diumenge, 18 de juny de 2017

3rd of ESO. Games and activities to finish the school year

Hi, students. Summer is here! Exams are finished and we need to relax! Let's try to find some activities that are rewarding and, at the same time, entertaining for you.


  • Click here ( THE BIG QUIZ, English Challenge)
  • Click here ( Trolley dash, memory game- you have 1 min. Can you do it?)
  • Click here ( spin off-preintermediate level game)
  • Click here ( could you be a good detective? Play this game- find the person)
  • Click here (rocking English. Which word is missing in the song?)
  • Click here (fishing game- try to fish the letters of the word as fast as you can)

  1. General culture quiz. Click here   and    here 
  2. General quiz. Click here (categories)
  3. A personality quiz on colours. Click here

  • A funny video now. Click here
  • Comedies. Scenes. Click here
  • A nice song to listen.( The time of my life. Related to some fantastic summer holidays of a young 18-year-old girl) . Film . dirty dancing.   Try to do the activities too. Click here
It's been a pleasure to be with you this year. Enjoy the summer! Let's see soon. 

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