diumenge, 7 d’octubre de 2012

PQPI 1, Monday, 8th October 2012

First of all, finish the activities of the previous sessions. Click here.

Next, do these activities following the order given:

  • Verb to be:  1 ( Do the execises 1,2,3,4 of the verb to be. Do the exercise 4 in your notebook.= fes l'exercici 4 al quadern.
  • Basic activities:  1 (countries, capital cities and nationalities. Do activities 1,2. ),  2 (classroom rules in English. Escriu-les i tradueix-les al quadern),   3 (vocabulary of objects in class),   4 ( LISTENING, use your headphones. ),    5 ( personal pronouns),   6 ( personal pronouns, complete and substitute. copy 5 sentences in your notebook and  the number of mistakes you do= copia 5 frases al quadern i el nombre d'errades que facis)
  • Vocabulary and games:
  1. vocabulary of   numbers: click here (memory game numbers to 20)
  2. Vocabulary of days of the week and months:  1 (crossword)
  3. basic words:  click here. (things at home) and here (transportation and communication)
A song to finish: click here ( a flashmob of a famous song in a train station). Have a look and answer the questions IN YOUR NOTEBOOK. ( AL QUADERN)
a) What are the first three notes?
b) What is do?
c) What is far?
d) What is mi?
e) Do you like the dance and this version of the song?
f) Do you know the title of the film in which this song is sung?

Here you have the lyrics to help you to answer the questions ( vos deix un enllaç a la lletra per a ajudar-vos)
Click here.
Have a nice session and see you next week.

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