diumenge, 7 de juny de 2009

4th E, Monday 8th June

It's time to check for the exam. We'll do some exercises similar to the ones in the exam, so pay attention.First, we'll start with verb tenses, yet another one.
Another one on passive (past), and present,
and both tenses together and a grammar quiz, the two conditional types, the present perfect and past simple, particles with present perfect, will/going to.
It's time to check word order, comparatives and superlatives.
Now, we need to check will and going to, another one about -used to.
If you want, you can do this reading (reading + exercise of questions on the text).
What about some vocabulary (adjectives+prepositions)now; -ed/ing adjectives.
Now, you can do this game(memory on accessories). Any time left,try this game( you need the Flash player).
Have a nice session. Ask the teacher for any doubt.

3rd C, Monday 8th June 09

We are in the last week of this course, so it is really important for you to check you understand the contents that are in the last exam.
That's why we'll check everything today. First, verbal tenses(past simple/present perfect), present tenses, past simple or past continuous, and another one mixing the verbal tenses(don't worry if you don't guess all the verbs).
We'll continue with the future simple, and the first conditional.Yet another one on the first conditional. Now, we continue with comparatives and superlatives.
Now, it's time to check vocabulary of this unit. We'll check action verbs , word order, adjectives, personality words( do the exercise in your notebook.), question words, irregular verbs ,
how much/how many and some/any ( 2 exercises).
Now, try this reading.Any time left, do this puzzle and this vocabulary game (names of animals in creole language). And yet a memory game. Another game to do.
Have a nice session.

Mahjoub, 8th June 2009

Avui t'he cercat exercicis perque revisis per l'examen. Primer, començarem amb el verb to be(copia les frases d'exemple al quadern abans de fer l'exercici). Un altre per confirmar que ja ho saps béSeguirem amb el negatiu i amb l'interrogatiu ( a la mateixa pàgina baix veuràs on clicar per arribar a les preguntes. Seguirem amb have got (pots fer l'exercici 1 i també el ).

Ara farem un poc de vocabulari de nombres fins al vint. Un de nombres fins al deu.

Seguirem amb els dies de la setmana , Un altre encara sobre els dies de la setmana i ara els mesos
Per acabar repassarem els adjectius bàsics de descripció(copia'ls al quadern i fes un exercici sobre ells en aquesta pàgina).

dimecres, 3 de juny de 2009

1st batxiller D. Friday 5th June 09

Today , it's the last session of this course, so try to enjoy and practise the exercises of the contents present in the exam.
First, we'll start with passive sentences
and follow with conditional sentences
yet another exercise on conditionals.
Now, we'll change to verbal tenses. You can also try this one. And also this multiple choice exercise on verbal tenses.
Next, we have to practise the relative clauses . Another one on relative clauses and this other one on relative clauses.
It's time to check modal verbs . Try this exercise on modals too. And yet another one
The last grammar question will be based on reported speech. You can also do this one.
Now, to relax, try this game(crossword).
Any time left, do this exercise(passive) and this other game.
Enjoy the session and don't doubt to ask for doubts.

3rd esoC. Thursday, 4th June 09

We will start with contents of unit 8 with the future simple
and the first conditional
Another one on the conditional.
We'll continue remembering verbal tenses(present simple/present continuous
and the past tenses( past simple/past continuous)
Now, we'll remember the comparatives and superlatives. Choose some exercises here (better lowe/intermediate level) and do them. This is the web
and another one on comparatives and superlatives (quiz).
Now, we'll remember the verb have to
and quantifiers.
Any time left try to guess the words.
Have a nice session.