diumenge, 29 de gener de 2017

Fonix 2017

This year the topic for the exams will be: personality and appearance.

Here you have some vocabulary it can be useful for you.

  • Click here (describing people)
  • Click here (adjectives to describe personality)
  • Click here (describing appearance)
  • Click here (appearance and personality)
  • Click here (exercise- match the personality adjectives to the meaning)
  • Click here (exercise on appearance. Sentences)
  • Click here (exercise on physical appearance and personality)
  • Click here (personality adjectives)
  • Click here (an example of a text describing a person- name, age and other personal information,appearance, personality, hobbies)
  • past participles. Irregular verbs. Click here  and   here
Writing part of the exam. Giving opinion. Expressions you can use. Click here
A model of an opinion essay. Click here

I hope it will be useful for you. See you in class.

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