dimarts, 16 d’octubre de 2012

4th Eso Diversificació, Friday 20th October 2012

First of all, finish the activities you started last session. Click here

Now, take a paper and copy and answer the following questions about England and London.
You can use these webs to help you with the answers. When you finish give it to the teacher to mark it. ( vos posaré nota, així que cal que ho entregueu. Si no vos dóna temps d'acabar aquesta setmana ho acabareu la setmana que ve.
Web about England with a lot of information. Click here.
Click also here,  For pictures, click here.
Click here for Madame Tussaud's web.

1) What countries can you find in Great Britain? What are the capital cities? Write the name of 4 important cities to visit in England ( not the capital cities)
2) What colours is the English flag, the Union Jack?
3) What is the capital of England?
4) What is the typical colour of the buses in London? What about taxis?
5) What is the national drink in England? what time do they drink it?
6) Who is the UK queen? How old is she?
7) What is the London eye? Find information about it (write 2 sentences)
8) What is the Big Ben? Click here.
9 ) Mention 4 wax figures you can find in Madame Tussaud's wax museum in London. 
10) Mention two typical dishes in England.
11) What is the national drink in Scotland?
12) Mention 3 famous sport stars that come from the UK and 2 actors or actresses.
13) Which public means of transport do londoners use to move around the city?
14) What is the British currency used in England? . Click here.
15) What is the name of the river that goes by London? And the most known bridge over it?
16) Who is the most famous comedy actor in England known as Mr Bean? What is his name? Where is he from? How old is he? Have a look to one of his cartoons stories here.
17)A famous song of a very known English group. Click here to see the video. What can you see in the video. Write 6 things. Start the sentences with there is/there are. How many members are there in this group? what are their names?. Find the information in wikipedia.
18) Write the name of  2 other British bands.

Això és tot per avui. Feu feina i aprofiteu el temps. See you next week!

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