diumenge, 26 de maig de 2013


Primer, aneu a la sessió anterior i acabeu les tasques pendents.

Per continuar, aneu a aquestes dues webs sobre els dos famosos i completeu aquestes frases de informació bàsica i personal sobre ells.
  • His name is ......................... Her name is ...............................
  • He is ....................... years old.  She is ................................. years old.
  • His eyes are ......................../ Her eyes are ...............................
  • He is from........................, so he is ......................... (nationality) /She is from...................., so she is .............................
  • He is a(n) .............................../ She is a(n) ............................ (profession)
  • His zodiac sign is.............................../ He was born in .................... (mes i any)/Her zodiac sign is ........................./ She was born in................................
  • He/ She has got ................................................... (escriu sobre la seva família)
  • He is ........................./ She is ............................. (estat civil, casat o casada, solter o soltera....)
  • He lives in ...................................... / She lives in .......................................

  1. Web sobre Roger Federer. Click here   and here
  2. Web sobre Letizia Ortiz. Click here   and here

Ara, intenta fer aquest exercici on-line . Click here (vocabulary game-family)
Click also here (numbers 1 to 100 game)
Click  here to finish.

That's al for today. See you in two weeks.

dijous, 23 de maig de 2013

4th diversificacio 24th May 2013

Firstly, finish the activities of the last session. Click here. Some of you haven't got all the computer activities in your notebook, so complete them.

Next, let's practise the present perfect in some activities:

Should/shouldn't to give advice. Click here (write 2 sentences in your notebook)

A quiz now- click here (superstitions). Copy one superstition in your notebook.
A vocabulary test now. Click here ( do test 1 and 2 about verbs)
Another test now. Click here (past simple quiz)

That's all for today. If you have extra time, start working with your project.
See you next week.

diumenge, 19 de maig de 2013

Resources for unit 7.

Slide presentation on past simple.

Slide presentation on past simple regular and irregular verbs.

1st Eso Wednesday and Thursday 22nd and 23rd May.

Aneu fent aquestes activitats mentres jo faig els examens orals. Procureu no molestar, per favor. Es important que si no vàreu acabar les activitats la setmana passada les acabeu primer. Cliqueu aquí per acabar les activitats pendents.

Let's start with vocabulary of professions ( unit 7). Click in the different links to do the activities:

  • Click here and answer these questions in the little notebook: 
  1. Where do receptionists work?
  2.  What do nurses do?
  3.  What is the feminine word of waiter? How do you say it in Catalan? 
  4. What do accountants do?
  5. What do secretaries do?
  6. How do you say veterinari in English?
  • Click here and do the activities on line.
  • Click here
  • Past simple verb to be. Click here  ,   here   and   here.
  • Past simple regular verbs. Affirmative. Click here (copia les regles al quadern i posa-hi un exemple)
  • Past simple regular verbs exercise. Click here   and here
A listening/reading comprehension now. Try to complete the gaps.  Write the complete text in your little notebook. Click here

  • Click here to do a hangman with months. 
  • Click here to do a memory game on sports. 
  • Click here to do a hangman with sports now.
That's all for today. See you next day.

Task for Henry and Sofia. Choose one Treasure hunts. You have different options. Answer the questions in a paper and give it to the teacher before the end of the class.

  • Click here (Twilight saga)
  • Click here (Important British and American women)
  • Click here (Leonardo da Vinci, an incredible person)
Game. Click here ( The Big Challenge). Try it.

That's all for today. See you next week.


  • Vocabulary revision. Family. Click here  and here
  • Vocabulary of  descriptions      . Click here  and here
  • Personal information exercises. Click here (nivell bàsic)  and here (standard level)
  • hobbies. Click here and here
  • past simple. Irregular verbs.Click here (negative form)  and here
  •  Click here (some,any)  and here (how much-how many)
A biography of a very famous person. Click here
  • In which film can you listen to the song `when you wish upon a star´?
  • where was W. Disney born?
  • When did he start to study art?
  • When did he move to Hollywood? Did he work with his brother?
  • What is a cartoon?
  • What was Mickey like when he was created?
  • What was the title of his first long movie?
  • write the name of 4 films and 4 heroes by Disney.

diumenge, 12 de maig de 2013

PQPI-1 Monday 13th May 2013

Aquestes darreres setmanes ens dedicarem a repassar. Cada dia tendreu un full per omplir que heu d'entregar a la professora al final de la classe amb els exercicis i vocabulari copiat. Se vos retornarà i ho podreu tenir per estudiar abans del pròxim examen. Vos recoman que aprofiteu aquesta darrera oportunitat que teniu abans de l'estiu.

1) Nombres de l'u al 100- cliqueu aquí. 

2) Basic expressions in English. Click here,    here   and here (aquest darrer exercici fes-lo on-line i copia les errades al full.
Click also here (a video to listen )  and here (copia al full el diàleg complet-introducing yourself- i l'exercici del verb to be.)

3) Family vocabulary. Troba les paraules que has d'escriure al full en aquest link- Click here  i fes aquest exercici on-line. Si aquest darrer link no t'ha funcionat, fes aquest altre exercici. Click here.

4) Verb have got. Fes aquest exercici al full. Click here (escriu al full 5 frases de les d'aquest link).

Noves activitats pel dia 20 de maig ( New activities for the 20th of May)

- First, finish the activities you didn't do last day.
1) Canvia aquestes frases al plural: (escriu-ho al full). Recorda que el plural de ' This´ és `these´ i el plural de `that´  és `those´ 
  a) I am a student.
  b) This is my friend.
  c) That is your new car.
  d) She has got a blue pen.
  e)  It is my baby.
2) Do these activities on-line. Escriu un comentari de cada exercici al full (nombre d'errades, si t'ha paregut difícil, alguna frase o paraula nova...)

  • Click here (clothes vocabulary. Mira la llista i fes l'exercici)
  • Click here (questions and answers)
  • Click here (symbols)
  • Click here
  • Click here
Copia ara aquestes preguntes i respostes al full. Pots escoltar l'exercici amb els cascs)
A game to finish. 
  • Hangman game. Click here (months of the year). Recorda els mesos de l'any amb el joc del penjat.

diumenge, 5 de maig de 2013

1st Eso explanation resources unit 6

Power point presentation for CAN/CAN'T. Write notes in your notebook.

  • Click here (for ability)
  • Click here (other uses)
  • Click here (do these exercises in your notebook.)
MUST/MUSTN'T. Write notes in your notebook.
  • Click here
  • Click here
  • Click here (do these exercises in your notebook)

Food and drink: slideshare, click here

  • A song now. Click here ( Do you love me -song). Lyrics here
  • Another song in which we have the use of CAN. Click here ( Dancing Queen- Abba)
  • Funny videos. Look at the first ones and write what must people do. Write eight sentences in your notebook. Click here
eg. In the first joke, people must stop their car and.....

4th Diversificació, Friday 10th May 2013

Una vegada revisat l'examen, hi ha certs continguts que cal revisar. Així donçs avui farem repàs i activitats variades de vocabulari , gramàtica , writing i comprensió lectora. How do you feel today? Ready to start? Let's do it. Ask me your doubts, as always.


  • Click here  and here (grammar quizzes for you to do). Write the mistakes in your notebook.
  • Click here (possessive adjectives. You do many mistakes with them)
  • Click here (present simple vs present continuous)
  • Click here ( The Big Challenge. DO YOUR BEST)

  • hobbies and activities: click here (eslgames world), here   (do the exercises and copy 8 hobbies in your notebook) and here (do the exercises on line)
  • family words:  click here  and here (do exercises 2,3 and 4)
  • mixed vocabulary: click here  and here

Game on vocabulary. Click here (spin off game- categories)
A song with some activities to do. Click here ( You're beautiful. James Blunt)


  • Can/can't:  click here (do exercise 2 in your notebook), click also here
  • Must/Mustn't. Click here (write in your notebook 3 rules and prohibitions you agree with)  
  • and here (read the rules and answer these questions about it.
      1. What must you always follow?
      2. Can you run near the pool? Why? Why not?
      3. What happens if you are a bit ill ?
      4. Can you swim with the shorts you have used that day?
      5. Must you have a shower before entering the pool of after swimming?
      6. What should parents do with their children? Mention 2 things.

  • Click here (choose 4 varied activities to do on-line)
  • Click here (fruit names), here (fast food),   here (vegetables)  and here (international dishes)
  • Click also here (can you identify the food in the plates?)  and here
  • Click here (food memory game)
  • Click here (hangman)
  • Click here (trolley dash game)

That's all for today. Enjoy the session.Have a nice weekend!

2nd Bachiller B, Friday 10th and 17th May 2013

Let's do varied activities today.

 LINKING WORDS EXERCISES FIRST. Showing contrast, the last linking words we have studied in class. Click here for theory (it is very well explained and the examples are quite clear. I advise you to take notes in your notebook and write some examples)

  • Let's practise now:  click here  and here (some rewriting exercises on contrast linkers). Click also here
  • Mixed linkers. Click here,   here    and here.
  • Click here (choose the exercises you want to do)  and here (a general grammar quiz. Do your best) and here(another quiz, useful for you)
  • Click also here (verbal tenses)
  • Phrasal verbs. Click here (an easy one),  here  and here.
  • Rewriting  exercises: click here
  • Click here ( do this exercise in your notebook and show it to the teacher)
  • Click here (choose any of the exercise here)
  • Click here (minimal pairs-examples of different sounds in English)
  • Click here (vowel and consonant sounds with examples)
  • Click here (Can you recognise the words?)

  • Click here (list of connectors to use in your writings)
  • Click here (advantages and disadvantages. Let's work with this model text)
  • Click here (so that, such a(n) that theory and practise)
  • Click here (false friends)
  • Click here (click on the words of the text and you'll have some tips to improve this composition. )
  • Click here (an example of discursive writing-giving opinion. Click on the words to have the correction of the teacher. If you want, you can do this composition but adding your own ideas to give it to me if you want an extra mark)
That's all for today. See you next Monday.

1st Eso B,C. 8th and 9th May 2013

Com que en general, la part de gramàtica a l'examen ha anat fluixa, heu de fer aquests exercicis primer:
  •     General grammar quiz. Click here
  • present simple-present continuous. Click here (copy the mistakes in the little notebook)  and here (Theory)
NEW CONTENTS FOR TODAY (15th and 16th May)

  • animals activities: click here

VOCABULARY.Write in the little notebook 4 names of fruits, 4 vegetable names, 4 meat and fish names and these four words in english(sucre, llet, margarina, oli)
FOOD AND DRINK: FRUITS____ Click here (fruits),  here (memory game on fruits) 
                                    VEGETABLES----- Click here  ,   here  and here
                                    MEAT   AND FISH     --------   Click here
                                    GENERAL FOOD ITEMS-----  Click here (memory)  and here (wordsearch).
                                                                                        Click also here.

COUNTABLE AND UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS.  Click here (do this exercise in the little notebook), here.

CAN/CAN'T:  Click here,  here,  here  and here (do this exercise in the little notebook and translate 4 of the sentences into Catalan or English). Per aquells que els hi costa, Click here

New activities for the week of the 15th and 16th May
Fes els exercicis de Must /Mustn't que tens a la sessió de la PDI. Clica aquí.

Do also these activities on-line:

  •  countable and uncountable nouns: click here and here . Take notes in your little notebook. At least, write one example of each exercise.
  • Must/Mustn't/Can/ Can't. Click here  and here.
  • A game to finish. Trolley dash. Can you do the shopping in the time given? Click here and try.
  • A different game of categories. Click here.
Have a nice session.

DANI;MANOLO;JESUS;KEVIN, MARCOS...podeu fer els exercicis de vocabulari de menjar i també aquestes activitats:
  Click here (segueix les instruccions i fes al quadernet el que se't demana.)

I ara, proveu aquest joc de la roda. Click here.