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2nd Bachiller B, Friday 19th April 2013

Here you have  some rewriting sentences similar to the ones in the exam. Click here. You can also check modals if you click on the links given.
In the exam you will have 22 sentences to rephrase, each of them 0.25 points. The topics in these sentences are: verbal tenses, linking words, passive and active sentences, I wish sentences, modal verbs, reported speech, relative pronouns, not enough, so and such...Question 23 is referred to modal verbs, you'll have different options to choose the right modal for the sentences given. Question 24 is about phrasal verbs seen in class ( 5 sentences to complete with 5 phrasal verbs) and the last question of the exam are 10 words for you to write a synonym .

  • Here you have got some exercises to practise MODALS: click here and here. If you need more practice, click here too.

  • Let's practise RELATIVE CLAUSES now. Click here  and here
        Can you omit the relative pronoun or not? Click here
          Defining or non-defining? , click here.
          More practice needed, click here and here

  • Mixed contents. Rephrasing sentences. Try and you'll practise for the exam. Click here and here.
           You can also click here (think of an answer before clicking it)  and here (think of an answer and then click and you'll see if you are right)

Let's remember reported speech.Click here to remember some theory. Click here to remember special verbs.Click here for rephrasing positive statements, questions and here for orders.

I think you have a lot of varied exercises according to your needs. Ask me for your doubts. Have a nice weekend.

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