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2nd Eso F Monday 7th Nov. 2011

Let's start with the session 2nd E had last week. Use your headphones for the listening. Please, don't make noise to respect the oral exams of your classmates.
Click here.

If you finish everything you can do these activities:
  • 1 ( do the activity of hobbies -basic and intermediate level)
  • 2 (sports vocabulary)
That's all for today. See you next week.

Activities for Raul, Fanny and other students with problems in English
  • 1 (have got),     2 ( verb to be in affirmative sentences),   3 (verb to be in negative sentences),   4 (verb to be in interrogative sentences).
  • VOCABULARY:   1 (numbers 1 to 20),    2 (days of the week),   3 ( colours), ( COPY THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS OF THIS READING/LISTENING IN YOUR NOTEBOOK)
  • GAMES:  1 (bedroom vocabulary),   2 ( face parts vocabulary),   3 (sports)

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