dimecres, 3 d’octubre de 2012

2nd Bachiller B, Friday 5th October 2012

  • Let's start the session checking verbal tenses:
           1. Click here. ( any verbal tense) and here.
           2. Click here. ( past simple, past continuous or present perfect)
           3. Click here. ( some useful activities on verbal tenses and an introduction to phonetics)

For those who need to check some contents, click on the exercises below:
  1. Use of the article THE:  1,   2,   . Rules of use:  click here
  2. false friends. Click here.,
  3. Object pronouns and possessive pronouns and adjectives: click here. Another one a bit more difficult, click here.
    4. A web for you to choose some exercises to do, attending to your needs. Click here.

Vocabulary now.
  •  More vocabulary to describe people:  click here. Another one for you to do. Click here.
  • A test on vocabulary related to love relationships. Click here
  • Your zodiac sign. Many adjectives describing personality. Do you feel identified? Click here.

  • A definitions task now. Click here.
  • Typical mistakes. Click here ( this is optional homework) and here.
  • other contents:  click here

That's all for today. See you in class next week. Don't hesitate to ask me any doubts you have.
Have a nice session.

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