dimarts, 9 de març de 2010

2nd F Thu. 11th March/2nd G Fri. 12th March 2010

To start with, copy in your notebook these sentences with mistakes and correct them:
a) She dosn't lives in Palma, she lives in Marratxí.
b) I could to talk when I was thee years old.
c) How frequency do you eat pizza?
d) Where you from? I from Spanish.
e) She is swiming and he is runing.
f) My father is more nicer than me.
g) She is the most funny girl in the class.
h) In Mallorca is hotter that in Madrid.
i) She can't dancing well.
j) What you doing now? I`m writting an e-mail.
k) She has got curly long hear and blu eyes.
l) She were a famous actress when she had twenty years old.
m) Yesterday I eat a sandwich for lunch.
n) My brothers´ name are Pedro and José.

Next, you can do these varied activities on-line:
1 ( order of adjectives in sentences), 2 ( adverbs of frequency- order), 3 ( verbs of likes and dislikes), 4 (verbs opposites. game), 5 (there was/ there were), 6( opposites adjectives),
7 ( past simple game), 8 ( game on questions), 9 ( crossword on jobs), 10 ( grammar game)

READING: 1 ( copy in your notebook three questions about this reading),
2 ( take this text as a model for you to write a similar text about another city or country. Give it to the teacher next Monday).
That's all for today. See you next week.

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