exercises below:
  1. Use of the article THE:  1,   2,   . Rules of use:  click here
  2. false friends. Click here.,
  3. Object pronouns and possessive pronouns and adjectives: click here. Another one a bit more difficult, click here.
    4. A web for you to choose some exercises to do, attending to your needs. Click here.

Vocabulary now.
  •  More vocabulary to describe people:  click here. Another one for you to do. Click here.
  • A test on vocabulary related to love relationships. Click here
  • Your zodiac sign. Many adjectives describing personality. Do you feel identified? Click here.

  • A definitions task now. Click here.
  • Typical mistakes. Click here ( this is optional homework) and here.
  • other contents:  click here

That's all for today. See you in class next week. Don't hesitate to ask me any doubts you have.
Have a nice session.