dilluns, 1 de març de 2010

4thB Eso, Monday 8th March 2010

Let's start checking contents we have seen these last weeks:

Comparatives and superlatives: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Reading Comprehension: 1, 2. ( in this second exercise copy the questions and answers of the interview in your notebook)
Other contents: 1( copy the chart in your notebook the examples included), 2, 3, 4.

Now, it's time for you to do an activity about a song. It will be marked by the teacher. Follow the steps to do it.:
  • Start a document Word or Open office.Find the lyrics of a song in English you like. Write the lyrics into English and translate the basic words or expressions in the song.
  • Then, find in Internet three or four images which can refer to the song and insert them, explaining their meaning.
  • Write a paragraph of about six lines about the singer or group and
  • next, in two lines, explain your opinion on the song.
  • Finally, keep the document with your name and title in the folder H - Maria Barceló- 4th eso B or send it attached to an e-mail to mbbarcelo@iesmarratxi.org

See you next week. Next week take your reading book with you because you will use it in the computer room.


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