dimecres, 24 de març de 2010

2nF/2nd G Thurs. 25th March/ Friday 26th March 2010

Today you are going to practise different contents. First, we'll practise

  • vocabulary about transport:

Go to this link and do the exercises 1 and 2. Follow the instructions

  • Reading Comprehension: Click here and answer the following questions about Robert Graves in a section of computer work of your notebook.

A) Where was he born?
B) Did he enlist to go to the First World War?
C) Which poet was one of his best friends during the First World War?
D) Where did he work after the war?
E) Did he get married? Who was his wife?
F) Which is his best known historical novel ?
G) Who did he live with in Deià?
H) Where did he live after 1936?
I) What kind of translations did he do?
J) Where and when did he die? Where is his tomb?
K) How many children did he have? How many of them work as translators , writers?

  • Varied activities: 1 , 2 (crossword, past simple), 3 (explanatory video on past simple negative form), 4 (hangman on jobs), 5 ( a fairy tale), 6 ( memory game)
That's all for today, folks. See you after Easter holidays.

dimecres, 17 de març de 2010

Monday, 22nd March 2010. 4th B eso.

Today, we'll check the use of will and going to with some activities and the vocabulary you learnt last week. The last 20 minutes you can do the activity of the reading book about Nostradamus.( page 32) or about the mummies ( page 43) . You can choose one or the other. It is not necessary to do both of them.
  • Going to / Will: 1 , 2, 3, 4 (write in your notebook the uses and one example of each), 5 ( some more uses and examples for you to add in your notebook), 6 (quiz)

  • Vocabulary: Reading 1 (click here to answer these questions about the world main issues in your notebook ( apart from the activities you do in class, remember)

Questions to answer:
section: poverty facts
a) How many people die every day around the world?
b) Complete: almost half of the world live on less than ___________ dollars a day.
section: environmental issues.
c) What is biodiversity?
d)Have a look at the video: are we so different? What is it about? Explain it in three lines.
e) Write the name of 6 world issues and translate the words into Catalan or Spanish. eg. women's rights....

dissabte, 13 de març de 2010

4th Eso. Monday 15th March 2010

This is our first session of the third evaluation. Today you are going to work in internet searching.
  • First of all, you have to finish the activities you didn't do last week. Remember to do the mini project and send it to me (mbbarcelo@iesmarratxi.org) to be marked. It will be a mark for this third evaluation.
  • Next, you are going to work with mysteries. If you have taken your reading book with you , have a look at the first chapter about a ghost ship `Mary Celeste´ and then go to page 19 and follow the instructions there to find the information required to answer the questions. Write them in a paper. You will do all the Internet projects on Mondays and will keep it them in some pages in a plastic folder to be organized .
I recommend you to start reading the book at home and do the activities there. You have time until the last day of April to give it to me to be corrected ( with these internet projects and the activities about mysteries). Remember that if you want to pass the course you must do the activities of the reading book.
  • Then, When you finish ,have a look at this web site: click here.
You have to find information on a mysterious entity, a mysterious event and a mysterious artifact. Choose one of each and write four lines about each one. The Chupacabra is very original and quite fantastic! For those who like horror films, vampire stories..
  • Are you a courious person? Do you like mysteries? Write your personal opinion about the mysteries you have seen in this web site.
See you next week.

dimarts, 9 de març de 2010

2nd F Thu. 11th March/2nd G Fri. 12th March 2010

To start with, copy in your notebook these sentences with mistakes and correct them:
a) She dosn't lives in Palma, she lives in Marratxí.
b) I could to talk when I was thee years old.
c) How frequency do you eat pizza?
d) Where you from? I from Spanish.
e) She is swiming and he is runing.
f) My father is more nicer than me.
g) She is the most funny girl in the class.
h) In Mallorca is hotter that in Madrid.
i) She can't dancing well.
j) What you doing now? I`m writting an e-mail.
k) She has got curly long hear and blu eyes.
l) She were a famous actress when she had twenty years old.
m) Yesterday I eat a sandwich for lunch.
n) My brothers´ name are Pedro and José.

Next, you can do these varied activities on-line:
1 ( order of adjectives in sentences), 2 ( adverbs of frequency- order), 3 ( verbs of likes and dislikes), 4 (verbs opposites. game), 5 (there was/ there were), 6( opposites adjectives),
7 ( past simple game), 8 ( game on questions), 9 ( crossword on jobs), 10 ( grammar game)

READING: 1 ( copy in your notebook three questions about this reading),
2 ( take this text as a model for you to write a similar text about another city or country. Give it to the teacher next Monday).
That's all for today. See you next week.

Wednesday 10th March 2010. 1stC Eso.

Avui començareu corregint el vostre examen que se vos donarà. Per això heu d'obrir un document Word o Open office i copiar totes les errades que heu fet corregint-les amb l' ajut del llibre i el professor. En acabar guardeu el document a: el meu ordinador- Carpeta H- Maria Barceló grups- 1rC. La professora vos ho corregirà i posarà nota. Si no podeu accedir a la carpeta H també podeu enviar-ho com adjunt a un correu electònic ( mbbarcelo@iesmarratxi.org.

Quan acabeu podeu fer aquestes activitats variades on-line:

1( crossword countries and nationalities), 2 (matching beginnings endings questions), 3 ( present simple), 4 (daily routine crossword), 5 ( numbers wordsearch), 6 (present simple),
7 (reading to complete), 8 (present simple questions, order the words), 9 (present continuous affirmative form), 10 (game days, months, seasons)

That's all for today. See you next week.

dilluns, 1 de març de 2010

4thB Eso, Monday 8th March 2010

Let's start checking contents we have seen these last weeks:

Comparatives and superlatives: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Reading Comprehension: 1, 2. ( in this second exercise copy the questions and answers of the interview in your notebook)
Other contents: 1( copy the chart in your notebook the examples included), 2, 3, 4.

Now, it's time for you to do an activity about a song. It will be marked by the teacher. Follow the steps to do it.:
  • Start a document Word or Open office.Find the lyrics of a song in English you like. Write the lyrics into English and translate the basic words or expressions in the song.
  • Then, find in Internet three or four images which can refer to the song and insert them, explaining their meaning.
  • Write a paragraph of about six lines about the singer or group and
  • next, in two lines, explain your opinion on the song.
  • Finally, keep the document with your name and title in the folder H - Maria Barceló- 4th eso B or send it attached to an e-mail to mbbarcelo@iesmarratxi.org

See you next week. Next week take your reading book with you because you will use it in the computer room.


2nd F/2nd G. Thursday 4th/Friday 5th March 2010

We are finishing this evaluation and next week you have got an exam. We are going to practise the contents present in your exam. There will be some translation, so practise it now:

First copy these sentences in your notebook and translate them:

a) Jo crec que l' assignatura més fàcil a l' escola és la llengua espanyola.
b) Ell està ballant amb la seva amiga ara.
c) Amb quina freqüència vas al cinema? - Una vegada al mes.
d) En Picasso va ser un artista molt famós.
e) A ella li agrada sortir amb els amics els dissabtes vespre.
f) Ahir vàrem menjar pizza.
g) Jo no fum.
h) Yesterday morning we got up very late.
i) She often has breakfast at ten past seven.
j) What are you doing? - I'm cooking at the moment.
k) She is the best and most hard-working student in the class.
l) A Cd is more expensive than a notebook.
m) He slept eight hours last night.

Time to do on-ine activities: 1, 2, 3(comparative and superlative adjectives)

Varied contents: 1, 2, 3, 4
Past simple activities: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Games: 1, 2, 3, 4

See you next week.

1st C 3rd March 2010

Avui fareu una cosa diferent. Vos donaré un full i copiareu les preguntes i respostes d'un `Treasure Hunt´ o recerca del tresor. Si teniu dubtes demaneu al professor. Al final de la classe el professor recollirà les activitats per posar nota. Es una experiència nova per vosaltres. Anims i endavant.

Per accedir a l'activitat cliqueu aquí.
Copieu i contesteu les set preguntes i afegiu aquesta com la 8:
8. What is your favourite animal? Have you got any pet animals at home? Which one(s)?
Després, fes aquest qüestionari on-line: 1

Si vos sobra temps feu aquestes activitats: 1(ordering sentences in present simple), 2 (hobbies),
3 (colours matching)

See you next week!