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3rd eso, unit 3

  • clothes and items to buy in shops and stores. Click here (sentences to use when going shopping -clothes).
  • Click here,       here(underwear),      
  • here (buying shoes. Complete the dialogue. Write in your notebook the expressions used.
  • Click here (clothes and accessories vocabulary)
  • Click here (ingles mundial. Shopping. Vocabulary and exercises)
  • Click here (matching exercise- pictures vs names)
  • Click here (money- pay vocabulary)
  • borrow or lend. Click here   and     here
  • Present perfect. Form and uses. Click here (Copy in your notebook the uses of the present perfect with one example of each use)
  • present perfect form. Irregular verbs past participles. Click here    and     here
  • Present perfect with for and since. Click here    and      here
  • Present perfect with how long, ever, never, yet, already.  Click  here (explanation+ exercises).   Click also here.

                                                       Click here (shopping in London)

Games and other activities.

  • Click here (crossword, irregular verbs)
  • Click here (matching shops vs items)
  • Click here (trolley dash game)
  • Click here (just for fun. Write your name as an Egyptian)
  • Click here (choose a topic to do the memory game)
  • Click here ( We are the Champions, song with present perfect- Queen)
  • website of Harrods. The most known department store in London.Have a look. Click here
  • Cyberdog. Very original clothes are sold here. If you ever go to London, go to have a look at this really original store in Camden. Click here  and    here. Click also here (mention 8 items you can buy in this shop)


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