dimecres, 3 de juny de 2009

1st batxiller D. Friday 5th June 09

Today , it's the last session of this course, so try to enjoy and practise the exercises of the contents present in the exam.
First, we'll start with passive sentences
and follow with conditional sentences
yet another exercise on conditionals.
Now, we'll change to verbal tenses. You can also try this one. And also this multiple choice exercise on verbal tenses.
Next, we have to practise the relative clauses . Another one on relative clauses and this other one on relative clauses.
It's time to check modal verbs . Try this exercise on modals too. And yet another one
The last grammar question will be based on reported speech. You can also do this one.
Now, to relax, try this game(crossword).
Any time left, do this exercise(passive) and this other game.
Enjoy the session and don't doubt to ask for doubts.

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