dimecres, 24 de març de 2010

2nF/2nd G Thurs. 25th March/ Friday 26th March 2010

Today you are going to practise different contents. First, we'll practise

  • vocabulary about transport:

Go to this link and do the exercises 1 and 2. Follow the instructions

  • Reading Comprehension: Click here and answer the following questions about Robert Graves in a section of computer work of your notebook.

A) Where was he born?
B) Did he enlist to go to the First World War?
C) Which poet was one of his best friends during the First World War?
D) Where did he work after the war?
E) Did he get married? Who was his wife?
F) Which is his best known historical novel ?
G) Who did he live with in Deià?
H) Where did he live after 1936?
I) What kind of translations did he do?
J) Where and when did he die? Where is his tomb?
K) How many children did he have? How many of them work as translators , writers?

  • Varied activities: 1 , 2 (crossword, past simple), 3 (explanatory video on past simple negative form), 4 (hangman on jobs), 5 ( a fairy tale), 6 ( memory game)
That's all for today, folks. See you after Easter holidays.

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