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PQPI 1, Monday 29th October 2012

Today, last day to finish the activities of last sessions. LISTENINGS TOO.

 Previous Sessions in chronological order:  1,    2,   3,    4,   5.
 IMPORTANT: I'll collect your computer work next Monday to correct it at home and mark it. TRY TO COMPLETE IT.

If you have finished everything, click here and do these activities:

  • 1 ( Lesson 1, File book). Do the activities on-line.
  • 2 (countries and nationalities wordsearch or crossword)
  • 3 ( reading comprehension. Read the text and answer these questions in your notebook:
 a) mention 3 words that come from Old English.
b) Does the word ' educate´come from Old English? Which language does it come from?

c) Can you write two words which come from French?
d) Is English an international language?
 e) Can you think of two Spanish words used in the English language and two English words used in the Spanish language?
f) Do you know any word coming from new technologies? ( mention at least 4). 

A listening now:  Listen to this song and answer these questions about it. Click here.
Questions . Translate into Spanish or Catalan these sentences of the song in your notebook:
- you say goodbye
- I say hello
- I don't know why
- you say stop, I say go.

Some funny activities now:
Click here ( video of scaring people- asustar a gent, typical of Halloween days?:
Click here (more scaring jokes) too.

A scary game now: click here or here

That's all for today, see you next week.

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