dimecres, 17 de març de 2010

Monday, 22nd March 2010. 4th B eso.

Today, we'll check the use of will and going to with some activities and the vocabulary you learnt last week. The last 20 minutes you can do the activity of the reading book about Nostradamus.( page 32) or about the mummies ( page 43) . You can choose one or the other. It is not necessary to do both of them.
  • Going to / Will: 1 , 2, 3, 4 (write in your notebook the uses and one example of each), 5 ( some more uses and examples for you to add in your notebook), 6 (quiz)

  • Vocabulary: Reading 1 (click here to answer these questions about the world main issues in your notebook ( apart from the activities you do in class, remember)

Questions to answer:
section: poverty facts
a) How many people die every day around the world?
b) Complete: almost half of the world live on less than ___________ dollars a day.
section: environmental issues.
c) What is biodiversity?
d)Have a look at the video: are we so different? What is it about? Explain it in three lines.
e) Write the name of 6 world issues and translate the words into Catalan or Spanish. eg. women's rights....

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