dimecres, 14 de juny de 2017

4thA- end of the year session!

Hi, my dear students. Steady, ready, go!!!!!

As I told you last day, it's been a pleasure  to be your teacher this year. All of you are fantastic and enthusiastic, kind, open minded...... Thanks a lot for sharing this school year with you!

Now, let's start with a competition THE BIG CHALLENGE. Let's see who are the best students of the class. The score you obtain will determine the position.

  • Click here ( THE BIG CHALLENGE-LEVEL 4)
  • Click here if you want to try a test on English culture. Click here 
  • A funny game now: Are you fast when you go shopping and you have a shopping list? Who will be the fastest student? Click here (trolley dash) and let's see.
  • Let's try a memory game. Click here ( at the doctor -vocabulary)
  • What about a different game? Click here (ages and stages of life- quiz)
  • a QUIZ to discover which emotions you have and who you are. Click here (Personality quiz. I have done it too and for me it sounds realistic.)
  • A football game. How many words related to football do you know? Try it. Click here(beat the keeper game)


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