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2nd E 2nd Nov. 2011

First, finish the activities you didn't do last week. Click here.
Let's check some contents now 1 (object and subject pronouns),    2 (adverbs of frequency quiz),   3 (checking possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives).

Vocabulary 1 (musical instruments memory),  2 (musical instruments vocabulary. Add six new words in your notebook)

Listenings: LISTENING 1 (test trouble)
Activity on the listening.  A What's his problem? 
                                          B. Who's his teacher?
                                          C.Mention 5 ways to pass the test. In the listening they mention more than 10 ways.
                                          D.Which things does he mention as an alternative to the test?
        LISTENING 2

 EUROPEAN SECTIONS: Video: TOOLS . Have a look at the video and write the names of the tools in your notebook.
Click here.

Some Halloween activities now if you have finished everything: click here.

That's all. See you next week.

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