dijous, 18 de maig de 2017

4th Eso A, reported speech and other exercises for revision

Let's check previous contents first.

a) Verbal tenses.
 Click here (do the exercise first-write answers in your notebook and then check).
Click here
Click here

B) Modal verbs.
Click here

C) Passive sentences.
Click here   and   here


THEORY. Click here

Statements. Click here    and     here

Questions. Click here   and     here

Orders, commands.  Click here    and     here

Curious activities:

Click here (perception test, to enjoy).  Click also here (illusions and paradoxes)
Click here (write your name like an Egyptian)
Click here (memory game, past participles. Can you do it in less than a minute?. Try it!)

See you in class next Monday. Enjoy the weekend.

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