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3rd ESO- project and some exercises unit 1 and unit 2

Let's check some contents of units 1 and 2 to make sure that you do it well.

_ Unit 1: modal verbs exercises:

- Unit 2: quantifiers
  • Click here (too much, too, too many or enough)
  • Click here
  • Vocabulary on films. Click here (quiz),   click  here (wordsearch-film words),  click  here (adjectives describing films-synonyms),   click  here (comments on films using words related to films. Have a look
Now, read carefully the instructions to do your project:
- You can do it individually or with a classmate.
-  You have to prepare a power point or a poster to present in class to the rest of classmates and your teacher.
- The title of the project is: My favourite song. (it must be a song in English)
- You have to include at least three photographs.
- Elements to be included in your project: 
  • Information about the singer or the group: complete name, living place, birthdate, marital status, physical description, some biographical facts including at least one curious fact about himself/herself.
  • Hobbies, interests, answers this person has given in some interviews.
  • The song: at least include the chorus part of the song translated and what the song is about and how you feel when you listen to the song. Explain it. Then, explain why you like the song and add some words or pictures that you think the song could be connected to. Optional: include a video with the song to listen in class.
Remember when you start your presentation say your name: I'm ..... and I'm going to present my project on .......  First, I will introduce the singer, then I will mention the most famous albums..... and finally I will talk about my favourite song....You will be graded by your teacher and classmates and this will be your oral exam this evaluation, so try to do it as well as you can and ask for your doubts first, not just the day you have to take it finished.

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