dimecres, 11 de gener de 2017

4thA unit 3

Watch at some videos and we'll comment them together. (saving energy topic)

  • ways to save energy at home. Brainstorm first, then, watch the video. Click here. Write notes in your notebook (new vocabulary and at least 5 ways to save energy at home)
  • Click here  and   here

  • passive voice. Click here (ppt presentation-uses and form. examples too)
  • Passive voice. Exercises. Click here (order the words to make passive sentences)
  •                                          Click here (choose the right answer)
  •                                          Click here (change the active sentences to passive ones)
  •                                          Click here  (change the active sentences to passive ones)
  • Quiz. Click here (a general knowledge quiz with present passive questions. TRY IT)
  • Click here  (questions in the passive voice, order the words)
  • Click here (choose 3 exercises and do them)
  • Click here (have/get sth. done- theory and exercise)
  • Click here (reflexive pronouns)
  • Click here (quiz on pronouns)
  • Click here (quiz on pronouns too)

  • Click here (passive verbal forms in newspaper headlines)
  • Click here (activity with an article-to do)

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