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3rd Eso-end-of-the-year revision

Let's check the contents we have seen during the year before the final exam:


WH- questions.  Click  here   and     here. 
                             If you want to try a quiz on wh- words, click here
  • Present simple vs present continuous. Click here    
  •                                                               Click here
     Past simple vs past continuous. Click here  and     here

    Present perfect with for, since, yet, already, ever, never,still, just.
                                                                                                             Click here    
                                                                                                             Click here
                                                                                                             Click here

   Present perfect or past simple? Click here  here (test)   and   here

   Past simple or past perfect? Click      here,     here  

  • Must, mustn't, can, can't, could, coudn't, be able to: click here ,    here (probability modal verbs).
  • Click here (can, could, be able to)
  • Click here (must, have to, needn't, don't have to-theory) and exercise
  • Click here

  • Click here    and     here.   
  • Click here (join two sentences in one, using a relative pronoun-exercise 2)
  • Click here (change into passive these active sentences)
  • Click here (examples with solutions)
  • Click here (choose the right answer)
  • Click here (present passive form)
  • Click here (past passive form)
Writing a report.
  • example of report. Click here (structure)  and here (some examples- abuse of `and' in them). Another example-click here
  • REMEMBER that in the exam you will have three options to choose one.
  • Vocabulary during the year:
  • - Crimes. Click here (crimes and criminals vocabulary with definitons)
  • Types of programmes vocabulary.. Click here
  • Personality adjectives and other descriptive adjectives. Click here
- Place- lugar      Site. A web page
- To meet (with no preposition)
- Receive.

A game to do if you want to try. Click here ( Big Challenge)  or here (Spin off- level 5)



  • Verb to be and verb have got: click here,  here (have got or has got),  here (is or has),  here
  • Wh questions :  click here,   here (personal information-questions and answers)
  • Present simple: click here (affirmative),  here (affirmative),  here (negative)  and  here
  • Present continuous:  click here (affirmative),  here (negative)  and    here. Questions:  here
  • Past simple verb to be: click here and   here
  • Past simple basic irregular verbs. Click here
  • Describing people.  Click here
  • What's the time. Click here  and   here
  • Family vocabulary. Click here  and   here
  • House rooms vocabulary. Click here
  • Hobbies. Click here    and    here
  • Colours. Click here
  • Numbers. Click here
A unit to do now. Click here (Ingles mundial. unit 3- descriptions, colours...)

A Reading comprehension now. Click here   and     here ( you can listen to the readings too)

A game to do. Click here (Spin off-level 2)

That's all for today. See you in class.

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