dimarts, 7 de març de 2017

3rF Unit 4

Let's check vocabulary and grammar of this unit to practise for the exam.

  • At the airport. Click here (choose the right words for the images shown)     
  • Click here (complete the text with the given words)
  • Click here (complete the sentences with the words)
  • Click here (vocabulary travelling)
  • Click here (vocabulary for travelling). 

  • Click here (theory and practice)
  • Click here (affirmative form, regular verbs)
  • Click here (order the words in the past simple sentences)
  • Click here (Crossword/regular verbs past forms)
  • Click here (match the irregular verbs-base form-past form)
  • Click here (Game/ match present with past forms of these verbs)
  • Click here (write the sentences in the negative form/past simple)
  • Click here (make past simple questions)
  • Click here (order the words in the sentences)
  • Click here (exercises past simple with images)
  • Click here (do only exercise 2)
Vocabulary nature places.
  • Click here  (match the words with the pictures)
  • Click here
  • Click here (look at the camping picture and then try to do the exercises above-matching)
  • Click here (geography words, hangman game)

Reading /oral comprehension
  • Click here (oral dialogue, showing holidays photos)
  • Click here (the oral dialogue of the previous exercise in a text+ exercise to order the words in the sentences)
  • Click here (a postcard about the holidays. Read it and complete the sentences.
A power point on past simple explanation  and examples. Click here

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