dimarts, 8 de novembre de 2011

2nd E Wednesday 9th Nov. 2011

Today, we are going to start with the oral exams, so please, don't make noise and don't disturb your classmates.
European Sections group: you have to finish any exercise or listening activity you couldn't finish last week before doing the following activities.
  Grammar activities:
  • 1   (present simple revision)
  • 2   (present simple test)
  • 3    (short answers. Write in your notebook one example of each)
  • 4    (can/can't. Do all the activities. Write in your notebook the new words and the answers to the video activities)
  Vocabulary activities
  • 1 (look at the vocabulary and translate into English these words in your notebook: 
  • 2 (do ON_LINE the picture clothing vocabulary exercises and games)
  • 3 ( Read the first part of the information on the band and complete the chart IN YOUR NOTEBOOK: 1. Members of the band in 1989   2. Which instrument do they play?  3. They acquired fame in.....    4. Title of a famous song+chorus of this song 5. Do they still perform in concerts?

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