diumenge, 7 de juny de 2009

3rd C, Monday 8th June 09

We are in the last week of this course, so it is really important for you to check you understand the contents that are in the last exam.
That's why we'll check everything today. First, verbal tenses(past simple/present perfect), present tenses, past simple or past continuous, and another one mixing the verbal tenses(don't worry if you don't guess all the verbs).
We'll continue with the future simple, and the first conditional.Yet another one on the first conditional. Now, we continue with comparatives and superlatives.
Now, it's time to check vocabulary of this unit. We'll check action verbs , word order, adjectives, personality words( do the exercise in your notebook.), question words, irregular verbs ,
how much/how many and some/any ( 2 exercises).
Now, try this reading.Any time left, do this puzzle and this vocabulary game (names of animals in creole language). And yet a memory game. Another game to do.
Have a nice session.

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