dilluns, 17 de novembre de 2014

1stD-1stF. November 2014

Let's check contents seen in class. Follow the instructions given.

ATENTION: Take notes in yoiur notebook about new vocabulary or mistakes you do in the exercises!!!!!!

1. Have got and verb to be. Do these exercises. Write the mistakes in your notebook. 
2. Question words.
  • Click here (standard and high level)   or here  (low level). 
  • Click here (standard level)

3. Questions vs answers.
  • Click here 
  • Click here (write in the correct order these questions)
4. Present simple.
  • Click here (low level)  or here (standard level)
  • Click here
  • Click here (present simple short answers)
  • Click here (do or does?)
  •  Bernat, Lorenzo and Miquel Angel, click here (do first screen unit 1. )
5. IN/ON/AT--- time prepositions
6. Vocabulary revision. (FOR EVERYBODY)
  • Family words. Click here. Bernat, Lorenzo and Miquel Angel, click here
  • ordinal numbers. Click here.  Bernat, Lorenzo and Miquel Angel, click here
  • school items. Click here  and  here
  • routines. Click here    and      here

6. Games now. ( FOR EVERYBODY). Enjoy them.
  • Click here (hangman, classroom objects)
  • Click here (the magic monkey)
  • Click here (spin off. Choose your level)

7. A nice video now.  Click here. Do you think it is difficult to pronounce English?

What about this video? Give your opinion. Click  here

That's all for now. See you in class. Enjoy the session.

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