diumenge, 5 de maig de 2013

2nd Bachiller B, Friday 10th and 17th May 2013

Let's do varied activities today.

 LINKING WORDS EXERCISES FIRST. Showing contrast, the last linking words we have studied in class. Click here for theory (it is very well explained and the examples are quite clear. I advise you to take notes in your notebook and write some examples)

  • Let's practise now:  click here  and here (some rewriting exercises on contrast linkers). Click also here
  • Mixed linkers. Click here,   here    and here.
  • Click here (choose the exercises you want to do)  and here (a general grammar quiz. Do your best) and here(another quiz, useful for you)
  • Click also here (verbal tenses)
  • Phrasal verbs. Click here (an easy one),  here  and here.
  • Rewriting  exercises: click here
  • Click here ( do this exercise in your notebook and show it to the teacher)
  • Click here (choose any of the exercise here)
  • Click here (minimal pairs-examples of different sounds in English)
  • Click here (vowel and consonant sounds with examples)
  • Click here (Can you recognise the words?)

  • Click here (list of connectors to use in your writings)
  • Click here (advantages and disadvantages. Let's work with this model text)
  • Click here (so that, such a(n) that theory and practise)
  • Click here (false friends)
  • Click here (click on the words of the text and you'll have some tips to improve this composition. )
  • Click here (an example of discursive writing-giving opinion. Click on the words to have the correction of the teacher. If you want, you can do this composition but adding your own ideas to give it to me if you want an extra mark)
That's all for today. See you next Monday.

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